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Miscellaneous Awards
Image Name / Description Users Who Have Already Recieved Awards
You're Appreciated! You're Appreciated!
For making at least one post in the first half of 2018 <3
Members who received this award: 70
, Jason, Dougie, Gaming Master2k, xxx, Andre, BanjoPL, Sad Lad, Mandolin, Airman, Whyme123, Cooki-Cooki, firealpha, NeoGC, AndyNPC, Monkey Boy 64, Mr/Sir Norris, cooliscool, Danny Trabajo, DarthConker, SILVERESISTANCE, Jellycrab, kfred, Digital Mozart, CaptainWhiteEye, Solid Snix, esper, oli, si11yg00se, dragon_kazoooie, Esteban Colberto, Zondekel, Derek, Adam, Mr. Airplane, Deebs, Voltagelord, Crystal Mech, Taiokaion, Brian, Pies, Angry Ancestor, Peroxwhy?gen, Guitar, Teto, Banjokun, Breegullbeak, Bbundy09, N64DD, Dan, Masked Hero, Teafed, The Colonel, TRBB, Alice, The Professional Griefer, CaptainDredlokk, qwertykins76, 30-50 feral rats, Turd Ferguson, Nayib, Frankie, jombo23, Grim Grindle, weighta, pastiche, chis70764, jlpt, UltimateJinjo, GodlyCucumber
SteamLink Verified SteamLink Verified
Awarded to members who have linked their Steam and RWP accounts through SteamLink.
Members who received this award: 9
Ice Mario, Grey Jinjo, Gaming Master2k, Mandy, DementedSun, Whyme123, Derek, Bbundy09, Alice
Archery 2000 Trophy Archery 2000 Trophy
Given to those who score a 60 in Archery 2000.
Members who received this award: 1
Thread Starter Thread Starter
For making a noticeable effort in creating quality topics around the forum.
Members who received this award: 21
, Ice Mario, Andre, Mandy, dmoss, marionuthead, in_christ, banjo nerd, jumbo mumbo, Sad Lad, DekuScrubby, Whyme123, ConkerKing, Danny Trabajo, pinkbull, Dr. Worm, Derek, virtualboyke, Gildragon, Dan, Spudfish93


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