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Amber is a major character in Grabbed by the Ghoulies


Amber is a teenage girl with pink hair. She is spunky and also fairly sarcastic, especially when it comes to her somewhat bumbling boyfriend, Cooper.

In Grabbed by the Ghoulies

In Grabbed by the Ghoulies, Amber and Cooper are first seen walking through a dark forest, eventually coming upon Ghoulhaven Hall, a large, creepy mansion. Amber decides that they should take refuge in the old house, however, Cooper disagrees, saying that they should head onward to a nearby village, as houses such as Ghoulhaven are always full of creeps. Unfortunately, Baron von Ghoul overhears this remark and has his Ghoulies kidnap Amber.

Amber is later seen in the Gaming Room in Ghoulhaven Hall, tied to a chair. Amber tries to move the chair closer to Cooper, although unfortunately, she triggers a trap behind a nearby fireplace and is whisked to the Cinema room. When Cooper arrives there, he tells her to edge the chair closer to him, although she ends up triggering yet another trap door and falling to the Archives. Once Cooper finds her there, she is transformed into a disgusting Ghouly by Dr. Krackpot and begins chasing him around. Cooper then sets off to find a way to turn her back into her normal. Aided by Ma Soupswill and Mr. Ribs, he is eventually able to throw together a concoction which Ma Soupswill uses to turn Amber back into her normal human form, reuniting her and Cooper. As the two are about to leave the mansion, Mr. Ribs begs them to stay and rescue the children who have been kidnapped and hidden around the mansion. Cooper agrees, and Amber goes with Mr. Ribs to find a phone to call for help.

At the end of the game, Amber and Cooper leave the mansion, after Cooper finally defeats Baron von Ghoul and rescues all the children trapped in the mansion. The two head to the nearby town, Ghoulsville-in-the-Gloom, with Baron von Ghoul secretly following behind, as the game ends.

Amber also appears as a playable character as part of the game's 21st Bonus Challenge, Play It Again, Son!. In this challenge, the player must complete the entire game as Amber. Amber only has 10 health points in every room, and there are no Soupswill's Super Soups available for her to use.


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