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Andre 4th August 2015 07:02 PM

The stress...

BellyButtonLint 4th August 2015 07:44 PM

Okay, why is B jump on the older games?

Twi 4th August 2015 08:27 PM

I really need someone to tell me about the Kameo content. I gotta know what was up with Kameo 2.

Walecs 4th August 2015 08:40 PM


Originally Posted by Scrubber (Post 1247733)
Get comfortable. Infact go do something like get some food or go on vacation. Mine took 1 hour 50 mins to install fully.

Right I'm up to slalom now. Let the games begin.

I'm so glad I bought digitally and installed it last week, so today I could play it as soon as I switched the console on.


Originally Posted by Andre (Post 1247736)
Worth noting that I preloaded every game, yet still had to perform updates on every 360 game.

I had the same issue. I won't play the 360 games until I have a gold membership so I can upload 360 savegames on Cloud, but still...


Originally Posted by BellyButtonLint (Post 1247744)
Okay, why is B jump on the older games?

It took me a while to get used to that.

Andre 4th August 2015 08:43 PM

Feel free to add me (CPMaverick) on Live if you want to see my leaderboards or play... some PDZ multiplayer.

The Banjonator 4th August 2015 08:47 PM

I got excited because I thought it was PD multiplayer for a second and I was gonna be like ****ing what they have online multiplayer for the old games?

Esteban Colberto 4th August 2015 09:00 PM


The Colonel 4th August 2015 09:01 PM

Perfect Dark XBLA does have online MP, though.

e; I bet he isn't even that good at BlazBlue

Whyme123 4th August 2015 10:44 PM


Saw pirate-Kameo, I leaned forward
"That looks like Kameo..."

Saw "Kameo II"
I ghasphed for breath

Debating on buying an xbone.... for this... but I know it will be put online soon...

Andre 4th August 2015 11:42 PM

Don't worry whyme, the second I unlock the Kameo 2 stuff I'll post it just for you

Whyme123 5th August 2015 12:19 AM


Originally Posted by Andre (Post 1247765)
Don't worry whyme, the second I unlock the Kameo 2 stuff I'll post it just for you

I'll love you and your children

DementedSun 5th August 2015 01:01 AM

BattleToads, I ****ing hate you. I'm up to that dumb flashing ball chasing you around the corners now, and I can't fuggin beat it even with rewind.

Andre 5th August 2015 02:48 AM

Best in the world boys, heard it here first.

The Colonel 5th August 2015 03:28 AM


Jinjonator 5th August 2015 11:50 AM

how did anyone ever beat level 3 of battletoads without the ability to constantly rewind every 2 seconds

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