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Dan 9th April 2011 08:35 PM

See: OP. Leaderboards officially featured! Guide updated! I'll give the guide another revamp after demon discloses his valuable fak info. I'm going to introduce a comments feature to the leaderboard. If you feel the desire to have a comment behind your score, declaring great victorious praise for yourself, or a comment on what went wrong, feel free, and ill add it!

Tooie 9th April 2011 08:42 PM

It's all yours! Don't forget to update Jacky's times, then.

Coolboyman 9th April 2011 10:36 PM

Just to let you all know, my harddrive got screwed up (the one that had my previous times), so I have to get them all over again. I'm at around 10:10.00 now.

30-50 feral rats 10th April 2011 12:21 AM

Sorry I haven't posted my method yet, but I have a lot more notes than I thought I did. I have spent the last hour just writing down what I know, and it is getting late, so I'll have to post it tomorrow, seeing as it'll take a short while longer to finish and clear up in places.
A little heads up btw (Including this here since it isn't that relevant to my guide/tip list, and is just a minor thing that may not matter) don't enter talon torpedo mode when Fak's eye-opening cutscene is about to play. Doing so could result in a glitch with Kazooie being controllable during the cutscene. It is very, very, very unlikely to happen, as I've only come across it once two weeks ago and it may have just been an anomaly, but if it does, know the xbox will freeze towards the end of the cutscene.
Anyway, expect it tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

And just to be a further pain:
Mingy Jongo: 0:10.30
Total: 9:52.10

Also, sorry to hear about your harddrive, CBM. :(

EDIT: Extremely long read time. Fak Fak!
As soon as the fight begins, go right and change to grenade eggs ready for the eye part of the fight. As you do this, look at the boil on LWFF’s left to check if it’s glowing; it should be immediately visible from the start. Get far enough to ensure Banjo won’t bounce off of Lord Woo Fak Fak when he diverts from his straight line path (Explain shortly) and cancel the Talon Torpedo as a result. Enter the Talon Torpedo. If the glowing boil is the one is on the side you’re facing go straight for it. The cutscene should show Fak facing away from your starting position. When this finishes, Fak will turn clockwise, and will be slightly diverted off his straight line path, as he will move diagonally to the point where he attacks. As soon as he starts to turn, you should be able to see the side of Fak that you didn’t hit a boil on, and if the next glowing boil is there, you should have no problem striking it. Otherwise, wait for him to turn a bit and the other two boils will be presented very quickly to your right. In any case, you should hit the second boil almost immediately after the cutscene ends.
The third boil is the one I usually use to cause an attack prevention, but it is acceptable to cause the prevention on the second, if too difficult; Hitting a boil just before Lord Woo Fak Fak turns to attack or as he is turning to attack with the talon torpedo will cause him to fail to attack, and he will start to move again instead. This should leave you with three/four boils to hit, and as such I recommend running through them as fast as possible. You should be able to do as you did before to cause another attack prevention on the last hit, though you don't need to if you're fast enough to do all the boils before he starts to turn. Recall Kazooie and get ready for the eye part of the fight. All 6 boils should be hit within 28 seconds for better results.
When the eyes part starts, you’ll notice Fak is faster and more aggressive, attacking when hit. To counter this change, you should hit the eyes twice. Fak will be moving towards the side of the locker you’re on, so his eyes will be open to direct grenade attacks, given the attack prevention worked. The first grenade should stop Fak and cause him to begin to attack. Land the second grenade before he sends the attack after you. The third will not connect till the attack launches, so after the second connects, swim diagonally backwards in front of Lord Woo so, as the attack launches, it will not hit you. When you’re confident it will not hit, turn and launch the third. For some reason, Fak may not react with a painful yelp before attacking, instead turning immediately towards you. Regardless, land the fourth so that it hits just before he sends out an attack. Repeat the dodging motion, swimming right instead if you’re to the left of your initial starting position. Land the fifth blow. All this should be done before 50 seconds. The last blow is the problem, unfortunately; a second hit after the first will not count in this circumstance, so you may have to dodge the attacks of Lord Woo for at least 2 seconds, before the last attack can connect, if not slightly longer.
There is one odd thing that can happen when Woo attacks you at the last bit, and that is the attack rotates you a mere 30 degrees or so instead of 180. I’m not fully sure as to whether this is because of another factor, or just guaranteed to happen, so I may look into it. Regardless it could happen, and you would easily get a time under 1 minute if it does, though you can do so without. If without, this method should make a goal of 1:10.00 very easy. Using this method, I recommend at least getting under 1:02.00. This is all assuming you do finish the boils at about 28 seconds and the 30 degree glitch does not occur, so obviously a lower time is possible. At 27 seconds to destroy the boils, and the 30 degree glitch not happening, 55 seconds is possible, as I got just over it in these circumstances, so under 55 seconds is possible with the use of this method.
If at the beginning the glowing boil is on the opposite side to the one you check, I would expect to cause an attack prevention on the second strike. The first hit will not divert Fak as much as it does on the other side, since it is less immediate, which means it could be quicker or just as quick to cause the attack prevention, but at the same time it is a problem since Lord woo will be further away (Still turns clockwise and diagonally), and you have to wait longer for Fak to turn 180 degrees before you can hit the glowing boil if on the side you don’t see at the start. (Hence the idea of going right and not left at the start; left is slower, whereas right is a bit riskier since Lord Woo could disrupt the Talon Torpedo) Regardless, though, it is through this less favourable circumstance that I got 55 seconds, so obviously, you may be able to destroy the boils yourself as quickly as 21 seconds.

