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Release Date April 29, 2009
Microsoft Points 1200
Genre Platforming, action-adventure
Rating ESRB: E (Everyone)
Players 1-4
Xbox Live Supported (Achievements,

Banjo-Tooie is a port of the Nintendo 64 game of the same name to the Xbox Live Arcade. As with Banjo-Kazooie, the porting of the game was mainly handled by 4J Studios. Banjo-Tooie XBLA was released on April 29, 2009.

This article mainly covers the additions and changes made to the Xbox Live Arcade port. For basic information about the story, gameplay, and characters, see the main Banjo-Tooie article.


Differences from the original

Banjo fighting Mingy Jongo in the time-attack boss replay mode.


The game features, as per its predecessor, updated high-resolution HUD graphics, increased resolution and a smoother framerate than the original version. It also feature Achievements and Leaderboards. Almost all the glitches possible in the Nintendo 64 version have been patched. There are also changes to the user-interface and menus that Banjo-Tooie's original development team "felt were right to introduce given the benefit of hindsight."[1] These include re-arranging the View Totals menu (to include "Objects and Items," "Jinjos" and "View Totals."), the appearance of an "interact" popup when the player is near an object or character that can be interacted with, and the addition of a "Jiggy Tips" menu, which lists all of the Jiggies in the current world in a handy checklist.

Banjo-Tooie XBLA also features a revival of the original Stop 'n' Swop functionality with Banjo-Kazooie XBLA, as well as Stop 'n' Swop with L.O.G.'s Lost Challenges, and a new "Stop 'n' Swop II" functionality.

One cosmetic change occurs on the game's main menu screen: the N64 game boxes behind the Nintendo 64 console on the file selection screen are now Xbox 360 game cases, the top one of which is Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Oddly, the actual Nintendo 64 console remains, albeit with the "N" logo removed. Other Nintendo logos, such as the one that appears during the game's introduction sequence, have also been removed.

Players now have the ability to replay the game's bosses with a timer, in order to try to beat each boss as fast as possible. The game also features Leaderboards for this. Minigames in the replay mode also have Leaderboards, with the goal being to get the most points, finish the fastest, etc.

Isle o' Hags

Heggy's Egg Shed, located in the Wooded Hallow area of the Isle o' Hags, features new dialogue for Heggy, Banjo and Kazooie, due to the changes made to the Stop 'n' Swop feature. Oddly, some of this dialogue is highly anachronistic, making reference to Banjo holding the Secret Eggs in his backpack for over ten years (when, at the time of Tooie, it would be two), and making reference to Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts already existing, despite the eight year gap between the games.

Grunty Industries

A mention of Mario made by Kazooie in Grunty Industries while talking to Loggo has been changed so that she now says "Then call a plumber! I don't think that well-known Italian one is doing anything at the moment."

The "DK" logo magnet which appeared on the refrigerator in the Worker's Quarters of Grunty Industries has been changed to a "BK" magnet.

Cauldron Keep

Some Tower of Tragedy quiz questions (and the subsequent questions asked during the Hag 1 battle) have been changed. Among these include:

  • "What game does not have a refrigerator magnet in the Workers Quarters in Grunty Industries?" has had its answer modified to match the refrigerator magnet change. The answer in this version is "Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts" while in the original version it was "Banjo-Kazooie."
  • The original version featured a question asking "How many buttons has an official Nintendo 64 controller got?", the answer being 10. This has been changed to "How many buttons has an official Xbox 360 controller got?", the answer now being 13.
  • The original version featured a question asking what character Goggles is holding a doll of in Bottles' house, the answer being Donkey Kong. Since Donkey Kong is a Nintendo character, however, the answer has been changed in this version to "an adorable gorilla."

Similar to the Xbox Live Arcade port of Banjo-Kazooie, the staff credits in Banjo-Tooie are expanded to include 4J Studios and Rare employees involved with the port, making the staff roll much longer than in the original game. Strangely, this version also lacks the final credit thanking the player "for making it this far..."


Due to the game lacking the slowdown and loading times found in the original version of the game, the music in the opening cutscene is out of sync with the events of the scene, as the music was originally written with these limitations in mind. 4J Studios state that they have no intentions to fix this with a patch[2]. Oddly, other cutscenes in the game compensate this difference by having "pauses" to prevent events from happening early enough that it throws the music out of sync.

