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A Scribes logo from 2001.

Scribes is long-running feature on Rare's official website that began on June 2, 1998. Written by Leigh Loveday, it is a mailbag where Rare fans can send in their questions and comments and have them answered directly. Scribes is updated infrequently, although there is usually at least one every couple of months. A typical Scribes edition will include a "normal" section with more lengthy letters, and a "Snippet" section (with the mascot being the Snippet baddy from Banjo-Kazooie) with shorter letters, usually letters that are one or two sentences and/or are totally nonsensical.


Running gags

Due to the humorous nature that Scribes letters and answers tend to take, the column has many running gags that occur often in many editions.

Mr. Pants

Main article: Mr. Pants

Mr. Pants is a crudely-drawn image of an obese, mustachioed stick figure wearing a bowler cap and bright red underpants. Originally created by Leigh Loveday as a mascot for the "Survery" section of Rarewhere, Mr. Pants soon became popular with fans who sent emails to Scribes, being the subject of many Rubbish Picture Attachments sent into the column. Mr. Pants eventually became the general mascot of Rare's website, and, due to his popularity, began cameoing in Rare video games, with the first appearance being in Jet Force Gemini. A section of Rare's site called "Pantsboard" was also added in 2002. Mr. Pants eventually starred in his own game, a puzzle game titled It's Mr. Pants for the Game Boy Advance in 2005.

Rubbish Picture Attachment

An example of a Rubbish Picture attachment, depicting box art for a fake game called "Mr. Pants' Bad Pie Day".

A common element of letters sent into Scribes are "Rubbish Picture Attachments" (RPAs), which are pictures attached to the emails which are generally poorly-made (usually on purpose). This may include fake box art, doctored screenshots, or hand-drawn artwork.

Garry Haywood

Garry Haywood is a recurring writer to Scribes, notable for commonly writing very short letters beginning with "My name is Garry Haywood and..." which are laden with sexual innuendo relating to Rare games (for instance, "right now I'm beating my piñata," or "I'll have you know I enjoy both nuts *and* bolts.")

Game requests

Due to Scribes being a direct link between Rare and its fans, a popular subject is requests to make a certain game. These requests seem to aggravate Loveday, and so he commonly mocks them. Popular game requests include a new Battletoads game, a Jet Force Gemini sequel, Killer Instinct 3 and a new Conker game. These requests have been parodied in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, as Loveday was the primary writer of the game's script. In the game, the Lord of Games says, ""They're all in the pipeline, you know. New Killer Instinct, Battletoads, and Jet Force Gemini games. Even Ghoulies 2! Oh, you'll never believe that. I've ruined my own humorous jape."" In addition, boxes of games such as Battletoads 2010 and Cake Filler Instinct appear in the game's ending sequence, and Jolly Dodger has copies of Killer Instinct 3 in his briefcase.

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