The Rare Witch Project History

1999 - Metal Sky
The humble beginnings of what would become The Rare Witch Project. A simple site, listing codes i'd hacked for several Nintendo 64 games, such as Mario Kart 64, The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, Goldeneye 007, and of course Banjo-Kazooie. It was here that the first codes that allowed users to collect the secret items were published.

2000 -
Not content with just one site, was released on the internet. This was home of Fake Pictures: a gallery of photoshopped images, and not much else. It was here that The Rare Witch Project was advertised as "Coming Soon".

2000 - The Rare Witch Project
On the 11th April 2000, The Rare Witch Project was born. It's initial purpose was to show the world videos of the secret BK items being collected, and report information on the forthcoming sequel, Banjo Tooie. I never dreamt back then that the RWP would still be going strong 7 years later.

One of the things that made The Rare Witch Project stand out from the crowd was The Rare Witch Videos, a series of amazing videos which showed such things as Banjo meeting Captain Blubber on the ending sequence beach and talking about a use for the Ice Key, or Banjo swimming around a flooded Mumbo's Mountain. These videos caused a massive stir in the early days, and we eventually had to put a disclaimer on the videos that they weren't real.

In an attempt to make the site look better, a complete redesign was undertaken. It was during this period that we found and revealed the Banjo Kazooie Sandcastle cheats which allowed users to get the secret items for the first time without a cheat device such as Gameshark or Action Replay. We also teamed up with Future Publishing to offer them the exclusive codes for their N64 Magazine publication.

Another year, another design. I was quite proud of this design (apart from the right hand side :p). It's clear to see why we have so many Banjo fans as it remained the main focus of the site. We uploaded a gargantuan amount of mp3's from Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie. Our users loved these, but our hosting provider hated them. At one point we were serving 30gb of data per day, and something had to give. We learned the harsh lesson that unlimited bandwidth did not mean unlimited bandwidth. We were constantly plagued by this issue and the mp3's just had to go.

The site needed a new design, and e0e was on hand to give The Rare Witch Project a fresh look. This design was a classic case of "design first", as you'll see by the Resource Box that never got used..ever. That aside, it was this period that we started looking at other Rare games, as you can see from the different characters in the main banner. When Rare were bought by Microsoft, many might remember the logo had to be changed, replacing the Gamecube controller with an Xbox one.

It was during this period that we showed the world Bottles Revenge in it's original form. We couldn't believe this gem had evaded us for so long. The variable was logged in my records as MultiplayerMode. I can't believe I didn't mess about with it in the main game, else we would've had Bottles Revenge alot sooner than we did.

We also started publicly released tools that we'd made, such as the Goldeneye Face Mapper, which allowed you to put your own face on guards in the classic N64 shooter. Again, we teamed up with Future to offer them this exclusive.

This revision of The Project was simply a tweak of the previous, just making it a bit more friendly on the eyes. We continued to build on our reputation for releasing awesome tools, and on the 12th June 2005 we released the Banjo Kazooie Texture Tool, which allowed users to modify all sorts of in-game textures, and even share their fresh new levels with other users.

Goldeneye Setup Editor also emerged during this era. It allowed you to completely edit all of the levels from Goldeneye and make your own objectives. This was followed up in 2006 with Goldeneye Setup Editor V2 which contained a 3D editor, allowing users to visually place props within the world.

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