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Perfect Dark
System Game Boy Color
Release Date North America: August 28, 2000
Europe: 2000
Japan: 2000
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Action
Rating T for Teen
Players 1 to 2
Controller Pak
Rumble Supported
Expansion Pak
Link Cable Supported
Xbox Live
Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

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Perfect Dark is a video game for the Game Boy Color developed by Rare and released in 2000. Like the Nintendo 64 game, Perfect Dark for Game Boy Color follows the exploits of secret agent Joanna Dark. In this edition, Agent Dark must complete seven huge missions that involve weapon play as well as puzzle solving. These missions revolve around the destruction of illegal cyborg manufacturing facilities. The game features full motion video cutscenes that unfold the storyline for the gamer. The game itself doesn't utilize a first-person perspective for the action -- instead, Perfect Dark GBC features a pseudo-overhead viewpoint, much like what Konami did with Metal Gear: Ghost Babel and what Rebellion did with Mission: Impossible. However, at certain points in the game you'll be placed in a through-the-eyes perspective as well. This game also has a built-in rumble feature.

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