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Benjo Koolzooie 20th November 2005 11:42 PM

Let's all stop buying Rare's games until Rare tell us what they intended to do with SNS and what went wrong! (Like that could happen since the move to Xbox and all the new consumers hungry for Rare's games and uninterested/unknowing about SNS).

"SNS is bull". What exactly is bull? We know the items are in the games and were once intended to be swapped over. The process may be scrapped but the hunt for a trigger in BK still lives on.

banjooie 21st November 2005 05:51 AM


Originally Posted by Dinoshaur
Guys, I think we'd established that S&S is Bull. Leave it alone, will ya?

Flame me if you must.. but I agree. It's over! Time people moved on and get on with their **lives**

GameandWatch33 21st November 2005 05:55 AM

*Sigh* I was going to type a long and detailed post disproving every one of your points (Even though I don't think there is any.), but I think that you frankly just wouldn't understand a well-typed intellegent post. So, I will put it in a way you can understand:

StOp AnD sWoP dOeS eXiSt, n00borzzzzz!!!!!!11111

Sorry, it had to be said.

vaticandrummer 21st November 2005 07:32 AM

I have to agree with GameandWatch...there is way too much evidence leaning towards SnS in BK (possibly some loose ends in BT) to have SnS be completely non-existant.

dmoss 22nd November 2005 01:27 AM

This is, the fact that if we stop talking about SnS, you can pretty much kiss the RWP Forums goodbye, 'cause there's not really much else to talk about. Sure, we can keep making polls and stuff, but those get old after a while...anywho, I agree with vaticandrummer and GameandWatch.

hatrickpatrick 23rd November 2005 01:23 AM

There IS way too much evidence in BK to say there's nothing left. I truely believe that eventually we will find something. Hopefuly the demo control codes (which, BTW, are coming out in a few days, again, the delay was unavoidable >_>) may shed some light

Benjo Koolzooie 23rd November 2005 01:51 AM


Originally Posted by banjooie
Flame me if you must.. but I agree. It's over! Time people moved on and get on with their **lives**

There's absolutely no disputing it. SNS does exist in some form, full or incomplete. It doesn't make any difference if it is incomplete, it is fun looking for the SNS side present in BK.

banjooie 23rd November 2005 05:00 AM

Sorry, I wasn't trying to say SNS doesn't exist. Like you said, it must be there in some way, shape or form.

What I mean is, people should just forget about it and move on. It's just stupid.

Whats gonna happen when/if somebody *ever* finds it, eh? Will be like "yay" for about two days... and it will be forgotton.

vaticandrummer 23rd November 2005 06:52 AM

No, something that huge would make Rare websites, Nintendo websites (as well as Nintendo Power), many many other gaming magazines and a huge surge of pride from all of the hard workers at RWP (or where ever) who found it.

slaphappy 23rd November 2005 06:58 AM

[match lit]

Why should I forget about it just because *you* think it's stupid? If that's your opinion, then just move on and let us wallow in our idiocy.

[match extinguished]

Stop 'N Swop is the holy grail of video game mysteries, and I for one am thankful to everyone that has put any time and effort into it. As the saying goes: Live For The Journey, Not The Destination.

hatrickpatrick 23rd November 2005 07:59 AM

Be careful, folks, the last thing we need now is for this thread to degenrate into a flame war >_>

I've seen some legendary topics at gamefaqs deleted because of that. Including many long SnS topics

vaticandrummer 23rd November 2005 08:03 AM

Yeah, take it to PM's or an appropriate thread.

By the way hatrick, how goes the work?

digidestind 23rd November 2005 11:06 AM

off topic for a sec. what does "btw" stand for?

vaticandrummer 23rd November 2005 11:32 AM

By the way.

AlmostJinkies 24th November 2005 11:07 AM

Yeah, no more flamin'. If you wanna complain about SNS, go elsewhere, we're trying to solve it here :-)

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