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Jet Force Gemini
System Nintendo 64
Release Date North America: October 12, 1999
Europe: November 2, 1999
Japan: December 1, 1999
Publisher Rare
Genre Third-person Shooter
Rating T for Teen
Players 1 to 4 Players
Controller Pak Not Supported
Rumble Supported
Expansion Pak Not Supported
Link Cable
Xbox Live
Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

Jet Force Gemini is a third-person shooter game for the Nintendo 64 developed by Rare that was released on October 11, 1999. The shooting is very similar to GoldenEye 007, also developed by Rare. The game contains the "co-op" style of game play, where two people can play the story mode at once. Jet Force Gemini was a more difficult game then is usually found on the Nintendo 64. You can choose between three characters to play as- Juno, Lupus, and Vela. Each has unique abilities and have different levels. That is what sets JJG apart from other games. It has three level paths you must complete, and each has various bonus planets stemming off from them. At the end, you'll have to replay levels to rescue Tribals to finish the game. Recently, a Game Boy Color game pak containing an unknown version of Jet Force Gemini was discovered.



Mizar has taken over many Tribal planets, and the Tribals are helpless to stop him. Jet Force Gemini try to help them, but Galactic Federation forbids them to do so. A Spawnship attacks them, and the JFG have a reason to overthrow Mizar. However after the attack, the three of them are separated. Juno goes to Goldwood, where he meets Jeff, the Tribal Leader. Who tells him of Mizar's horrible slaughter. Juno heads to SS Anubis, where he finds Vela imprisoned. After rescuing Vela, they decide to meet at Mizar's Palace. Whilst she heads for Sekhmet.

Vela, after storming Ichor, is re-united with Lupus, who stows aways on a Spawnship. She passes on the message to meet at Mizar's Palace. After re-uniting on Mizar's Palace, The Jet Force team face Mizar, who although seems defeated manages to escape and aim an asteroid at Earth. Jeff tells them that the only way to reach the asteroid is recover all the ship parts spread across the Galaxy. Upon doing this, they leave for the asteroid, where they defeat Mizar once and for all.



  • Goldwood - A peaceful forest home of the Tribals.
  • S.S. Anubis - A ship in Mizar's fleet.
  • Tawfret - Former home of the Tribals- now a wasteland.


  • Sekhmet - Large ship in Mizar's fleet.
  • Cerulean - A blue desert mining world.
  • Ichor - A military base.




Juno- The leader of the JJG and the first character to play as.
Vela- The second playable character. A women.
Lupus- A dog. Third playable character.
Mizar- Evil controlling star Tyrant.
Jeff- Leader of the Tribals.
Floyd- Rouge robot.
Gimlet- This poor thing has lost his pants!



Sniper Rifle

Homing Missiles

Machine Gun


Tri-Rocket Launcher

Plasma Shotgun

Flame Thrower



Fish Food

Remote Mines

Cluster Bombs


Proximity Mines


Collect 100 ant heads- Rainbow Blood.

Collect 200 ant heads- Jet Force Kids

Collect 300 ant heads- Ants in Pants (all enemies become Mr. Pants.)


  • There are 2 posters of Vela in Banjo-Tooie.One in Grunty Industries and one in Bottles' House.
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