BK: Nuts & Bolts Demo Strings

Due to popular demand we have decided to release the complete set of strings from the demo of Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.

Please be warned that this contains some content that could spoil the game as it contains some revealing information about Stop n Swop and other plot dialogue. Okay with that out of the way, let's have a look at some of this.

Bottles the Scammer
No doubt everyone has seen the option for Stop n Swop Truth in Bottles menu. It costs more notes than you can get in the demo. Rare like to tease us with this, but even if you did have the required notes to give the speccy mole he would trick you. I've never trusted him.

"I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you, and we couldn't show that in a game with this rating. Put it out of your mind and think happy thoughts! Thanks for the notes!"

The Jinjo and the Ice Key

The Yellow Jinjo has lost the Ice Key

"I've lost my key! Now the ongoing mystery will never be solved!"

When you take up the objective you are told, "If you Stop what you're doing and find my Ice Key, I'll Swop it for a Jinjo Token! I had it near those weird sleeping aliens..."

When you fail to complete the objective, "It's gone! I might as well Stop looking and Swop the key for something else... where did those funny-looking eggs go?"

And when you succeed, a nice little dig from Rare, "Aha! Now I can resume my obsession with the pointless and frustrating mystery of the key!"

Spiral Mountain

All the text for the Spiral Mountain intro is in there with witty comments from Kazooie, such as, "Come on, Banjo! I'd use the Talon Trot if I could remember how!". Grunty jokes at Kazooie's lack of moves, "Bird was bad in our last game, now it seems she's extra lame!"

There is also text for what I presume is the end boss battle, called Spiral Moutain Showdown.

"She's down and out! Phew, I'm pooped. A lengthy boss battle scene is almost too much to handle these days. I guess what I mean is we're getting too old for this skit..."

"Congratulations, you have beaten Grunty... again. Press the [A] Button if you wish to see the final cutscene, or the [b] Button to be left to your own devices in Spiral Mountain."

Download the full string file *PLACEHOLDER*, but only if you want to spoil it for yourselves.
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