And there you have it, the majority of what I know about this boss...
... My hands hurt.
If there's something I haven't explained well enough, which is likely given the length of this edit, feel free to ask me to clarify.

Tooie 10th April 2011 04:01 PM

MegaDestructor9 has new times for the Dragon Brothers.

Chilly Willy - 0:47.40

Chilli Billi - 0:31.90

New Total - 8:46.40

He just doesn't give up. :P

Weldar-Kazooie 10th April 2011 04:47 PM

New Times:

Klungo 2: 16.30

Chilli Billi: 32.50

I'll update this more as I continue to play. Doing so now, so expect a few more new times.


Chilly Willy: 51.00

Minji Jongo: 10.80

Current Total: 10:08.00

Tooie 11th April 2011 06:29 PM

I guess I'll be MD9's spokesperson since I'm subscribed to him...

Chilli Billi - 0:31.80

Terry - 0:32.30

New Total - 8:45.40

Jacky Durand 11th April 2011 08:07 PM

He actually already beat Chilli Billi and got 31.60.
Gonna try to beat it later maybe, but right now my focus is on the HAG.

New time:

HAG 1 3:10:30

New Total 9:46:20


HAG 1 2:57:30

Final Time 9:33:20

Coolboyman 11th April 2011 09:19 PM

Yay... I have some serious work to do on this game. Down to 10:08.00, almost got sub 3 on Hag 1 last night but her final spell killed me.

Tooie 12th April 2011 06:26 PM

MD9 updates:

Chilli Billi- 0:31.50

Lord Woo Fak Fak - 0:44.40

New Total - 8:44.50

Tooie 14th April 2011 06:34 PM

MD9: Lord Woo now 0:43.40

Tooie 15th April 2011 10:20 AM

*sigh* more MD9...

Chilli Billi - 0:31.30

30-50 feral rats 15th April 2011 10:00 PM

He really should have a go at getting himself on the leaderboards, especially since he's trying to perfect his times and has a total under 9 minutes. Even if he could be cheating, it's likely he could get himself somewhere at the top, if not the top of the leaderboards, if he did it properly.
Though if he's content with doing so to make video guides, that's fine too, I guess.

Anyway, congrats to Jacky Durand on claiming top! :D *claps and applauds*

Coolboyman 17th April 2011 05:14 AM

I'm coming back bitches. Just beat my original overall time, so watch out. ;)

Jacky Durand 17th April 2011 09:54 AM


Originally Posted by Coolboyman (Post 948095)
I'm coming back bitches. Just beat my original overall time, so watch out. ;)

Great! I love the competition!

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