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The following is the list of staff credits for Banjo-Kazooie, as they appear at the end of the game. In the game, each staff position is given a "silly" name, and most of the people listed are given nicknames which come from the names of characters in the game.

Banjo-Kazooie was brought to you by...

Chief of Ideas

More Ideas

  • George "Blubber" Andreas

Chief Keyboard Tapper

Deputy Keyboard Tapper

  • Morten "Buzzbomb" Brodersen
  • Paul "Big-Clucker" Machacek
  • Graham "Snippet" Smith

Keyboard Tapper

  • Kieran "Conga" Connel
  • Ryhs "Lockup" Lewis

Other Keyboard Tapping

  • Mark "Motzand" Wilson

Chief Scribbler

  • Steve "Dingpot" Mayles

Cartoony Bits and More Scribbling

  • Ed "Jinjo" Bryan

Scene Crayoner

  • Steven "Sandybutt" Hurst

More Sketching

  • John "Napper" Nash

Other Doodling

  • Chris "Chompa" Piel

Big Noise Maker

Chief Free Player

  • Huw "Wozza" Ward

Rare Free Players

  • Steven "Shrapnel" Brand
  • Gareth "Groggy" Glover
  • Gavin "Grublin" Hood
  • Steve "Mr. Vile" Malpass
  • Adam "Moggy" Munton
  • Shaun "Soggy" Read
  • Jamie "Jinxy" Williams
  • Andrew "Whiplash" Wilson
  • David "Colliwobble" Wong

NoA Free Players

  • Todd "Bigbutt" Buechele
  • Dougall "Croctus" Campbell
  • Kyle "Chinker" Carlson
  • Brent "Boom Box" Clearman
  • Sean "Eyrie" Egan
  • Bill "Gruntling" Giese
  • Tom "Trunker" Hertzog
  • Michael "Klungo" Kelbaugh
  • Sara "Snarebear" Osborne
  • Patrick "Tee-Hee" Taylor

Paper Pushers

  • Simon "Loggo" Farm
  • Eileen "Tooty" Hochberg

Spell Book

  • Leigh "Leaky" Loveday

Strange Noise Makers

NoA Big Thanks

  • Ken "Flibbit" Lobb

Big Cheese Thanks

  • Mr. Yamauchi
  • Mr. "Mumbo-Jumbo" Arakawa
  • Howard "Limbo" Lincoln
  • Mr. "Mum-Mum" Fukuda
  • Gail "Gnawty" Tilden

Bean Counting

  • Joel "Grabba" Hochberg

Moving 'n' Shaking

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