• Posted by Ice Mario - 27th Sep 2004
    The removed co-op feature finally sees the light of day.
  • Posted by Ice Mario - 4th Sep 2004
    A rundown of the ECTS and EGN trade events held in London.
  • Posted by SubDrag - 22nd Jun 2004
    Modify the Goldeneye ROM images!
    All Bonds! Beta Faces! Tons!
  • Posted by SubDrag - 21st Mar 2004
    Put your face into Goldeneye!
  • Posted by SubDrag - 23rd Oct 2003
    Does Banjo for Game Boy Advance make the grade? Read our review, with BK:GR played using the GBA SP.
  • Posted by SubDrag - 1st Oct 2003
    This is the fabled debug menu as seen in Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge ROM.
  • Posted by Ice Mario - 28th Aug 2003
    We played Grunty's Revenge at ECTS trade event held in London.
  • Posted by SubDrag - 23rd Aug 2003
    Was Stop 'n' Swop supposed to work with Donkey Kong 64 too?
  • Posted by SubDrag - 20th Aug 2003
    Some random things we found while hacking Donkey Kong 64.
  • Posted by Ice Mario - 14th Aug 2003
    Most likely, this test map merely tested the Talon Trot and how well it would hold up against varying slopes.
  • Posted by Ice Mario - 8th Mar 2001
    Today we explain what we've found in the Tooie cart, and quosh some rumours about Bottles' Revenge.
  • Posted by Ice Mario - 13th Jan 2001
    Now, it's finally time to unlock the secrets in Banjo Kazooie without the use of a Gameshark or Action Replay cartridge. We've worked hard to crack one the best kept secrets in the video game world.
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