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22nd November 2005, 01:28 PM
Since my old fanfic died,I have been thinking if I could make a new story,then this idea appeared on my head:

Rare Witch Project: THE STORY
Chapter I: Born of a witch

It was the darkest night you could ever seen,everything was so stormy and rainy,that you may even feel sad about it.

But something was happening at the Winkybunion Mansion,it was Mr. Winky that was expecting his daugher to be born!

Unfortunately,the Winkybunion Family had the fame of being a group of weird people,and the family's bloodline contained many unusual creatures,from hunchbacks to vampires,and such...
So you could expect anything from their new daugher.

And it happened,the baby was born... an UGLY baby!
It was a witch! and it was fat!
Mr. & Mrs. Winky (a couple of fairies),decided it was better to hide her in a place where nobody could see such ugliness,so they placed her in the nearly woods!

The witch,named Gruntilda lived alone for many years,and that only made her nastier,and more evil... She decided to go into a magic academy,ruled by Mumbo Jumbo,the local wood's shaman.

Mumbo teached her everything he knew,and it became the classic: the student beats the teacher. Gruntilda casted an spell in Mumbo,and now Mumbo's face was transformed into a spooky mask.

Mumbo however,casted a counterattack into Grunty,and that my friends... comes into the second chapter...


23rd November 2005, 11:09 AM
ooooooh this is cool
what is the counter attack? I WANNA KNOW NOW!
awesome story
is it all in the view of grunty?

23rd November 2005, 11:29 AM
Nope,but that will explain a bit of the story,like for example:
Why is the forum called the RWP,and other things like that!

I'm happy to have at least 1 happy reader :D

R Hunter
24th November 2005, 04:27 AM
Nice. Will we all be found somewhere in here? If so i'd like to be dueling Phantom from time to time. ;)

24th November 2005, 06:13 AM
Yes,the popular members will appear,along with the story,but first I have to tell Ice's story.

24th November 2005, 08:15 AM
Chapter II: The Frozen City

Miles away from Gruntilda's,there was a hidden town. Legend says that everything that goes inside it,gets frozen for the rest of it's life...

Mario Mario,a plumber with interest on urban legends,traveled to the town to be sure if the legend was fact or fiction.

Not many seconds passed when he arrived the mysterious jungle where the city was suposed to be hidden... but then Mario saw a small tribe of jinjos (creatures of unknown existance).And because Mario loved this kind of mysteries,he went to the jinjo tribe!
He first asked a grey jinjo: "where's the hidden city?" then the jinjo answered:
"I'm sorry I can't tell you! if I do it,you'll disappear! like our king did!"

Mario then realized the local tales were true: There was a hidden city in the depth of a jungle,and anyone who goes there,frozes for the rest of the time!

Then the grey jinjo had a wonderful idea: Mario should go and find the king Jingaling,and then the jinjos will open the path to the city!
Seems stupid,because the king was in the town! Mario accepted anyway,who knows what will the destiny bring him???


Gruntilda casted a spell into Mumbo,but then he responded with another one!
Mumbo's spell consisted in a simple few words: Grunty can't exit the forest!

Gruntilda was so mad... she even send Mumbo into the fututre,and he saw everything... all the forthcoming events involving Banjo,Kazooie,King Jingaling and a mysterious yet frozen figure...


25th November 2005, 09:42 AM
Good new story, Minjo

you shouldn't have deleted your old one. I never finished reading the last one.

25th November 2005, 12:11 PM
Well,you need to take a long time to read about the WWII between Andre and I (he was Hitler :p )

So you may need to look in the next topics:


Maybe after you read it,you may think diferent of me,but I will never do it again.

25th November 2005, 12:50 PM
For one: Holy hell, (no offence) I can't believe you were such a b!tch to Andre and Kaz.

Another: You ACTUALLY PMed Kaz and said that?

And last: I hope you made a treaty with Andre and Kaz!

I remember you before that thread.....you were DIFFERENT! :eek:

25th November 2005, 01:05 PM
Kaz and I we are friends now,Andre still hates me,but we don't fight anymore,and there are other things...

But really,I have changed.

25th November 2005, 02:26 PM
I'm sure you have......My cousin, my brother, and, yes, even me, sometimes act that way...

Did you ever finish Destiny:BGT?

25th November 2005, 03:23 PM
Hm, Dragon, you have been going lower and lower on my list lately... Anyway, I don't hate you Minjo. Never did, you just pissed me off because of how you were acting. You have most definitely improved for the better.

25th November 2005, 03:33 PM
Bad memories, those flame wars. :( At least we've gotten over it, right?

Dragon, please don't start any wars with Andre. You'll regret it.

25th November 2005, 04:28 PM
OK, like I said, I didn't mean to offend you.

*Edits post*

25th November 2005, 04:57 PM
Great story so far, can't wait to see more cameos!

3rd December 2005, 01:14 PM
Chapter III: Jinjo's Curse

While Mario is adventuring to save King Jingaling,the jinjo tribes stay in the village doing their usual rituals. One of these rituals is basic to the jinjo tribes: FIGHTING

Yes,the jinjos weren't always peaceful creatures! The fight consisted in a death battle(Normally tribes with different colors);this time it was turn to the most mysterious tribes!! Gold Jinjos VS Grey Jinjos. So it had to begin someday,those tribes were best friends... until what happened today...

