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Game(s) Banjo-Tooie
Location Isle o' Hags (Pine Grove)
Jiggy Requirements 8
Additional Info

Witchyworld is third world in Banjo-Tooie. Witchyworld is an extremely hazardous, run-down carnival run by Gruntilda. Mrs. Boggy, the Boggy children (before they leave for home), Conga, Big Al, Salty Joe, Gobi (before you rescue him), and the Saucer of Peril are found in the carnival. Baddies found in this world include Jippo Jim, Fruity, Hothead, Minjo and Livewire.

Mumbo casts Power, which powers up downed rides. Wumba turns Banjo into a van, which can enter van-only doors, and depsit money to open rides. The boss is Mr. Patch.



The Jiggies found in Witchyworld are:

  • Attained by ringing the bell on the Cactus of Strength.
  • Attained in the Crazy Castle, by completing the Balloon Burst minigame.
  • Attained in the Crazy Castle, by completing the Hoop Hurry mimigame.
  • Found on the Drop of Death.
  • Found in the Inferno, by going up the Spiral Slide.
  • Found on top of the Star Spinner.
  • Attained by beating the Dodgems minigame.
  • Attained by beating the Saucer of Peril minigame.
  • Attained by defeating Mr. Patch.
  • Attained by reuniting the Boggy family.


The Jinjos are found:

  • On top of the Big Top.
  • On the top of the door leading to the Western Zone.
  • In one of the Chamber of Horrors cages.
  • Behind a Van Door.
  • On top of the Dodgems building.

Empty Honeycomb Pieces

  • At the top of the tower featuring the transport lift in the Space Zone.
  • In the Western Zone's Pump Room.
  • Inside the column of light in Mumbo's Skull (in The Inferno).

Cheato Pages

  • On a split path near the end of the dark cave in the Haunted Zone. Use the Grip Grab to hang on to a ledge and climb over to the Cheato Page.
  • Awarded for scoring at least 400 points on the Saucer of Peril minigame.
  • Inside a Van-only door in The Inferno.


Big Top: The Big Top section is right in the middle of it all. This section has Salty Joe's Fries, Big Al's Burgers, and the fight with Mr. Patch.

Area 51: A small section of the park. Has a door leading to Terrydactyland.

Space Zone: A space section. It is possible to ride the tram to the Western Zone from here. The Space Zone has the Dodgems minigame, the Star Spinner, and the Saucer of Peril.

Western Zone: A section based on the Wild West. The tram is from here to the Space Zone. In it is the Cactus of Strength, the Crazy Castle, and Humba's Hut. The Crazy Castle section has the first Minjo in the game.

Horror Zone: All based on horror. This place has the Chamber of Horrors, the Drop of Death, and the Inferno (which has Mumbo's hut).


Mr. Patch (Strange Inflatable Wobbly Thing)

Mr. Patch is an inflatable dinosaur. There are many patches on him, giving him his name. He can be destroyed by using a Grenade Egg on his patches. He will soon summon boxing gloves from the ground, making it impossible to attack from the floor. Get on the Flying Pad and shoot eggs from the air.


Witchyworld has four minigames.

  • Balloon Burst: Banjo and Kazooie fly and shoot balloons to get points.
  • Hoop Hurry: Kazooie runs through rings to get points.
  • Dodgems: Banjo uses bumper cars to collect Twinklies to get points.
  • Saucer of Peril: Banjo flies the saucer and shoots targets.


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