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Hylian1 30th June 2006 06:00 AM

It's just the fact that it's a pirate. It could be a simplified version of Captain Blackeye. Perhaps I should have just typed that in there instead.

The whole equation thing with the 1881 was just point out how odd it is that the numbers when multiplied,added, subtracted and divided strangely always connect with each other.

I apologize on "canceling" myself out with the whole eggs thing.

I'm sorry if the Bottles' Revenge part was disappointing. But the fact that Nintendo did mention it being in the game on the VERY DAY the game was released was--personally--all the proof I needed.

But in all sincerity, what do you guys think? I really put a lot of hard work into this believe it or not. I have more stuff on the way such something 'new' on the secret level among other things.

BanjoPL 30th June 2006 10:03 AM

I'm think that Stop N Swop Station is cool!Finally we have superb SNS articles!Good job Hylian1!You not include some stuffs so...9/10

shanjo 30th June 2006 11:01 AM

On the FAQ you say there are 7 eggs.There are only 6 eggs

Hylian1 30th June 2006 01:04 PM

I said 7? Oops! My apologies! I'll fix it right away! If there are any other errors such as that one, please let me know. I would be ever so grateful!

Also, if there is anything I've 'missed' pertaining to Stop N Swop that you would like to see on there, then by all means let me know and I'll do the in-depth research and get pictures and everything just as I did all the other Stop N Swop Station articles.

BanjoPL 30th June 2006 01:18 PM

Bottles'Revenge proofs:
-Devil Bottles face in TOT
-DB text translated in japanese and PAL BT
-DB still on BT montage
-Rare Scribes 8th November 2001
-Nintendo BT Press Release 20th November 2000
-BR "full existed" discover by RWP 30th September 2004
-Hidden menu in BT:Select type of the game:1-Player,2-Player Bottles''Revenge,Bottles'Revenge Explanation
-SNS homework and DB pictures in GBTG

Hylian1 30th June 2006 02:59 PM

Thanks! That's a lot of good info on the Bottles' Revenge stuff there! I'll do another Bottles Revenge article eventually. I appreciate the info! The 2001 Scribes there is most interesting of all imo.

pinkbull 30th June 2006 06:04 PM

Okey LaorBR is right. Thats just alittle too unlikely. I don't think Rare would make a math equasion with the number 1881. Besides I'm sure you can do that with a whole mess of numbers. But definatly good math skills.

Hexadecimal 30th June 2006 06:50 PM

Err... Bottles Revenge isn't glitch free...Haven't you ever wandered around in Cloud Cucko Land?

The game crashes if you get near one of those flowers, doesn't it?

I've been herew for a while, just lurking in the shadows considering the warm reception other new members get. But everyone seems to fail to mention the flower quirks... It does crash doesn't it?

ChillyDark 30th June 2006 08:12 PM

Great topic!
I wouldn't doubt if this may encourage Slapphappy and Hatrick.
This might win awards but that is just me, stupidest hacker ever.
Oh well, good luck on finishing this though.

LaorBR 30th June 2006 10:37 PM

Wait, I don't get it. Why do you need proof that Bottles Revenge ixists when it has been hacked out already?

And let's not forget that Game Shark codes are not supported by Nintendo.
Therefore, Bottles Revenge was never supposed to be enabled through a gameshark.

EDIT: I think I've missed your point, that's what I mean.

MisterMoonii 1st July 2006 01:46 AM

You say that there's proof that Bottles' Revenge can be unlocked without GS. But in the article you don't say how, you merely speculate how. I don't think that constitutes as 'proof'...unless you just didn't say how or I misinterpreted. Because I would really like to know how to unlock it without a GS.

Dricenticore 1st July 2006 03:29 AM

Yeah, 1881 is a palindromic number meaning its easy to multiply add subtract and divide by itself to get itself.

1881 is most likely just a reference to the fact that people age wine to increase its value and taste.

Hylian1 1st July 2006 04:59 AM

I've never said that I know how to unlocked Bottles' Revenge without a Gameshark for one simple reason: I don't know how. lol The Bottles' Revenge article was just to point out that Nintendo said that Bottles' Revenge is in the game and playable. And apparantly Rare said the same too with the Scribes 2001 addition, even said it is a "secret subgame". Thanks to BanjoPL for that!

So you see, niether Nintendo nor Rare support the uses of Gamesharks, so both of them saying that it is in the game is all the proof needed to know that it is in there and can be unlocked WITHOUT a Gameshark because they don't support Gamesharks.

BanjoPL 1st July 2006 10:20 AM

This is orginal 8th November 2001 Scribes:

NOVEMBER 8, 2001

Dear Scribey-like glowing thingies,
I got a few questions that I have spent hours and hours pondering over like several mad doctors do.
1. I recently saw a Banjo-Tooie montage, and I was wondering why there was a pic of a RED Bottles with a pitchfork in his hand, I have never seen him in the game, what exactly is it?

Ah, good. Start with a rubbish one.
1. itis dEV1L #BOtTaLS!!1/! HEis in aSECrerT su#bGAEm cAlleD ,B0TalS rEViNGE!!!@!

Wasn't always Rare mentioned as "secret" something that releate to Stop N Swop?There is another possible SNS releate to BR.Another Scribes!

MARCH 11, 2005

Also, can you believe (and I'm serious; I don't think these people were joking), that some people actually decided to go look for BK3 in Grabbed by the Ghoulies, due to Mr. Mayles' crack about it? I mean, Stop N Swop was fun to look for, but really - can't we all move on?

Now, let's see what our Ghoulies designer friend has to say about the BK3 'controversy'...
"No, I didn't expect anyone to look for BK3 in Ghoulies, but then again I didn't expect the ashes of the ashes of the ashes that was once Stop n' Swap to keep being raked over. The guys at the Rare Witch Project have come pretty close to solving that, but of course we're not going to reveal the whole truth to them as it would spoil their fun. They'll need all their hacking prowess if we ever release BK3 as not only will it connect to the first two games, but WOPPA from War Games and the NASA mainframe. Maybe even Captain Skyhawk 2.

This scribes was from March 2005.BR was discover in September 2004.Rare said that RWP has pretty close to solve Stop N Swop.Maybe they comment that RWP found Stop N Swop prize in Banjo-Tooie-Bottles'Revenge?
RWP has pretty close because they found prize but they not found legal way to unlock it.I wonder why Rare put both in GBTG Stop N Swop homework and Devil Bottles pictures?Maybe Rare try tell us something?
Its looks like that Stop N Swop can unlock Bottles'Revenge.

Possible SNS prizes:
Bottles'Revenge and secret level.

Hylian1 1st July 2006 10:56 AM

Very possible. It could be that Bottles' Revenge is Stop N Swop's ultimate prize!

And I agree about the scribes thing too.Very intriguing that Rare said "secret" and used present tense "is". Everything straight from the horses mouth! Now it's just a matter of finding out HOW to unlocked the real way.

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