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Ma Soupswill.

Ma Soupswill is a major character in Grabbed by the Ghoulies.



Ma Soupswill is the chef of Ghoulhaven Hall. She has an assistant, a skeleton named Mr. Ribs, who helps her in culinary endeavors. Ma Soupswill is also the creator of the Soupswill's Super Soups, which each have varying effects on whomever consumes them.

In the Games

Grabbed by the Ghoulies

In Grabbed by the Ghoulies, Ma Soupswill's Super Soups are strewn all about the mansion. Each Soup has a different effect, such as increasing Cooper's health, or making him strong enough to kill Ghoulies in one hit. Cooper finally meets Ma Soupswill when he requires a concoction to be made to restore his girlfriend, who has been turned into a hideous Ghouly. She tells him what ingredients will be required, and the player must gather them all. After gathering the final ingredient, a giant chicken egg, it is seemingly stolen by a skeleton...although it later turns out that this skeleton is simply Mr. Ribs, Ma Soupswill's faithful assistant, who was only bringing the egg to her to help. The concoction is successfully whipped up, and Amber is returned to normal. Ma Soupswill also plays a major role in the final chapter of the game. After Cooper defeats Baron von Ghoul and he and Mr. Ribs rescue all the imprisoned children around the mansion, they are attacked at the front gates by a horde of Imps, who knock them out. Ma Soupswill appears on the scene, and the player is given control of her, being required to kill every last imp with a large wooden spoon. After clearing out all the imps, Ma Soupswill opens the front gates for Cooper, so that he and Amber can escape the mansion once and for all and, along with the rest of the Ghoulhaven staff, waves goodbye to them as they leave.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (Cameo)

In Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, there is a shop in Showdown Town named "Ma Soupswill's Authentic Ice Cream."

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