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This policy covers citing sources and references in articles.

We have a few similarities with Wikipedia as far as when to cite:

  • When adding material that is likely to be challenged. For example, making claims about a new game that has not been formally announced.
  • When quoting a real-life person.

However, we also have a few differences in our policy, due to our game-specific nature. Be sure to cite a source for a statement:

  • When adding material about a game that is not directly from a game. This includes information found only in manuals, or from questions answered in Scribes.
  • When adding new information about an upcoming game. For example, if a character is spotted in an IGN preview video of a new game, be sure to cite that video when adding that character's appearance to the Wiki.

You do not need to source any statements that come directly from a game itself.

To find out how citing sources works, see editing help.

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