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  1. just a thought...
  2. The DK BK connection
  3. A list
  4. Fungus Forest
  5. My SNS Theory
  6. The Banjo Consperacy
  7. I just noticed something
  8. devil bottles
  9. BKGR Mysteries
  10. something new found in B-K?
  11. What Would sns have been?
  12. where the ice key lies
  13. Stop N Swop Fans: The Truth From Rare
  14. What now?
  15. effect on your psyche?
  16. Interesting things I found...
  17. New mystery?
  18. Ice Key Antics
  19. Bolt Dragoon's SNS Site is coming back!
  20. Stop N Swop Revealed? ::cue Sharkfood Island music::
  21. Green Egg mystery
  22. I wonder how rareware will react XD
  23. Strange Locations out of Bottles Revenge...
  24. Bottles' Revenge unlocked 2 years ago?
  25. The mystery of the Board
  26. Finished Bottles Revenge
  27. New Sns Text Discovery!!! Read Now!!!
  28. Stop N Swop in banjo-tooie
  29. Deleting the Ice Key & Eggs
  30. SNS update: I think I know which 4 of the 6 eggs we are supposed to get
  31. Eventually, we'll get new information from Rare.
  32. Banjo Pilot SNS???
  33. Stop n' Swop theories
  34. Would you be satisfied...
  35. SnS IS DEAD.
  36. SNS: Some Answers = More Questions
  37. SNS - A [Grey] Subject
  38. Another SnS Theory, Here we go again...
  39. Stop n' Swop found?
  40. My Complete SnS Speculation of Facts and Theories
  41. Stop and Swap solved...
  42. Bottles Revenge
  43. New BK sns video
  44. SnS video uploaded!
  45. Where did this theory of a seventh, black, egg come from?
  46. New SNS idea!!!
  47. Theory...
  48. theory
  49. either I'm tweaked or the SNS gods are talking to me...(I SWEAR no fakeys)
  50. "Answer to Stop 'N' Swop" search results
  51. Generic Sns Thread
  52. Beauty room - in theory...
  53. News for Stop n Swop?
  54. Secrets Inc. (another SnS song)
  55. Cutscene modifier: possible answer to SNS?
  56. What happens when we find SNS?
  57. Why *I* think SNS is still there...
  58. I have a idea about SnS
  59. Rowf's Stop & Swop hints
  60. Small discovery?
  61. Bottle's revenge
  62. Theories on how to get the eggs and key legit.
  63. Wikipedia article on Stop 'N' Swop
  64. Witch one of the 7 Stop N Swop Items do you like
  65. this is for those who have bottles revenge
  66. The Stop N Swop Thread
  67. new sns theory
  68. better SNS guide on Gamefaqs
  69. Make SNS
  70. Swop 'N' Swop Poll
  71. This is what I do in school. (SnS BK related)
  72. A Theory
  73. S 'N' S revealed!?
  74. ChaoticYoshi theory
  75. I will start now with the new theory.
  76. SnS small theory
  77. SNS theory, NEW IDEAS!!
  78. A Stop 'N' Swop Theory
  79. "How to get Stop n Swop" a joke?
  80. My first theory! (not shpamjo, or shanjo spam)
  81. ihave a theroy
  82. Recap and theory...
  83. Stop "n" Swop still in BK
  84. i dont;' understand
  85. very odd theory
  86. A (Hopefully) Original SnS Idea
  87. ok i think i know the reason for stop n swop, even if its hard to swallow...
  88. the theory
  89. New SNS theory: A New Hope?
  90. New SNS FAQ: Mistakes?
  91. My Lair Theory
  92. SNS method of connection found?
  93. i think i found out part of the SNS mystery!!!!!
  94. "wuts the key in wooooooza's cave?????????"
  95. ok this is the only way to find out the truth about stop n swop...
  96. all of my data has been ereased including stop n swop?!?!?!
  97. Check Omegapirate's signature!
  98. My Stop 'n Swop idea.
  99. Why won't they just let us know?
  100. discovery of stop n swop!?!?!?!?
  101. Video of Bottles Revenge.
  102. I Discovered Stop N Swop!
  103. Bottles' Revenge Analysis Theories
  104. According to this, you have to get the Ice Key first
  105. GBTG tells about SnS??
  106. Stop N Swop music?
  107. The REAL Answer to Stop N Swop
  108. BK/DK64/BT mystery
  109. Compilation of Unsolved/Solved mysteries in BK/BT
  110. I've got it! The beat-all theory for SnS!
  111. Eggs in BT
  112. Tired of Fake Stop N Swop Cheats Yet?
  113. The REAL Way to get stop N swop
  114. Anti-SNS Group
  115. SNS Emulation
  116. stop and swop ?
  117. Favorite Egg
  118. Help Me!!!
  119. You all got owned
  120. I know you won't believe this... but... The Stop'N'Swop Secret
  121. SnS from the beginning?
  122. Think I now SnS
  123. Yet another theory
  124. SNS: Would we...?
  125. A more Plausible Stop 'n' Swap theory
  126. You know u have gone crazy about SnS when...
  127. stop n' swop
  128. Jiggies Theory
  129. Eggs
  130. Stop N Swop Station has Arisen!!
  131. Join the SFS Team!
  132. just my theory but....
