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Alice 23rd February 2010 06:00 PM

Diddy Kong Racing Beta Restoration
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This is my current project-the Diddy Kong Racing Beta Restoration!

This project will attempt to restore as much beta content to the game as possible, thanks to hex editing, an Equalizer and Rice's Plugin. So far, I have removed the sparkle effect from the game (That means it won't sparkle when you select a character, like in the foreign beta footage) Re-named Krunch to Krash and created a mocked up version of the beta overworld map.

I plan to edit the banana textures into golden coin ones, and implement the new (Old) map for your next update. And then to edit weapon icon textures, and remove the 'ding' sound for when you get a weapon.

Hex editing has some minor rewards too, I found (Not sure whether they have been dug up before or not) two references to lost and prototype content-The image of the finds is attached below.

EDIT: .PPF patch can be found on the fourth page, and on this post. For the E V1.0 version of the game ONLY. I have plans for other versions in the future.

Breegullbeak 24th February 2010 01:20 AM

Thats cool, I'm guessing the ProAm was going to be a generic raceway.

Dylan Yoshi 24th February 2010 01:36 AM

Sounds like a pretty nice project. You planning on making Horseshoe Gulch into anything playable?

Dukemike 24th February 2010 01:52 AM


That would be so freakin' cool!

Oh, and a never before seen level is cool too.

Teafed 24th February 2010 02:29 AM

This looks awesome pal.

Alice 24th February 2010 06:56 AM

RC-ProAM64 was what Diddy Kong Racing was going to be, before Diddy was thrown in. And one day I hope to have Horseshoe Gulch sort of playable, as well as replacing the overworld with the one used for cutscenes.

Also, Twighlight City?

runehero123 24th February 2010 07:16 AM

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Originally Posted by Spyke4995
Jewel Mines? Maybe, just maybe, that unused song was for this level?

That list is a declaration of names for sounds listed in the sound modifier(I discovered it a while back.). Apparently, Jewel Mine refers to Haunted Woods and I've included the sound list as proof(see attachment).


Originally Posted by Spyke4995
Also, Twighlight City?

Star City.

Also, other suspected beta text found in ROM:


0x376BE0 - This is the start of .some even more .crummy text sequence..This is the second page.of text
0x376C40 - Welcome to the Racing Kingdom!!
0x376F19 - The Sorcerer WizPig has cast a wicked spell over Timber's Island....Your task is to collect the.Magical Golden Balloons,.collect the amulets the Island!!...GOOD LUCK

Alice 24th February 2010 11:51 AM

So they are beta names for those tracks then? And any idea about the ProAM64 reference?

This may come in handy, and I wondered who 'Park Warden' was when I hex edited the objects.

runehero123 24th February 2010 10:33 PM


Originally Posted by Spyke4995
So they are beta names for those tracks then?



Originally Posted by Spyke4995
And any idea about the ProAM64 reference?

No, I haven't gotten that far into the sound mod. Though, I presume it has something to do with the title screen.


Originally Posted by Spyke4995
This may come in handy, and I wondered who 'Park Warden' was when I hex edited the objects.

Yeah, it's basically generic placeholder text for Taj.

Alice 24th February 2010 11:09 PM

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I think that it might be a voice that would yell 'ProAM64!' but was probably replaced with 'Diddy Kong Racing!' as it's beside the press start reference.

So, do you have any ideas about how I could swap overworld maps? I mean, yeah, I could probably just swap the data for it, but I don't know where that data is...

EDIT: Included the mock up beta overworld map, and the final one, as an attachment. You may need to zoom in.

Alice 4th March 2010 07:15 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Right, while messing with the dinosaur, I came across these (The attachments).

Now, I know that the second one is the intro dinosaur, but the first one is strange. It's just a long necked dinosaur head and neck with no collision, while the second has collision (But wasn't it only used for the intro video?). My thought on the first one is that it could possibly be used instead of the smaller necked intro dinosaur's head.

Mattress87 7th March 2010 06:11 PM

The internal names for the music tracks are listed right after those for the sound effects. This finally reveals what type of racetrack track 12 was intended to be used for:


