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Banjo-Kazooie featured a wide range of minor enemies. This page does not concern single malevolent characters, like Gruntilda or Nipper, but rather the dispensible and monoclonal type of enemy, of which there were several in every level, and which could be (normally) easily dispatched in return for a honeycomb - the lowly minions.


Spiral Mountain

There are only three types of minor enemy in Spiral Mountain, and all three are rather similar. To suit with the tutorial nature of Spiral Mountain, they are unthreatening and almost cute in a perverse way.


A bouncing onion with big eyes. Conjured up by Bottles as an example of an enemy that could be defeated with Banjo's forward roll (although in truth, it could easily be dispatched by most other methods).

A clockwork version of Bawl also appears in Spiral Mountain in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.


The most elite of Spiral Mountain baddies, Collywobble is still not exactly devilish. This anthropomorphic cauliflower has the edge over its colleagues in that it somehow used its leaves to fly, meaning a well-placed Rat-a-tat Rap is required to dispose of it.


The Topper is a carrot (with eyes, surprisingly enough) that, pathetic though it sounds, is the lowest-ranking of Spiral Mountain's baddies. One of these was summoned by Bottles as practice for Banjo's claw swipe move. Another Topper's claim to fame was being singled out at the end of the game's credit sequence, when Kazooie points out: "We missed a carrot!" Depressingly for the carrot in question, it was swiftly executed.

Gruntilda's Lair

Gruntilda's Lair perhaps boasted the greatest diversity of grunts, but the fact that most of these were the signature enemies of other levels means that there was only one kind of enemy native to the lair: the Gruntling.


Gruntlings have a dumpy, yet pointy, shape and are covered in fur. Their long arms, giant fists and low brow give them a Neanderthal appearance, which is fitting as they are not very intelligent to say the least.

Gruntlings are very clearly ranked, and the rank of Gruntlings increases as the gamer progresses through the lair. The ranking system is denoted by the colour of their fur: in ascending order, red, blue, black. The higher the Gruntling's rank, the more resilient it is to attack.

Gruntlings are under no circumstances to be confused with the Rare Witch member of the same name, who is eloquent, friendly and certainly not Neanderthal.


Chump is a yellow fish with large teeth. It tries to attack Banjo and Kazooie by snapping at them, and can be intimidating, especially as it is difficult to retaliate from the water. However, Beak Bustering Chumps will kill them.

Mumbo's Mountain


Only one of these enemies appears in Mumbo's Mountain, but it qualifies for the rank of 'minor enemy' because it isn't the only one in the game; another appears in Click Clock Wood, and another in the lair. Bigbutts are large blue bulls with impressively disproportionate horns. They are notable in that they are the only minor enemy in the game that can be attacked but not killed; attacking them several times in a row leaves them stunned, but instead of disappearing, they simply lie for a few seconds and then get up again, leaving the player with nothing but a slightly boosted ego.


Grublins are humanoid purple creatures with large noses. They dress like Mumbo Jumbo, sporting loincloths and feathers on their heads.


Tickers are very large, pink termites. Xenophobic and surly in nature, they live in and around Ticker's Tower. The Tickers speak at various points in the game, so it is clear that they have at least some intelligence, which is more than can be said for many enemies. However, all their dialogue is rude and aggressive, so you shouldn't have too much pity when you roll into them and break them into pieces, however gross it may be. Later appeared in Freezeezy Peak's Christmas Tree. The Ticker represents Mumbo's mountain in the Lair.

Treasure Trove Cove


Sedentary treasure chests with semi-concealed teeth, Lockups were the most enticing of the game's enemies, for the reason that they invariably contained some useful item like Eggs, Feathers, Mumbo Tokens, and in one instance, a Jiggy.


Green crabs with giant claws. Notable in that there are two separate ways of defeating them - either forward-roll them to flip them over, then attack them again for a single honeycomb, or beak-bust them for two. They reappeared ubiquitously in Clanker's Cavern, as well as a strain of mutants called the Mutie Snippets. The Snippit represent Tresure Trove Cove in the Lair.


Yum-Yums are land-living oysters that travel by bouncing around. They have a unique ability: as well as depleting Banjo's energy, they also steal Eggs and Feathers when they attack, eating them up if you're not quick enough to retrieve them.

Clanker's Cavern


Perhaps the game's most rudimentary enemy (in a tie with Click Clock Wood's near identical Whipcrack), the Whiplash is merely a non-sentient vestigial fleshy tendril, found inside Clanker. Its only attack is to flail randomly, which is inneffectual from an individual, but could be a real nuisance from several on all sides, especially when underwater.

Bubblegloop Swamp


The Buzzbomb is the yellow dragonfly which gets the distinction of being the first character to appear in the entire game, in the section showcasing the Nintendo 64 and Rare logos. Seconds after flying straight into the Rare logo, it fell into a waterfall pool and was never seen again. This is the only remarkable property of this otherwise rather unremarkable enemy. The Buzzbomb represent Bubblegloop Swamp in the lair.