  133. Where'd all the SMART people go?
  134. New (possible) clues to Stop N' Swop
  135. stop N swop ( My plan to solve it)
  136. Possible Theory
  137. Join the NSFS Team
  138. BREAKING NEWS: Stop N Swop Found!
  139. Cloud Cuckooland Mystery!
  140. The Seagul Mystery...
  141. "jukebox/character parade" clues
  142. SNS possibilities
  143. Impossible but Interesting SNS theory I came up with
  144. Possibly SnS Related
  145. Possibly retarted SNS idea
  146. Here's my SPECTACULAR theory.
  147. How SNS Would Work If...
  148. Bottles Revenge?
  149. SNS update: I think I know which 4 of the 6 eggs we are supposed to get (part 2)
  150. MY theories ...
  151. Small discovery?
  152. I just encountered the strangest thing...
  153. I believe in Stop 'N' Swop!
  154. The craziest SNS you've ever heard!
  155. The Great Banjo-Kazooie Investigation
  156. EXAGERATED Stop 'N' Swop
  157. Maybe Rare was tricking us.
  158. Omg!!! Stop N' Swop!
  159. Hm...I just had a thought about SNS...
  160. I noticed something
  161. BK/BT Translation : A Step To Solve Sns ?
  162. We are close?
  163. Freezy Peak and Mt. Fire Eyes Connection
  164. Rusty Bucket Bay Navigation Room Maps
  165. sns on emulater
  166. Serious SnS Discussion
  167. I think BK3 might have something to do with conker!
  168. Downfall of SNS dicussion
  169. SNS eggs
  170. Stop 'n' swop JRL connection
  171. Eggs>>>
  172. JiggyWiggy Challenge 16
  173. B-K facts/theories ... (regarding Blackeye/MMM/RBB/TTC)
  174. The 2 hidden Stop 'n' Swop Eggs!
  175. My little speech
  176. NEW SNS articles to ensue with Relaunch!
  177. Forest/Snow is NOT Fungus Forest!
  178. My Fungus Forest Theory
  179. Don't Know Which Eggs To Get? Problem Solved!
  180. BT mystery
  181. Stop 'N' Swop found?
  182. Pst. SNS Fakes!
  183. SnS, my theory
  184. Stop 'N Swop theory
  185. My Stop 'N Swop Theory
  186. Nintendo 64 disk drive...
  187. This just occured to me!!
  188. Getting the eggs
  189. What every here had at one point
  190. Captain Blackeye?
  191. Origins of SNS.
  192. I just made a HUGE Discovery!
  193. the strange "beehive" icon and other BT mysteries...
  194. SNS Solution pt 1
  195. Seagull SnS?
  196. Stop N' Swop Reborn (a theory)
  197. Time to solve Stop N Swop against us?
  198. Could BK3 Reveal SNS?
  199. Woah!
  200. B.O.B. resurrecting enemies in BT¿
  201. Ideas for SnS
  202. My first attempt an a Stop 'n' Swop fakey
  203. By god I think ive got it
  204. Best Idea EVA11!!!!11!!!
  205. What's your Favorite Stop n Swop Item?
  206. Bottle's Revenge MUST Reamain!
  207. The rest of the the eggs
  208. The truth about Stop and Swop
  209. Request for a change in the title of this forum
  210. Seagull Music Legal Activator Found!?
  211. HUGE Stop N Swop Discovery
  212. 4 eggs in b-t the others for b3
  213. Well, here's my idea...
  214. A B-3 Idea...
  215. Another Big Discovery!
  216. Talk to me Banjo!
  217. what we should figure out
  218. Theres more eggz in Banjo-kazooie and teh key!
  219. Theories.
  220. My Theory
  221. Blackeye
  222. My Friend found the secret to stop N swop!
  223. What if...
  224. Why we probably could have found SnS a long time ago...
  225. A SNS Fake
  226. The door in the captan's room
  227. Grunty's Furnace Fun
  228. Idea for SnS
  229. Say...
  230. A Friendly Forum Suggestion
  231. possible places sns could have been acheived
  232. Does this have anything to do eith sns
  233. Rare about SNS
  234. A major type of solution for the SNS
  235. Just wondering something about subdrag and greyjinjo
  236. The "What we know now" thread
  237. What would you do if you discover Stop n swop
  238. RSA Codes-Discussion/Testing
  239. Could Rare possibly do this?
  240. Many A Secret...
  241. an odd idea but.......
  242. what if SnS...
  243. Another SNS Fake?
  244. sns
  245. I think I may be on to something!
  246. My Video Series (part 3)
  247. Enough
  248. Stop N Sowop? Solved???? This video not aparent fake
  249. Beta Broomstick!?!?
  250. A note at Jollys