Value        Internal Name        Description
-----        -------------        -----------
00        silence1        -nothing-
01        silence1        -nothing-
02        finlp_1b        Fanfare: Earned Wizpig Amulet Piece
03        fanpht_c        Fanfare: Earned a Gold Balloon
04        balfan_2        Fanfare: Unlocked T.T. Challenge Door / Earned a Trophy / Complete Wizpig Amulet
05        dno_amb2        Ambience: Birds
06        kevs_3b                Intro Sequence
07        shrt_dkt        Title Screen
08        space_4                Darkmoon Caverns
09        boss_1a                Jungle Falls
10        kart_1b                Ancient Lake
11        icey_3e                Frosty Village
12        sea_2b                UNUSED
13        dno_rce2        Fossil Canyon
14        indian2                Hot Top Volcano
15        w_beach2        Whale Bay
16        santa_3a        Walrus Cove
17        dr_clsd3        Door Closed
18        choir2                Fanfare: Complete T.T. Amulet? (can't remember for sure)
19        sndlap                Fanfare: Taj gives advice
20        new_cnt2        Central Area
21        party_1a        Cutscene: Party, Wizpig lurks nearby
22        aust_ic2        Everfrost Peak / Snowball Valley
23        suprise3        Cutscene: Wizpig's surprise attack
24        selct_2b        Menu
25        finish_1        First place finish
26        slt_dk6                Character Select
27        ominous1        Cutscene: Wizpig Head opens its mouth
28        boss_itr        Cutscene: Boss Intro
29        turkish                Taj's challenges
30        start_gn        Fanfare: Start race
31        greenmn2        Windmill Plains / Greenwood Village
32        prk_wrdn        Taj's theme
33        central1        Ambience: Birds, crickets and dinosaurs
34        wtr_btle        T.T. challenge
35        seashore        Ambience: Seashore (heard at Nintendo / Rareware screen)
36        ticktck2        T.T.'s theme
37        cres_mn1        Crescent Island
38        boss_ls2        Lose to a boss
39        u_cstle3        Spacedust Alley / Star City
40        bould_1b        Boulder Canyon
41        wind2                Ambience: Wind
42        space_25        Spaceport Alpha
43        silver1                SFX: Silver Coin #1
44        silver2                SFX: Silver Coin #2
45        silver3                SFX: Silver Coin #3
46        silver4                SFX: Silver Coin #4
47        silver5                SFX: Silver Coin #5
48        silver6                SFX: Silver Coin #6
49        silver7                SFX: Silver Coin #7
50        silver8                SFX: Silver Coin #8
51        big_dr2                Fanfare: Wizpig Door Opening
52        hpy_door        Boss Door Opening
53        bos_tlk2        Cutscene: Wizpig Intro
54        getkey                SFX: Get T.T. Challenge Key
55        boss_3                Wizpig Race
56        boss_dft        Lose to Wizpig
57        boss_4                Boss Race
58        end_bit                Ending Part 1: Wizpig's Demise
59        conga                Ending Part 2: Conga Dance Part 1
60        conga2                Ending Part 3: Conga Dance Part 2, The end?
61        win_boss        Win against boss / win T.T. Challenge
62        lse_boss        Lose against boss / lose T.T. Challenge
63        spook_1                Haunted Woods
64        ghost                Ambience: Haunted Woods
65        lagoon                Pirate Lagoon / Treasure Caves

Interestingly, some of these names show that not all music tracks were used in the way they were originally intended. For instance, it looks like the track 19 ditty (sndlap) would've been played at the start of lap 2, and track 02 (finlp_1b) would've been played at the start of the final lap.

Alice 7th March 2010 08:48 PM


Originally Posted by Mattress87 (Post 763742)

05        dno_amb2        Ambience: Birds
09        boss_1a                Jungle Falls
12        sea_2b                UNUSED
20        new_cnt2        Central Area
36        ticktck2        T.T.'s theme

These interest me most. First off,
Dino Ambience 2-This ambience is used in the central area of the hub too. (As far as my memory serves me anyway).
Boss_1a-So this could have been boss music at one point...
Sea_2b-So this sounds like the medieval area because of the violins, seems to fit Horseshoe Gulch in it's own way and is refered to as Sea_2b.
New Central 2-The second version of the overworld track theme it looks like.
Tick Tock 2-So there was two versions of T.T's track too.

runehero123 7th March 2010 09:14 PM

If you guys have time, here's a 2d image mod you could go through. Coolboyman, Wwwarea(the person who found this code), and I initially started on this a couple weeks ago. However, I've been sidetracked with other projects such as the BK Map Editor and DK64 Kiosk Restoration, so you guys can finish it up.

This code is for one of the flames right outside the Dino Domain entrance. You can activate it in the Dino Domain lobby. Works with (U)(M2)(V1.0)

2d image modifier:
811DA47A 00??

0x00A4 - Diamond
0x00A3 = Red ball
0x00A2 - ????
0x00A1 - ????
0x00A0 - Silver Coin(side)?
0x009F - Gold Rare Coin (beta)
0x009E - N flag
0x009D - N coin
0x009C - Bannanna
0x009B - Silver Balloon
0x009A - Gold balloon
0x0099 - Blue balloon N present (beta)
0x0098 - Red balloon N present (beta)
0x0097 - Rainbow Balloon
0x0096 - Yellow balloon/purple stars
0x0095 - Green balloon
0x0094 - Red Balloon
0x0093 - Blue Balloon
0x0092 - R
0x0091 - Notes
0x0090 - Similar to 8F(beta?)
0x008F - Note (beta?)
0x008E - Note (beta?)
0x008D - blur ball thing
0x008C - traffic light (beta?)
0x008B - EXIT (beta)
0x008A - Camera (beta)
0x0089 - Cloud N Sun?(beta)
0x0088 - AI (BETA)
0x0087 - FOG+-(Beta)
0x0086 - Nothing?
0x0085 - Yellow Char Indicator
0x0084 - Torch W Eyes (beta)
0x0083 - Torch w Eyes (beta)

0x0080 = Snowman
0x0077 = Lightpost
0x0070 = Snowtree
0x0064 = Spark
0x0063 = String of Balloon
0x0062 = ST
0x0061 = 1
0x0060 = Up arrow
0x005C - Pro AM64 (beta!)
0x0040 = Go!
0x003F = Get Ready!
0x0030 = Glow
0x0028 = Light glow
0x0024 = Light glow
0x0022 = Water splash
0x0021 = Wizpig 2
0x0020 = Wizpig 1
0x0007 = ?
0x0006 = Cresent Island
0x0005 = Hot Top Volcano
0x0004 = Snowball Valley
0x0003 = Whale Bay
0x0002 = Pirate Lagoon
0x0001 = Ancient Lake

Alice 7th March 2010 09:20 PM

Now that...Looking through that list...I don't know what to say, too much awesomesauce.

So going by that, they didn't simply replace the gold coin textures with the banana ones (This would seem easier than making another object).
And then looking further down the list...ProAM64?!

I can safely say, I love you, Coolboyman and Wwwarea.

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