When the tribes select a jinjo,the battle begins... First,the gold jinjo used his power to shrink the grey jinjo to the size of a fly! (they had magic you know), then the grey jinjo transformed the gold one into a slug! And they continued doing this kind of things... until the gold jinjo did something prohibited: He kicked grey's butt! (In the jinjo rule,this is known as a symbol of hate).

Both the gold and grey jinjos,were punished by the Island's God: P.o.t.O.They were thrown into the mewchan's lair,and were cursed so they will never escape of it again!!!

You could even hear some jinjo voices saying: "Oh no the MewChan!" "It's evil!" "She will kill them!" "Why P.o.t.O? Why?".
If you don't know,the mewchan is part of an evil tribe,called FMAs,and they do evil,nasty things!! The mewchan's lair is a torture place full of lethal traps...

Attemping on rescuing the jinjos,a hero arised: SubDrag(P.o.t.O's enemy,at least in this story),he was also god of the Jinjos,and his work was to PROTECT them... but that is ANOTHER story!!!


NOTE: This tale purpose is NOT to offend the people on the forum,the cameos that have appeared (Ice Mario,Gold,MewChan etc..),are infact because they are respected people of the forums! So please,if your cameo has something like: evil dude,i'm NOT trying to insult you! :mazza

3rd December 2005, 02:45 PM
well i must say that this story really is getting better and better, especially with the cameos....

3rd December 2005, 11:47 PM
This is cool. Getting to the fact on how many other ways grey jinjos could've died. And this is a great story on the RWP members! Got to have a non-fan fic story every once in a while right? I think so.

4th December 2005, 12:49 AM
Wait, Mewchan's respected?

4th December 2005, 02:40 PM
I like the story. 'Tis a good story that reminds me of my Finnish heritge. At least, the frozen city reminds me of (Damn, I wish I had umlauts on my keyboard) Helsinki, Finalnd.

6th December 2005, 04:35 AM
Wait, Mewchan's respected?
Yes, and the fact that she's in Kill the Boss and we figured out her crazy self. And that's probably why he added MewChan. If it is, give me popcorn. If it isn't.............give me popcorn.

And, I'd like to know. Am I respected? Is Andre respected? Is lament respected? Are you sick of these questions? If you are, give me a good video game and I'll shut up.

A bit off topic, but I didn't overload.....did I?

27th December 2005, 06:58 PM
Sorry people,I forgot I had this story! :o
Chapter IV: The Ghost's Revenge

While our jinjos get prepared for a nasty doom, our 2 main heroes: Mario & SubDrag, have encountered themselves in the jungle.

Each one spoke about his interest and mission,and both of them realized the jinjos are in danger; with no king and the begining of a torture monarchy, the only hope was to stop P.o.t.O from killing those poor tribes...

"P.o.t.O lives in the frozen city"-said SubDrag-"So it won't be easy to proceed without the proper equipment";and just then Mario found a fire flower! With its burning properties, the flower can melt the entire city!

Unfortunately Mario headed so fast,that he managed to clear a enourmous road from the ice! But he was frozen too!
"Oh no Mario! You can't move anymore! Why?"-Subdrag said-"Now I'll destroy you P.o.t.O! And peace shall be returned to this world once and for all!

Meanwhile in the MewChan's Lair

There was a giant monster in the center of a plataform floating in a botommless pit! With many of the FMAs surrounding it (The FMAs were: Kaz da Breegull,xxx,Kratos Aurion,and MewChan of course).

The monster didn't have a name,but it looked like a giant Blue Breegull,and it was chained so he won't kill everything. Now Kaz took a microphone and said: "Hello lovely FMAs! Do you see those Gold & Grey Jinjos there? They're Blue's dinner for today! Eyahahahaha!". The entire crowd laughed with the same annoying laugh,and MewChan took the mic next: "Our master and god of this lovely island,P.o.t.O,decided they both should perish for doing the prohibited kick in the butt! Eyahahaaha!.

And all the FMAs continued talking and laughing,but a few miles away,SubDrag was heading to the main tower of the Frozen City, wishing to change P.o.t.O's mind and save those poor jinjos... and his friend, Ice Mario ,too!

But P.o.t.O was only sitting in his room,repeating this words: "This is my revenge Sub..."

PM me and include your cameo!

30th December 2005, 05:32 PM
Great story. Will I be put in it? Also, what about Bob and Mob?

30th December 2005, 05:40 PM
Cool. I now found out that Blue Breegull is a giant monster that lives in a giant lairt owned by MewChan. That weirds me out to an insanse extent. I hope I get put in there as the real obnoxious dust particle that spews out random quotes from a song that nobody likes.

30th December 2005, 05:50 PM
Great story. Will I be put in it? Also, what about Bob and Mob?

People i'm thinking to be in:
-R Hunter
-the rest of the admins/mods
-all the RIDDLE crew
-Kablamooie,Heffy,and other random people
-MewChan (oh wait,she's already in)
-and repo of course :p
-maybe 1 or 2 spammers
-and if you think you should be in my story PM me!!!

EDIT: Bob can go to hell XD

30th December 2005, 06:01 PM
I rather like that list. Good thing I cloned myself to make that list 6 times (7 if you count the spammers)! I can't wait till the next chapter. Keep it up, this is a good story!