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St. Petey's Day
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18th March 2014
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It's a commonly unknown and highly fabricated fact that the RWP was not directly created by Ice Mario. It was, in fact, the spawn of a Stamperologist (the study of game development studios founded by brothers of the surname 'Stamper') named Dr. Ron Peterson who developed an unhealthy affinity for the game Banjo-Kazooie. Dr. Peterson, who also happened to be a Klingon, lost himself in the secrets of the game... thinking, day and night, of the Ice Key and the secret Pink and Blue mystery eggs. He soon went mad with visions of collecting these secrets. His obsession became so great that he broke into a used game shop and stole three GameSharks -- one for each secret item in the game. He went absolutely nutters when he discovered there were four more secret eggs and not enough GameSharks to individually hack the game and collect them with.

He put his GameSharks in a blender, ground them down to nothing but plastic and metal chunks, and ate them like cereal. He died later that day from a major bowel obstruction.

He would not let his disturbing legacy go to waste, however. Before he succumbed to his rather ironic death, he had carved an effigy of Super Mario out of ice hoping that, should he die (which he did), his spirit would inhabit the effigy (which it did), and would continue on with his research (which he did) and discover the remaining mysteries left in Banjo-Kazooie (which he *shot by Icy Guy*).

Newly reincarnated as an ice sculpture of Mario, and naming himself Ice Mario (he never had much of an original, creative sense), he began a website where he would archive his findings. Shortly after documenting himself collecting the Ice Key and the six mystery eggs and uploading the videos to his website, he gained a cult following of people who shared his obsession with Stop 'N' Swop -- people who would also contribute their lives to unravelling Rare's sick mystery. And to this day, Ice Mario and his cult following are still together, hacking their games, and finding things that nobody else has the patience or talent to do.
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