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Mystery Man 5th October 2003 01:14 AM

BKGR Mysteries
you knew it was coming, and I'd be the one to do it.

well, this game has little to offer of mysteries, but I'll contribute what I've found

Swimming with the dolphin to the underwater ship, inside the ship at the very top you'll notice a picture of a skull with it's right eye glowing (may be left, I have to check). maybe something to do with the left eye gruntilda thing in BT?

Inside Monster Mansion, go towards the staircase, look left, and there's a barricaded door there. so far, I can't break it with the moves available, which would be all.

Push button codes? Could be, or maybe some hidden code chamber someplace.

Icy Guy 5th October 2003 01:45 AM

Re: BKGR Mysteries

Originally posted by Mystery Man
Push button codes? Could be, or maybe some hidden code chamber someplace.
For the former, maybe. But for the latter, no. The warp mod has been explored, and nothing of real interest has been found. The whole reason to use it is so you can play at Banjo's house (basically ;)), but there isn't much else of interest, except the usual freezes with invalid digits.

estep16 5th October 2003 07:57 PM

That picture is of the ghost pirate who attacks you on the quay after you learn egg-shooting.

The barricaded thing is probably nothing, IMO.

Mystery Man 6th October 2003 01:51 AM

How to completely beat the game? Notice, the final gruntilda battle warp pad never goes to a banjo head, presumably for replayability, but it leaves my file feeling incomplete...

100% on all 3 files? Will it unlock anything?

Go to Honey B's Hive, go to the top left corner, flip flap jump, and you'll notice an H and D in the honeycombs.

Jinjo No. 666 7th October 2003 01:01 AM

I noticed the Gruntilda pad thing too. Now I didn't get all the gold coins at the end (though many have) but in BK and BT, you couldn't fight Gruntilda again at all, which makes it seem out of place in GR... plus, If its of any help, the Megaman Battle Network games (which have the same idea of 3d area in 2d) always had a LOT of secret stuff hidden from vision (i.e. a person hiding behind a building and gives you an item, or a secret jack-in point) so maybe there's something like that in GR? considering how often your view of Banjo is obstructed, I wouldn't doubt if there was something there...

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