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Hylian1 6th July 2006 03:23 PM

But the problem there is, it's IMPOSSIBLE to be able to swap over that many Jiggies because you'd only be able to have 2.

BanjoPL 6th July 2006 03:29 PM have right.
Maybe events thats Rare said that they will in Tooie and they will activate secrets in Kazooie are activate by challanges 11-?? ???

Maybe player must be chosen one to able challange 11?
I'm think that after chosen one code new events in Tooie will enabled example:buy water via 5 doubledoons and give to Blackeye and way to red egg will enabled...we should activate in BT way to 4 eggs and ice key..
Way to cyan,green,red and yellow eggs and ice key.

Hylian1 6th July 2006 04:06 PM

That's a good idea and could certainly possibly work that way. But until we find out how to get that Chosen One code to work, if indeed that is the way, then we're at a standstill.

BanjoPL 6th July 2006 04:11 PM

Yes of course...sorry.

Maybe our superb haker ChillyDark will activate trigger to chosen one code via GS???

ChillyDark 6th July 2006 05:08 PM

I think that code IS SNS Jiggywiggy temple.
I am not that confident in finding SNS, but I will search BT more.
Found nothing in the area near Blackeye, so do NOT ask me to search memory there.
Soon, I'll be doing code requests.
8 years, and now this.

Hylian1 6th July 2006 06:00 PM

Yeah, it is an amazing discovery to uncover after so many years. Let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope this is the big one!

ChillyDark 6th July 2006 06:10 PM

The oldbies think we are babies, who don't know what SNS is.
They think that our findings have been found 10000 years ago, by a caveman.
Anyway, I found Chosen One in the code chamber's memory.
If SNS was a hoax, would they have removed, this?

ChillyDark 6th July 2006 06:21 PM

Yes, this may be confusing but here it is.
8133b12C 1537, 3715.
I found it in the memory while searching Chosne One.
SNS's answer could be getting closer.

slaphappy 6th July 2006 06:32 PM


Originally Posted by ChillyDark
The oldbies ... think that our findings have been found 10000 years ago, by a caveman.
Anyway, I found Chosen One in the code chamber's memory.

Be careful. The Code Chamber and Chosen One have been discussed in the past. Just because you weren't around for it, don't think it didn't happen. I'm all for your efforts, so keep at it, just watch the lashing out.

Let me recap what was investigated. The BT Player's Guide had a picture of the Code Chamber in which the letters were red. The combination of letters matched no known "code" but consisted of the letters to spell out Chosen One.

I am not sure if a memory search of the code chamber was done, but as thorough as the investigation at the RWP is, I'm pretty sure it was. Can anyone confirm if the memory search was done back then, and what was found?

Does the Chosen One text appear in memory if you go directly to the Code Chamber? It could be remnant if you go to JiggyWiggy Castle first and then go to the Code Chamber.

LaorBR 6th July 2006 06:36 PM


Originally Posted by ChillyDark
The oldbies think we are babies, who don't know what SNS is.
They think that our findings have been found 10000 years ago, by a caveman.

Once again: AlmostJinkies' thread WAS NOT about you.
He was talking about people who connect SnS to everything, who find out the 2 leftover jiggies at the end of BK and think it's related to SnS, etc, etc.
Nobody EVER mentioned you, why are you being so offended?

By the way, I'm very interested in this Jiggywiggy challenge 16 and I'm can't wait to see what this will turn out to be.
I doubt it is related to SnS, but who knows? Maybe it is. :)

Now, cut that "oh everybody is mocking me" crap. I can't tell if it is an awesome finding or not until I know what the 16th challenge does.
And there ARE hackers out there better than you, but that doesn't mean you are a bad hacker. Actually, your idea of editing savestates using hex instead of using the memory editor (since the editor keeps crashing in BT) was very inteligent. You may have find this by accident but it's still a finding.
Now, let's move on with hacking and forget about this, ok?

ChillyDark 6th July 2006 07:08 PM

Icegod (or whoever posted the pics) has donated some pictures about the Challenge 16.
For those who didn't know, I am NOT trying to find SNS, I am picking up the few remains, that Slaphappy, Hatrick, Ice Mario, etc, have dropped.
I don't think everything I find, leads to SNS.
Some valid points made by elder members.
-The 2 jiggies have nothing to do with SNS, as everyone was trying to tell us.
-The Quaqmire Door is just a mislead.
-Super Special Challenge isn't related.
-Neither is the Code Chamber.
Here is my valid SNS theory.
1. Do something in BT.

2. Jiggywiggy opens his new challenge, number 11.

3. You get a code for the code chamber, not Chosen One.

4. Type it in, and something happens in BK.

5. Switch to BK.

6. Ice wall is gone, you collect Key.

7. Transfer Key to DK64, it unlocks something.

8. The Blue and Pink Egg, do what they did in BT.

9. The yellow egg does the same.

10. Green unlocks secret level Fungi Forest.

11. Strangely, it has 20 Jiggies.

12. Beat it and Jiggywiggy gives you 8 more.

Now you have 128, beat the 16 challenge to unlock Bottles Revenge.
The Cyan egg just gives you Ice Kazooie, and the Red Egg gets you the 8 jiggies from Jiggywiggy.

This is probably either (most likely) the original plan for SNS, or the real thing.

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