Flibbits were fairly unremarkable frogs that came in two varieties: red and yellow. While the reds were mute and found all over the swamp, the yellow Flibbits were territorial and attacked when Banjo and Kazooie came near their prized Jiggy.

Freezeezy Peak


The Chinker is a giant ice cube with eyes. Infuriatingly, it breaks into smaller Chinkers when attacked; some of these sub-Chinkers will then break into even smaller enemies. Although they are ostensibly simple to beat, it can become difficult when the multiplying cubes gang up on our heroes. The species made a brief reappearance in Banjo-Tooie in the form of George and Mildred Ice Cube.

Sir Slush

Sir Slushes are the snowmen that appear all over the level. Although they cannot move from the spot, they are potent in their range when it comes to snowball-throwing. Paradoxically, they can't attack from up close. There is only one way of dispensing with them, which is to Beak Bomb into the not-so-subtle red X on their top hats. While this makes them one of the most difficult enemies to kill, they are also arguably the most satisfying. It is necessary to obliterate all the Sir Slushes in the level for a Jiggy. Sir Slush represents Freezeezy Peak in the Lair

Gobi's Valley


Mummified humanoids that appear in the level's various pyramids, Mum-Mums are notable in that they can only be beaten with Wonderwing; any other attack will merely temporarily stun them. The Mum-Mum co-represent Gobi's Valley in the lair, along with the Scabby.


Scabbies are similar in style to Buzzbombs, except that while the Buzzbomb is a dragonfly, Scabbies are modelled on the more Egyptian scarab beetle. The Scabba co-represent Gobi's Valley along with the Mum-Mum


Slappas are mummified hands that rise from the ground unannounced and attack by literally slapping down on the player. If they miss, they can be Beak Busted to dispatch them. Grabba is presumably some form of Slappa.

Mad Monster Mansion


Limbos are very closely modelled on Mum-Mums; the only difference is cosmetic, in that Mum-Mums are mummies and Limbos are animated skeletons. When attacked normally, Limbos actually fall apart, then momentarily reassemble.


Perhaps the smallest enemy in the game, Nibblies are very mundane compared to the level's other baddies. Simply, they are bats, which can be dispatched


Rippers at first appear to be normal gravestones but pop to life when approached and attack anyone nearby, growling as they do so. The Ripper represent Mad Monster Mansion in the lair.


The Tee-Hees are green grinning ghosts that haunt the area. They are found in their greatest concentration in the church, but also appear in the maze and the cellar. They are large, slightly greater in size than Banjo, and cannot be defeated or even hurt without Wonderwing. A specialised purple variety tries to obstruct you when taking on Tumblar's challenge.

Rusty Bucket Bay

Boom Box

A Boom Box is a wooden crate full of TNT, with a face and fangs. They are best attacked from a distance to prevent getting hurt by their self-defence mechanism (viz., exploding). They cannot, in fact, attack without exploding, which means they are less potent than they look.

Boss Boom Box was a very large type of Boom Box.


See Gruntilda's Lair.


The Flotsam is an inflatable red and white life preserver, prevalently seen hanging from the side of the Rusty Bucket itself. Once provoked, Flotsams leap from their hook and bounce in pursuit of their enemy. Contact with a sharp beak leaves them thoroughly deflated; however, due to their position close to the edge of the ship (and a steep drop into the water), they can occasionally provide some frustration.


A Grimlet is a living metal pipe, rooted to the spot on the ship's deck. From a distance, they are practically indistinguishable from the real pipes, which lead to rooms within the ship (although miniature fangs that line their opening can be seen). When Banjo and Kazooie came within close proximity, the Grimlet would suddenly sprout eyes and larger teeth, and lunge at them. As they are immobile, they are generally quite ineffectual; however, like the Flotsams, they were capable of knocking the adventurers into the water. They are one of the few Banjo-Kazooie enemies that can't be killed.

Seaman Grublin

Virtually identical in its attack patterns to the bog-standard Grublin from Mumbo's Mountain, the only difference being its green complexion, its sailor suit and its colossal chin (in contrast with the ordinary Grublin's colossal nose).

Click Clock Wood

Grublin Hood

Yet another variety of Grublin, this time sporting a brown complexion and a Robin Hood costume (hence the name).


Snarebears are plants (with eyes, naturally), which, as their name implies, are designed to trap bears. Normally laid with bait like Feathers and Mumbo Tokens, they begin to snap as soon as Banjo steps onto their flat top. They do not, however, attack bees.


Zubbas are bee enemies who are guarding a Jiggy in their hive. They must all be destroyed during Summer, at which point they will give up their Jiggy.

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