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icegod 25th April 2006 11:39 AM

User Cp > buddy/ignore list. This will solve all your problems.

This might just be the most important topic on this forum, so what do you all think about getting back on topic? The more attention you give to loss212 the more crappy theories he will post.

Gaming Master2k 25th April 2006 12:32 PM


Originally Posted by Theguyoverthere
Remember that stupid "Fire Key?" Topic?

I remember once back at the Snitz version (in 2001) I once posted a topic similar saying that there were spaces next to the Ice Key and there could be more or something similar.

Of course this was when SnS theories came in packs of 52 per hour and everything was still pretty new.

hatrickpatrick 25th April 2006 06:35 PM

Calm down guys, don't turn this thread into a flame war - if you must have a war, have it somewhere else

Theguyoverthere 26th April 2006 02:51 AM

Back on topic:
Hatrickpatrick, a while ago in the hacking forum you posted that you almost found a cutscene modifier for BK by using the couldron warp cutscene and when you entered the codes, weird things happened like banjo being like under the ground. I didn't wanna bump the topic, bu I'm sure you know what one i mean.

GameandWatch33 26th April 2006 04:27 PM

Man, this topic is still going strong.

How are things going?

I've skimmed the last 10 pages, but I'm not quite sure what is going on. It appears to be at a standstill. I finally got back all of my PJ64, BK and BT stuff.

vaticandrummer 26th April 2006 07:31 PM

Hooray! Another hacker has returned! Maybe things will get going back again; once you, hatrick, and Benjo (and any other major contributors to this thread) left, the thread turned into muddled and repeated theories, most of which made no sense. Hopefully hatrick has found out more about the Cutscene mod, which could help a lot.

GameandWatch33 27th April 2006 03:54 AM

Alright, lets get this ball rolling, and get this topic out of the loop.

Benjo Koolzooie 27th April 2006 01:14 PM


Originally Posted by TzTok-Jad
i'l not really sure, but can it be a cave with a glowbo in it?

Thanks for your out of place sarcastic comment, but I wasn't asking for a literal meaning of "Glowbo Cave", as you well know, and was enquiring, what "Glowbo Cave" was, in terms of the text found in the game. Perhaps you will consider such things when reading my posts in the future. Thanks.

Anyway, I was just reading the BT article on Wikipedia, and it states that some "Stop 'n' Swop" text was found in BT's memory? Is this true? I can't say I ever heard of this? Has the person writing the article simply got a "fact" wrong?

DemyGod 27th April 2006 08:39 PM

Who knows, its hard to hack into BT.

Benjo Koolzooie 27th April 2006 11:09 PM

Well I am sure somebody knows on here, if anyone would, it'd be someone on here. It is probable the article has been written by somebody on here anyway.

kazooieguy 27th April 2006 11:48 PM

oh I know what it means, I heard here somewhere, that someone used a BK save state with the eggs, and ran it in BT Banjo's head appeared in front of a blue screen then if froze prolly that

ultramegadude 28th April 2006 04:47 AM

wut up guys, havent been here in a while. anything up to date on banjo-threeie or SNS?

BanjoPL 29th April 2006 09:23 AM

Our last hope is cutscene modifier...I'm think when Patrick will discover CM then answer to SNS will reveal...Good Luck Patrick!

kazooieguy 29th April 2006 02:15 PM

Ive got an idea! has anyone tried takeing the BT eggs to other places besdieds Heggys? I mean people take them to the place they think is the only place they can go, but none of them unlock BR so atleast one of the eggas must go somewhere else right?

DemyGod 29th April 2006 04:51 PM

Even Patrick said that it's almost impossible to hack into BT.

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