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Released in August of 1997, Goldeneye 007 revolutionized the First Person Shooter genre by introducing a unique experience unlike anything else in the industry at that particular time. The campaign was robust and original offering gameplay elements that had never been accomplished in a video game before it. But where the game really shined was in its unforgettable multiplayer, which was the key aspect of the game's successful 8 million units sold. So when the Xbox LIVE Arcade and Virtual Console was announced for the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, Goldeneye has been the most demanded title for release since. But it wasn't until recently that the reality of Goldeneye releasing on the Arcade (no mention of VC as of yet) finally came to be.

The news began in the 'Rumor Mill' of EGM Magazine which stated the following: "Microsoft canceled an Xbox LIVE Arcade release of Goldeneye at the last minute" Shortly thereafter, 1up reported that the game was stalled due to a financial disagreement on the proceeds. It was then that gamers became outraged at the notion that their beloved Goldeneye would never never see release on the Arcade. However, as 1up had reported it's release wasn't necessarily out of the question. Their 'mole' informed them that if the game was indeed to still see its much deserved release, then the best thing to do "is to show Microsoft and Nintendo how badly you want it." That's where this very article comes into play.

Gamers took to heart 1up's claim about showing Microsoft and Nintendo just how badly they want to see Goldeneye's re-release. Thus, action ensued. What began at Rare-Elite was an online petition to gather signatures from across the world in an attempt to encourage Microsoft and Nintendo to resolve their dispute and take notice of the thousands of fans that are pleading for the opportunity to play this outstanding game once again. The results of such have been nothing short of phenomenal. As of the current time of this article, the petition has reached 18,300+ signatures in approximately eight days. But will it stop there? That is up to you.

The goal of the 'Save Goldeneye!' Campaign is for all Goldeneye and Rare fans alike to work in conjunction with one another to not only sign the petition themselves, but to also play their part in spreading the word across the interwebs via forums, websites, blogs, e-mailing specific contacts (see below), etc. etc. to ensure that the petition continues to thrive.

How you can help!
  • Blog it
  • Post in your favorite gaming forums
  • Add a link to this in your signature
  • Contact online publications such as Kotaku, GoNintendo, and IGN
  • Inform the bigwigs at Microsoft and Nintendo. See our 'Contacts' list below
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  • Spread the word any way you can
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Statistics *All times are Pacific Standard Time (PST)*
The petition began on Friday, January 11th at approximately 8: 00 PM
4,000 signatures reached on January 13th at 6:40 AM
5,000 signatures reached on January 13th at 10:46 AM
6,000 signatures reached on January 13th at 1:31 PM
7,000 signatures reached on January 13th at 3:18 PM
8,000 signatures reached on January 13th at 9:39 PM
9,000 signatures reached on January 13th at 9:39 PM
10,000 signatures reached on January 14th at 3:40 AM
13,000 signatures reached on January 14th at 2:15 PM
14,000 signatures reached on January 14th at 5:44 PM
16,000 signatures reached on January 15th at 2:27 PM
18,358 signatures at 4:23 PM on Janauary 19th at 4:23 PM


January 14th:
Major Nelson, head of Microsoft's Xbox LIVE Team, commented on the cause via his Twitter site saying, "My inbox has a lot of 'Save Goldeneye' e-mails. I'll be sure to pass them on to the right people".

January 16th: Rare's Community Manager, George Kelion, recognized the petition saying, "The level support your petition has received has pleasantly surprised more than a few of us at Rare. With organisation skills like these, I wouldn't put it past you lot to form a militia to back up the petition! Sorry to be a bit of a bore, but please don't read too much into this post, I'm not confirming or denying anything"

January 18th: A leaked video of the game in action turns up on Youtube. It is a speedrun of the 'Silo Mission' with noticeable improvements in graphics (albeit slightly), new textures and character models, 60 frames per second, widescreen, the Xbox 360 'B' button located above the world 'Previous' during the debreifing. and a message a "Saving Content...Please do not turn off your console" at the end. See the video here


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