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s.w.a.t 11th March 2006 02:33 AM


Originally Posted by dmoss
Yeah...kind of like: Use the Grenade Eggs for the Barrel; use the Fire Eggs for the Ice Wall...that kind of thing?


I think he meant use the frenade egg on both, since the ice wall explodes or collapses, not melts.

Skill 11th March 2006 09:07 AM

The wall of ice before the ice key is not smashed it slides back into the wall this was found awhile ago. And therfore there is no way of breaking the wall.

Lemmiwinks what you found is only the menu SNS and the Save and quit info you see on the menu it goes view totals and at the end is SNS then after that is the comfirmation to quit playing the game someone explained this really well just few pages back, so if i'm not making sence then check back a few.

Go_Nosis 11th March 2006 02:21 PM

I wouldn't want to bring back the "Which eggs do we collect, and in what order" debacle, but there IS still hope for it.

Read soulreapers post. I remember talking about that one myself, the Some eggs seem to already be there, and some eggs seem to just "appear" once activated. Here's the list;

Pink: Always there, hidden in Shark Food Island
Blue: Always there, in behind the golden door in Gobi's Valley

Red: Not there, you have to activate it to make it appear on the captains bed.
Yellow: Not there, gotta activate it to be at Nabnut's place.
Green: This is the loggo one, right? Yeah, it gotta be activated.
Cyan: Despite popular belief, this one must be activated too. If you get yourself behind the barrel using any means that isnt the sandcastle cheat, you're walking in complete blackness. the shape of the room is there, but just black. The podium the egg rests on is there, but the egg isn't.

Now the trick lies in asking why. WHY are some eggs naturally accessable and some eggs aren't? I used to believe that all we needed were the ones that are in the game without activation, but now.. Now I'm not so sure. In Grabbed by the Ghoulies, the whiteboard (even though I'm sure alot of people know its a joke) says:

(?) (?) (?) (?) + (icekey) = ?


1. Get Ice Key
2. Get eggs
3. Activate secret level (someone correct me if I'm wrong, I have a memory like a goldfish.)

Point is, they may have been joking, sure. But why put in 4 eggs and not 6? Rare isn't the type to just blatantly give us wrong info, they avoid giving ANY info by using carefully worded responses.

Soo.. I'm thinkin' maybe we just need the 4 that require activation. Anyone's thoughts?

Soulreaper41392 11th March 2006 04:23 PM

what if we need to get the 4 eggs that magically appear? like the first 2 are used in Tooie, the others in BK? Last night when I was in RBB, in the room with the bunk beds, I saw that there was a door that didnt really look like it was JUST a texture, it seemed like it could be opened. so maybe we do something to open the door and there is something in the door that makes the Egg appear.

and I know this is gonna seem stupid, but what if the "magic" eggs are just INVISIBLE. maybe we need something to see them.


Just to mention something that isnt really too related to this but if Rare DIDNT mean to include all this stuff, then how come in all the interviews, whenever they make a dumb mistake theyre all like "oh dear. we didnt mean to do leave that in the game. oops." that sounds like they DID mean to and they wanted us to find it. so yea, a bit off the topic, but it makes a good point.

swopandstop 11th March 2006 05:10 PM

Wow this is still going on? Crazy.

The search continues... =0

Banjoman 11th March 2006 05:51 PM

One thing I've been curious about is the secret messages Mumbo gives you. Maybe somehow there connected to SNS. I'll look into this and let you know if anything develops.

kazooieguy 11th March 2006 07:51 PM

okay guys its time we start to do this objetively, so chose to help me more not is up to you, you see i am a girl of action i hate disgussing and not really doing anything so can everyone please post exactally what discoverys have been found, and then also post the best pic of the GBG borad they can find, ill enhance with some photo software and check the borad for more info,

its time to really kick it up a notch so please guys help me ouyt here, as for hackers ill need you guys as well so if you can hack in any way post it and ill organize a search through the game based off ofthe discoverys and on the borads data, we can do this guys, somone here said not long ago that we needed a leader to organize our search so guys if youll let me id like to take that role and find the truth once and for all!

please lets do this everyone!

Yuoko 11th March 2006 09:23 PM


Originally Posted by Bomario
thanks s.w.a.t saves me the trouble...


wireframe doesnt detect the room behind the X barrel, soooo there may well be something hidden by a certain event. It is a more suspicious area after all, since as many pointed out that the hidden music is called Advent and the calender is an advent calender...ooooh the plot thickens :p

Edit: there is another thing i noticed, the patuclar banjo and kazooie pose on the calender is the same as the box art and cartridge which shows banjo in Fungi Forest, but the calender shows freezeezy peak as sir slush is in it, this could be another FP+FF connection and i dont think this was pointed out, was it?

I remember seeing the slightest edge around where another hole would be on a real Advent Calandar, since my N64 has the habit of glitching, and showing the lines around an entrance before you're supposed to know about it. *shrug*
Eh, I doubt it has much significance...
And, Rare enjoys making us jump to conclusions, and making us hate them...

Theguyoverthere 11th March 2006 09:31 PM

I just thought of something... Ceiling coding. All levels with flight pads have it so you don't fly out of the level (it has a ceiling) but levels like Spiral Mountain and others without flight pads don't have ceiling data so you can moonjump up into the void and endup back where you started. What's interesting is that the beauty room with the two doors HAS ceiling data and so does the rest of the lair in that part. Now why would that be?

The Jinjo Jinjo 12th March 2006 12:38 AM

Because why would you build an evil lair without a ceiling? It could get afully drafty.

Theguyoverthere 12th March 2006 03:41 AM

hahaha very funny

kazooieguy 12th March 2006 06:16 AM

and of course no one paid attention <sigh> oh well my requests stand if someone would mind helping me

Mr 3vil 12th March 2006 06:48 AM


Originally Posted by kazooieguy
and of course no one paid attention <sigh> oh well my requests stand if someone would mind helping me

Sure we did, but you need to know how to hack though. Anyone who wants to join in should read a "How to Hack" guide. If not, use the GS Codes you have now and search the game. is a really good site with a hacking guide. This site has been made for archiving purposes for GS Central, which is kind of gone as of now. The hacking guide is the same as the GS Central one. :D

swopandstop 12th March 2006 07:38 AM

I know this has been addressed before but what's behind the two doors in the Transformation room? Can anyone even get behind them with like walk through walls or something?

They look fishy. I bet thats where you stop n swopped. ;)

Mr 3vil 12th March 2006 07:50 AM


Originally Posted by swopandstop
I know this has been addressed before but what's behind the two doors in the Transformation room? Can anyone even get behind them with like walk through walls or something?

They look fishy. I bet thats where you stop n swopped. ;)

Nothing is behind there but pitch black. Also... can you change your sig? I doubt a lot of people appreciate your opinion that :rare wh*re. Never know, young kids might read this and learn from us.

EDIT: Nevermind then about your sig.

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