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Mr. Airplane 6th January 2022 03:03 AM

Goldeneye 007 achievements leak for Xbox
Reported by Eurogamer.


Rare's legendary GoldenEye 007 looks set to return - as detailed by a newly-leaked set of Xbox achievements.

The achievement list, which was scooped off Microsoft's servers by True Achievements, includes 55 new awards and 1000 Gamerscore for completing the game's campaign and playing its various multiplayer modes. Achievement artwork even includes screenshots from the classic James Bond shooter.

Solid Snix 6th January 2022 04:20 AM

I wonder if it's that unreleased 360 version

Mew 101 6th January 2022 06:15 AM

Since Microsoft seems to be big on games coming out on Xbox and PC together, hopefully there's a chance for an actual PC port along side this port, instead of a jurryrigged one using emulators and romhacks.

Mr. Airplane 6th January 2022 06:55 AM

I hadn't considered that. It's certainly possible!

krueger14 13th January 2022 02:15 AM

It seems to be just a port of the n64 game, or emulation. I am sure it will also be on the Switch Online service

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