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Dan 4th May 2009 07:08 AM

[Spoilers]Now Who's Boss Guide
Klungo 1: As soon as the fight starts, hit him, then the clock begins, stay as close in as you can and when the shield falls, he will begin to grow. Roll attack (constantly hitting him) on the inside of his coat; thus making you both immortal until the exact second he can be hit. anything less than 22 seconds is a good time

Klungo 2: invisible, completely useless, follow guide above pretty much, the second hes gone hit him, you can do this in easily under 17 seconds.

Klungo 3: duplicating, this time the potions will home in on you, just kinda strafe back n forth to dodge them, stay in close, and always hit the one that isnt moving at one point (the rest will run off, so youll hit the real one ASAP), aim for 20 seconds or so

Your combined klungo total should be under 1 minute. Thats 3 bosses in under 1 minute <3. :D

Targitzan: normal eggs on targets, grenade eggs on moggies, aim is not even important on targets, you have 100 eggs and can shoot like 4 per second, just get it over with as soon as you can, with moggies, try your best, aim for under a minute.

Old king coal: Ice eggs. nuff said. aim for under 13 seconds.

Mr patch: Do this fight entirely from the ground. Order of patches coming soon. just figure it out. Aim for under 1 minute this way D:.. or if you do the airborne way aim for under 2. Use beak bomb liberally to get to sides of him worth shooting.

Lord woo fak fak: This is the hardest one for most people, the trick is to pick a side at the start, and if you see a boil, get so close youll hurt yourself, the cutscene will spare you the damage, if not, use talon torpedo and burst THROUGH him to the other side, a speeding kazooie is unstopable even by his body, then just spam as many targets as you can, if you hear a lightning attack, press x to recall kazooie and swim a small distance, then release the beast. use grenade eggs when possible but always use kazooie if the boils are on the other side, itll save a ton of eggs. Then for the eyes, use kazooie again, then swim out of the way, he will eventually turn around swim away etc, this is THE PERFECT TIME to talon torpedo. with practice under 2 minutes is very possible. Aim for under 2:30.

Terry: This one has some secrets, use grenade eggs, and while dodging the 2 purples, get as FAR away as you can, this way when shooting him you can get him to 10/14 hp, then use rolling to kill mucoids as it can kill up to 5 in 1 shot, and then repeat, youll get him in 2 rounds for easily under 40 seconds.

Weldar: More secrets :). First round, dodge, then grenade egg. Second round, wonderwing the nuts, as they come into you to clear them each in under 2 seconds total, grenade egg. 3rd round, LET him squish you, this skips the chasing stage. Then as he comes down in the center, grab some hp from the nuts, grenade egg. repeat while lasers up. aim for under 1:10.

Chilly billy: 6 hp, use ice eggs, make sure before you shoot, the barrel of the gun is OUT, so you dont waste them. use only 2 eggs per cannon. Use wondering to just walk without stopping. aim for under 38 seconds.

Chilly willy: 12 hp this time, use fire eggs, 3 eggs per cannon, same rules as last time, aim for under a minute. Same dodging as above.

Mingy jongo: Ok, it's been found how to guarantee the wonderwing. SKIP ALL HIS CONVERSATION BOXES EXCEPT when the floor is closing. Then hit him 1st shot as normal, and wonderwing away. You can get 7 nice shots off with the wonderwing in a row before he warps.

Hag 1: Start the fight off by getting on the drill, and running to the right, shoot her 10 times and repeat running left. Then do the same during the mortars. Afterwards you should be down 4 hp with 4 on the ground, go get them. switch to ice eggs and shoot her during the war and then switch to CKZ, and go destroy a battery. repeat. use fire eggs if low on ice during the mustard gas, and switch to regular eggs as her hp gets below 5. Then finish her quickly.

there you have it.


Klungo 1 - Estimated Optimal time: 21.00
1st) 0:21.00 - Coolboyman
1st) 0:21:00 - MegaDestructor9
3rd) 0:21.10 - Weldar-Kazooie
3rd) 0:21.10 - Jacky Durand
3rd) 0:21.10 - Dan
6th) 0:21.30 - Tooie
6th) 0:21.30 - DemonLabRat

Klungo 2 - Estimated Optimal time: 16.20
1st) 0:16.20 - MegaDestructor9
1st) 0:16.20 - Jacky Durand
3rd) 0:16.30 - Coolboyman
3rd) 0:16.30 - Dan
3rd) 0:16.30 - Weldar-Kazooie
6th) 0:16.40 - Tooie
7th) 0:16.50 - DemonLabRat