Some of the music in the game is also glitched: some of the instruments do not play as they should, causing the music to sound very strange in certain areas. Music affected includes (but is not necessarily limited to) Spiral Mountain, Witchyworld's Space Zone, and Mr. Patch's battle theme.

Stop 'n' Swop

Stop 'n' Swop menu screen in Banjo-Tooie XBLA.

The XBLA version of Banjo-Tooie features a revival of the Stop 'n' Swop connectivity with Banjo-Kazooie XBLA originally intended for the Nintendo 64 versions of both games.[3] When the game recognizes Stop 'n' Swop items collected on a Banjo-Kazooie XBLA save file, it activates "S'N'S" icons in the upper-right-hand corner of the pictures of Banjo, Kazooie and Mumbo that designate the game's three save slots. The items are then placed in the Stop 'n' Swop menu on the inventory screen, as with Banjo-Kazooie. As in the original version of the game, the Secret Eggs are taken to Heggy for hatching.

The prizes for Stop 'n' Swop include all of the original prizes: Dragon Kazooie, Homing Eggs, Breegull Bash, and a Jinjo as a multiplayer character. It also includes three new prizes: a Banjo & Kazooie Gamerpic, a Banjo-Tooie Stop 'n' Swop Dashboard Theme, and activation of a "Stop 'n' Swop II". While the gamerpic, theme, and Stop 'n' Swop II were obviously not intended to be prizes in the original version, it can be reasonably assumed that the prizes that were given in the original version were the original intended prizes for the feature. Once a Secret Egg is hatched, if the Stop 'n' Swop menu is viewed again, the Egg loses it's question marks and a static check mark floats in front of it.

The game also features three new Secret Eggs: Bronze, Silver and Gold, which are found inside the three Banjo-Kazooie Game Paks from the original version. These Eggs are part of a new transfer feature, titled Stop 'n' Swop II, which according to Heggy, will "be useful someday." Dialogue from Banjo and Kazooie following this suggests that Stop 'n' Swop II will connect to a future game, although no such game has been announced yet.


Banjo-Tooie XBLA features 12 Xbox Live Achievements, for a total of 200 GScoreIcon.gif.

Knocked Out Klungo
KnockedOutKlungo.png He's out for revenge; not once, not twice, but three times. You need to beat him once. 20 GScoreIcon.gif
Treasure Hunt
TreasureHuntA.png You'll probably end up with many more, but to achieve this you need just one of each. 20 GScoreIcon.gif
All Beaten Up
AllBeatenUp.png Kill any 20 bad guys with any of these attacks: Mumbo's wand, your Pants Attack or the Daddy T-Rex. 20 GScoreIcon.gif
A Merry Old Soul
AMerryOldSoul.png You'll find Old King Coal in Chuffy’s boiler and he's a bit on the grubby side. Scrub him out! 20 GScoreIcon.gif
Hatch the Future
HatchtheFuture.png Separate our heroes for the first time, or hatch a Banjo-Kazooie Stop 'n' Swop Egg with Heggy. 20 GScoreIcon.gif
Calamari Bonanza
CalamariBonanza.png Don't be suckered! You’ll have to freeze every single octopi. 20 GScoreIcon.gif
It Lives!
ItLives.png Miracles do happen! Bring Sabreman back to life. 15 GScoreIcon.gif
After the Storm
AftertheStorm.png Ahhhh, a pretty rainbow. You did that, you old softy! 10 GScoreIcon.gif
My Nemesis
MyNemesis.png Do it properly this time! Get rid of Grunty and save us from her rhymes. Off with her head! 10 GScoreIcon.gif
Points Make Prizes
PointsMakePrizes.png Balloons of any color will do, get 60 points worth or more and you're a winner... sort of. 15 GScoreIcon.gif
They think it's all over...
ThinkItsOver.png Win a Colosseum Kickball final. The worst scorers rule at this game, so you should be good at it! 15 GScoreIcon.gif
Shoot Em Up
ShootemUpA.png It’s great fun exploding these little lovelies! Any 20 Ulcers, Clinkers or Mines will earn this. 15 GScoreIcon.gif

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