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Merry Christmas + Reopening Plans

Merry Christmas, folks! I hope you're having a good day.

I figured today might be a good time to go over my plans to reopen the site.

There's been a lot of conversation recently about reopening registration on the site. You've seen the conversation publicly, and I've talked privately with some folks, and it seems like the consensus is that we do want to open up the site again.

Before we get into what that means, I wanna talk a second about why we did it in the first place. Yes, there were some spammers and trolls. Additionally, there were some members that were being stalked by people repeatedly registering for the site. Shutting down registration temporarily seemed like a quick solution to that, and we ended up keeping it that way for the ease of our pretty slim moderation staff.

I don't want to overburden myself or the moderators. No one is paid to be here, and we're all adults with jobs. So when we reopen, it's going to be on a very limited basis that gives our staff the tools and time to manage the site at a leisurely pace.


The plan is to reopen the forums at the end of January. Here's what the process will be for new members:

1. On initial registration, they will only have access to one forum, a new one we'll be creating called the Introductions forum. There will be instructions there for them to fill out a short survey, which will be sent to our moderators for approval at their sole discretion.

2. If the member is approved, they will be able to view all of our boards excluding Creative Cavern and AAG. These boards are the most likely to have private and personal info, so I want to limit those to users that earn some amount of trust.

3. Once a member has earned trust enough, any moderator will have the ability at their sole discretion to allow them access to these two remaining boards. There are no hard rules on who will be added; it's not going to be that they need to have X amount of posts or X tenure. I want to empower our moderation team to be able to have control over this, as we're going to be the ones taking on the burden if they end up being bad actors.


So, what do you site members need to do? Well, now it's time to clean up and purge.

If there are any posts you wouldn't want the general public to see that exist in AAG or Creative Cavern (or any other board for some reason), you should delete them by the end of January. If you cannot delete them for some reason, report the post and staff should be able to delete it for you.

Also, finally, some of you may have noticed already, but we've added a new member to the moderation staff. Please welcome Zondekel as your newest moderator. Zondekel is one of our most active members, and I wanted to see her on staff because she's level headed and holds the kind of values I'd like to see our moderation staff hold.

And that's it for announcements today! Please post any questions or comments you have in this thread.
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