Klungo 3 Estimated Optimal time - 19.50
1st) 0:19.50 - MegaDestructor9
2nd) 0:19.70 - Dan
3rd) 0:19.80 - Jacky Durand
4th) 0:19.90 - Coolboyman
4th) 0:19.90 - Tooie
4th) 0:19.90 - Weldar-Kazooie
7th) 0:20.00 - DemonLabRat

Targitzan Estimated Optimal time - 30.70
1st) 0:31.60 - MegaDestructor9
2nd) 0:36.60 - Weldar-Kazooie
3rd) 0:41.70 - DemonLabRat
4th) 0:42.00 - Coolboyman
5th) 0:44.00 - Dan
6th) 0:47.30 - Jacky Durand
7th) 0:47.70 - Tooie

Old King Coal - Estimated optimal time: 0:06.90
1st) 0:06.90 - MegaDestructor9
2nd) 0:07.60 - Jacky Durand
3rd) 0:07.80 - Dan
4th) 0:07.90 - Coolboyman
5th) 0:08.20 - Weldar-Kazooie
6th) 0:08.20 - DemonLabRat
7th) 0:09.40 - Tooie

Mr. Patch Estimated Optimal Time: Ludicrous
1st) 0:28.60 - MegaDestructor9
2nd) 0:29.80 - Jacky Durand
3rd) 0:37.50 - DemonLabRat
3rd) 0:41.70 - Coolboyman
4th) 0:46.00 - Dan
5th) 0:48.70 - Weldar-Kazooie
7th) 1:12.50 - Tooie

Lord Woo Fak Fak Estimated Optimal: Idk like 20 seconds?
1st) 0:45.00 - MegaDestructor9
2nd) 0:55.70 - DemonLabRat
3rd) 1:01.60 - Weldar-Kazooie
4th) 1:07.60 - Jacky Durand
5th) 1:08.10 - Coolboyman
6th) 1:19.90 - Dan
7th) 1:26.30 - Tooie

Terry Estimated Optimal - Impossible to tell due to varrying glitches. Possibly under 30 seconds.
1st) 0:33.20 - MegaDestructor9
2nd) 0:34.50 - Jacky Durand
3rd) 0:34.90 - Coolboyman
4th) 0:38.30 - Dan
5th) 0:38.40 - Weldar-Kazooie
6th) 0:38.50 - DemonLabRat
7th) 0:39.70 - Tooie

Weldar Estimated Optimal: That clearly tool-assisted 1st
1st) 1:00.90 - MegaDestructor9
2nd) 1:01.90 - Jacky Durand
3rd) 1:02.20 - Dan
4th) 1:02.80 - Weldar-Kazooie
5th) 1:02.90 - Coolboyman
6th) 1:04.70 - Tooie
7th) 1:05.10 - DemonLabRat

Chilly Willy Estimated optimal 0:47.40
1st) 0:47.40 - MegaDestructor9
2nd) 0:48.00 - Jacky Durand
3rd) 0:49.60 - Dan
4th) 0:51.00 - Weldar-Kazooie
5th) 0:51.40 - DemonLabRat
6th) 0:51.90 - Coolboyman
7th) 0:54.00 - Tooie

Chilli Billi Estimated Optimal: 31.90
1st) 0:31.90 - MegaDestructor9
2nd) 0:32.40 - Jacky Durand
3rd) 0:32.50 - Weldar-Kazooie
4th) 0:33.50 - DemonLabRat
5th) 0:33.70 - Dan
6th) 0:34.10 - Coolboyman
7th) 0:35.90 - Tooie

Mingy Jongo Estimated Optimal 0:09.70
1st) 0:09.70 - MegaDestructor9
2nd) 0:09.70 - Jacky Durand
3rd) 0:09.80 - Dan
3rd) 0:09.80 - Weldar-Kazooie
5th) 0:10.30 - DemonLabRat
6th) 0:11.50 - Coolboyman
7th) 0:15.10 - Tooie

Hag 1 Estimated optimal: 2:50.00
1st) 2:54.50 - MegaDestructor9
2nd) 3:07.40 - Coolboyman
3rd) 3:12.40 - DemonLabRat
4th) 3:20.10 - Weldar-Kazooie
5th) 3:40.60 - Tooie
6th) 3:46.20 - Dan
7th) 4:23.70 - Jacky Durand

1st) 8:46.40 - MegaDestructor9 (TAS?)
2nd) 9:52.10 - DemonLabRat
3rd) 9:59.60 - Coolboyman
4th) 10:08.00 - Weldar-Kazooie
5th) 10:54.60 - Dan
6th) 10:59.60 - Jacky Durand
7th) 11:43.50 - Tooie

tank2tank 4th May 2009 08:22 AM

Very good guide, I'll make sure to give 'now who's boss' a shot once I can be bothered to play Tooie some more.

