Nuts & Bolts: Intro Parodies

Everybody likes a good parody, and the Banjo faithful are no exception. Luckily, some genius at Rare decided to make the world intro movies into parodies of popular tv intro's of yesteryear. They work really well, even if they are all US based shows (saving the UK ones for the next game, eh?).

We've compiled a list of the parodies in the game along with their original versions. You can watch the intro's by clicking on the image, and because a lot of you are younglings, you probably don't even remember the shows. Don't worry, we've included links to the originals too.

Banjoland - Parodies Love Boat

LOGBOX 720 - Parodies Buck Rogers

Nutty Acres - Parodies Dallas

Terrarium of Terror - Parodies Lost in Space

The Jiggoseum - Parodies Dynasty
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