Hag 1

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Hag 1
Subtitle Monstrous Mechanical Mud-Muncher
Location Spiral Mountain, Isle o' Hags, Cauldron Keep
Health 100
Additional Info Registered in Great Britain
Property of Gruntilda Winkybunion

The Hag 1 is a gigantic tracked drilling machine featured in Banjo-Tooie. Its shape is not unlike that of an armoured tank - aside from the fact that it has a whopping great cone-shaped drill fitted to it. The main entrance to the Hag 1 is situated behind the drill - and is accessed by disabling the drill, and hinging it backwards. The Hag 1 has two silo-like entrances on its surface - the forward-most one being directly above the driver's seat. It is armed with a mortar cannon, four laser-beams, an endless supply of Gruntilda's minions, vents which can release a lethal gaseous mixture of cyanide and mustard, and of course the aforementioned whopping great drill. It has a small exhaust port at the back, and it is powered by two extra-large long-life Bigga Bazza Batteries which are loosely connected by a mesh of careless wiring within the Hag 1.

Role in Banjo-Tooie's Plot

At the beginning of Banjo-Tooie, it was used by Mingella and Blobbelda to tunnel their way to Spiral Mountain so that they could rescue their sister Gruntilda. On their way, they drilled through the Isle o' Hags' countryside and landscape - creating a massive network of caves (most of which caved in) - and leaving muddy tire-tracks in its wake. They were also responsible for the deaths of the 10 Grey Jinjos, whom they killed in their sleep (whether unintentionally or not) by drilling through the Grey Jinjo Family House in Jinjo Village at night-time. The Red Jinjos narrowly escaped the same fate.

Finally reaching their destination - Blobbelda and Mingella rescued Gruntilda, who - after killing Bottles and destroying Banjo's house - then took the driver's seat of the machine. Before leaving, they unleashed a dozen or so of their minions to destroy Spiral Mountain. The threesome returned to their mountain-top lair, Cauldron Keep afterwards - where the Hag 1 remains for the rest of the game.

At the end of the game, Gruntilda attempts to kill Banjo and Kazooie with it, in a final showdown atop the Cauldron Keep. However, after the bear and bird exploited the Hag 1's weakness - its exhaust port - it was destroyed, reducing Gruntilda's body to nothing more than a disembodied head in the explosion.

Method of Defeat

This battle is separate into ten phases.

1. Grunty starts with 100 health. She first attempts harming the duo using two beams of electricity on two opposite sides of the Hag 1 and spinning the machine round in an attempt to catch them in the beams, they are avoidable by simply jumping over the lasers or running from them using he Talon trot (though you have to be close to the machine to equal or even surpass its speed). After a few seconds, Grunty will appear on top and ask more trivial questions (these are unique to the boss fight only). Getting the answer correct will force Grunty to fire magic at you slowly while getting the answer wrong will speed up her rate of fire. After answering her question, you will automatically enter Breegull Blaster mode and will have to fire eggs directly at Grunty, waiting for her to pause is unnecessary if you know how to strafe while shooting. After she fires a few shots and pauses around three times, the phase will repeat until her health is depleted down to ninety (do not fire at her after her health reaches exactly 90 because the eggs will do nothing, this accounts to all phases as well). She will drop a honeycomb and change tactics.

2. This phase is only different in that she activates all four laser beams and speeding up the spin cycle, making avoiding her attacks more difficult. After a while she will again pop up and ask a question. After that you have to fire at her again until her health reaches 80, sparking another idea for her to try (and dropping another honeycomb).

3. She will stop using the beams and instead use a Mortar cannon. This time instead of jumping to avoid, you have to run from gun fire and then jump over a second bullet that emerges from the blast or run out of the way of the bullet (the bullet seems to always shoot toward where you were when the cannon hopefully missed). Again she pops up to ask questions. Fire at her again until her health is down to 70.

4. She will bring out a second Mortar cannon. Not much different from before except the explosion is bigger and two bullets fly from it (one heads towards you while the other goes in the direction around 90 degrees from the first). Questions, then fire her health down to 60.

5. She ditches the Mortar Cannons now and uses the main weapon of the vehicle, the Drill, as well as two of the lasers from the first two phases, except which lasers fire for this phase seems to be random. Now the vehicle will either move toward you slowly to hit with the drill or spin as before, it will remain following you if the drill points at you, so running doesn't necessarily guarantee to avoid the drill. Also when following you it can suddenly start spinning around, which can harm the unwary if it spins in the opposite direction you are running prompting you to run straight into a laser. Avoiding her for a while will make her pop up for another question. this time is different though, as she leaves the lasers on, when she herself attacks, limiting movement depending where you are and which lasers were activated. Regardless if her health is depleted down to 50 or not, the phase does not end one of the batteries are destroyed. when she retreats back inside Hag 1. the port on the back will temporarily be open without smoke gushing out. When this happens, Kazooie must lay a Clockwork egg and enter the machines exhaust port, and detonate the bomb next to one of the big batteries, while avoiding a Gruntling. When the Battery is destroyed, you move to the next phase.

6. She activates all lasers this time as well as the drill, and she spins around a lot faster, making the Talon Trot useless. She will again ask a question before attacking. This time movement is restricted to the same size regardless where you are. Another Clockwork egg needs to be hatched and controlled back into the port, this time avoiding two Gruntlings and detonating next to the other battery. This shuts down the Drill for good (much to the dismay of Grunty). The rest of the battle is in Breegull Blaster mode.

7. Now the battle is to the death with Grunty who will ditch the questions for good and simply attack you with the magic blasts. Fire at her until her health is decreased to 30.

8. Grunty will now send out Gruntlings to deal with you as well as continue firing at you. Defeating a Gruntling sometimes gives you health, so they are helpful if you are running low (the honeycombs Gruntilda drops after each phase remain until picked up as well). But, defeating a Gruntling only prompts Grunty to send another out, so it is pointless to fight them otherwise. Fire at her reducing her health down to 15, but also giving Grunty another idea.

9. She will not only send out two Gruntlings instead of one, she has now released a toxic gas (cyanide and mustard) which will deplete your air supply until you reduce her health to a miserable 1.

10. Both the gas and Gruntlings are dismissed and Grunty will now attempt to defeat you with her 'strongest magic' (unintentionally revealing her last name in the process). Despite her claims, the attack won't deplete your health any more effectively as her older attacks, however she no longer pauses between her attacks. Simply firing an egg at her won't defeat her, she has to be hit while conjuring the spell, so the grenade egg is not recommended as it be the least likely to hit her at the right time(because of its slow speed). Hitting her correctly will cause her to drop the spell inside Hag 1, which will blow the machine, as well Grunty save her head, to pieces, ending the battle.

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