Rock 4th May 2009 05:38 PM

Great. :) I have one tip for the HAG 1 - when she turns on the engine and drill, just talon trot on the back of the vehicle and you won't get hit.

Dan 4th May 2009 06:05 PM

Well for hag 1, I know like how to do it, i just dont know any silly little tricks to shave time, i have ideas, like during the mortar stage stay in front of her as much as you can so she fires the things off, but i doubt it matters how many times it fires before the next round of fighting. Hag 1 is really just a matter of beating the witch without taking multiple rounds (getting all 10 damage in the 1 group of fighting). if you do the rest of the bosses good enough, you can get em all in under 10 minutes. :D hey, if i can do it, you can! :). I have no previous practice with fps or nothing and i did it all just fine, i still have tons of time to shave too, like i could with effort and luck get a good 2 more minutes off my time and im TENTH PLACE lol. people just need to know the tricks to terry and weldar etc.

Rock 4th May 2009 06:45 PM

Doing a fantastic HAG 1 run then died...

Are my times decent so far?

Klungo 1 - 0:21.50
Klungo 2 - 0.17.00
Klungo 3 - 0.21.40
Targitzan - 1:00.60
Old King Coal - 0:14.80
Mr Patch - N/A
Lord Woo Fak fak - N/A
Terry - 0:43.80
Weldar - 1:23.50
Chilly Willy - 0:56.60
Chilli Billi - 0:38.90
Mingy Jongo - 0:37.10
HAG 1 - N/A

hamsterlord 4th May 2009 07:02 PM

You can definitely do better on Mingy Jongo with the Wonderwing glitch, but it takes patience, since hitting him 7 times with it is all luck.

Dan 4th May 2009 07:11 PM


Originally Posted by Little Laurence (Post 584266)
Doing a fantastic HAG 1 run then died... <-- don't do that :P

Are my times decent so far? yes except weldar

Klungo 1 - 0:21.50
Klungo 2 - 0.17.00 1 second can be shaved here, no big deal
Klungo 3 - 0.21.40
Targitzan - 1:00.60 close, try for under a minute!
Old King Coal - 0:14.80
Mr Patch - N/A Defeat
Lord Woo Fak fak - N/A Defeat
Terry - 0:43.80 5 seconds or so here, but this is a good time still
Weldar - 1:23.50 please read the guide, you lose 20 seconds here
Chilly Willy - 0:56.60
Chilli Billi - 0:38.90
Mingy Jongo - 0:37.10
HAG 1 - N/A Defeat

Bold parts in the quote are advice :D

Tooie 4th May 2009 07:14 PM

Hey, about that Talon Torpedo method for Lord Woo. How do I do it without getting Banjo hurt?

Cobelcog 4th May 2009 07:19 PM


Originally Posted by Tooie (Post 584286)
Hey, about that Talon Torpedo method for Lord Woo. How do I do it without getting Banjo hurt?

When you hear the lightning shots call back Kazooie. If the attack hits during the animation of Kazooie going back into Banjo no damage will be taken.

Dan 4th May 2009 07:34 PM

The way i Did it was use grenade eggs when nessecary, and talon like crazy, then THE SECOND YOU HEAR THE PICKUUUU from his lightning, press X, recalling kazooie, then swim. if his eyes are closed you only need to go like 4 cm lol

BKSonic1234 4th May 2009 08:19 PM

Nice guide, Dan. I'm gonna give this a try as soon as I go back and finish B-K XBLA and the rest of B-T.

Dan 4th May 2009 08:32 PM

thanks! btw, your sig is one of my favorite songs ever.

Moving around at the speed of sound, got places to go, gotta follow my rainbow! can't stick around gotta keep moving on, guess what lies ahead? only 1 way to find out :D

Tooie 4th May 2009 08:48 PM

Almost got a 0:54 Patch time, but the last two patches took another minute. :(


Originally Posted by Dan (Post 584362)
thanks! btw, your sig is one of my favorite songs ever.

Moving around at the speed of sound, got places to go, gotta follow my rainbow! can't stick around gotta keep moving on, guess what lies ahead? only 1 way to find out :D

Just keep on moving ahead! No time for guessing follow my plan instead! Trust me and what you can see! You take my lead I'll set you free! :D

glitchman 4th May 2009 09:13 PM

don't know whether this helps or not but when you against weldar STAY in a corner and it cuts running around time (suction, electricity)

Dan 4th May 2009 09:13 PM

K now back on topic, no more city escape :D.

Any and all tips welcome. NEEDS MOAR TIME SHAVING.

Confirmed optimals would be nice too.

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