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James Ackroyd was a software development engineer and architect at Rare. He joined the company in November 2004 and left it in December 2012.

He began posting on the Rare Witch Project Forums under the handle "Pinsey," during a thread in which the user wyvernsmasher asked if a particular vehicle design he had sketched could be made in the game. Pinsey then posted a screenshot of Banjo sitting in the very vehicle design wyvernsmasher had sketched.


  • Viva Piñata - Software Engineering (Store, UI Systems)
  • Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts - Software Engineering (Vehicle Editor, Challenge System, NPC Logic, UI System, Game Scripting, Cutscenes)
  • Kinect Sports - Software Engineering (Gestures, AI Logic), Principal Software Architecture (Game Layer, Framework, Frontend, UI Systems)
  • Kinect Sports: Season Two - Experience Engineer Lead, Software Director
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