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Isaac2 26th August 2003 08:27 PM

My SNS Theory
This is a theory I made about SNS. Read please.

If Rare was never owned by Microsoft, Rare would try to put BK and BT on one GCN disk (like they did for LOZ:OOT with Master Quest). But during gameplay, instead of going back to the title screen after choosing quit, it would take you to the Select Game menu with BK and BT. Now here's how SNS would work if this were to happen.

You complete BK with 100 Jiggies. You'd get a new option on the Select Game thing called SNS. Now then, you select it, and you select to transfer BK data to BT. You'd transfer the remaining two jiggies you had left over (so you'd have zero in BK) to BT. Now anytime during BT (after completing Jiggywiggy's first puzzle, you can do a special puzzle to destroy all the rocks in Grunty's Old Lair. And special Warp Pads would be in there too.

Then you'd go to the lair and see everything old and damp, but everything in place, like the entrance to Mumbo's Mountain. You'd go in there and you'd appear in the way like in BK. You have to collect 10 Jiggies to open the next world in Grunty's lair. But the updated Mumbo would be in the worlds, and Wumba would turn you into the termit like Mumbo did in BK. And no Conga since he left for the circus.

When you get to Treasure Trove Cove, you'd find Mumbo's Skull there (in BT), and take control of him. You'd take him to the shore that's in front of Sharkfood Island. There'll be a Mumbo pad, use it to enlarge it. But they'll be no way in since this is two years later.

You quit BT and go back to SNS. You'd transfer data from BT to BK. Then play BK and head to TTC. Sharkfood Island will be risen and you get the Pink Egg, which you use SNS to transfer to BT for an additional feature. Even if you gotten the default one in BT.

Afterwards you go back to BT and continue in Grunty's Lair. When you get to Gobi's Valley, you'd find Mumbo again and go to the entrance to the Dark Blue egg. You'd use a special spell to open the door.

Quit and SNS data to BK and go back to BK. Go to GV, enter the newly opened door and get the Blue Egg and transfer it back to BT for another treat.

In BT, when you reach Freezey Peak, you just go to Wazza's cave to find no one home. You'd fire an Fire Egg at the ice wall and well, you know what comes next. Quit and SNS back to BK.

Go back to FP in BK and get the Ice Key, SNS back to BT, and play BT. I don't know what the extra key would do, unless it can be melted into water for Blackeye.

In BT, when you reach Mad Monster Mansion, go to the cellar and blast the X Crate with the gernade egg. Then in where Loggo used to be, they'll be the remains of a green egg. Once you enter the room you go back to SNS and BK.

In MMM, you get the Cyran Egg from the opened crate, and the Green Egg (which you now know about it, it's there). SNS to BT and get some stuff.

In RBB (BT), go to where you find the Red Egg, the Captain's room. You'd see the remains of the red egg. Like the Green egg, just enter the room with the remains, SNS back to BK. And play BK.

Same as MMM, collect the Red Egg from RBB, and SNS back to BT. I think that the Red Egg would give you SNS.

Finally, at the last world of Grunty's Lair for BT (I forgot the name of the last world), you'd go to Nabnut's room in Winter to find another egg remains. SNS to BK.

Go to Nabnut's in BK and collect the final egg, SNS back to BT, get an additional reward, and you have gotten everything from both games.

This is how SNS would work if BK and BT were in one game for GCN. It would work if Rare never joined Microsoft. But this should give us an idea on what would of happened. I might not of gotten the two dubloons down, but oh well. This is a SNS theory.

platinum jiggy 26th August 2003 08:29 PM

that would be cool if it ever happened. Which it probably won't. :(

Hakey Wake 26th August 2003 08:47 PM

So they programmed the remains of Sns into BK/BT just for fun then?

Isaac2 26th August 2003 09:20 PM

Maybe. I'm just saying on how it would work and all.

Hakey Wake 26th August 2003 09:27 PM

Oh it's a good theory yes, but the problem I see in it is that sns was already (sort of) put into the N64 carts and at that time, (as far as we know), rare weren't planning to leave Nintendo.


Or were they? :eek:

Isaac2 26th August 2003 11:15 PM

Well they would be just a menu for what you can use for SNS.

I think I got ideas for what awards the eggs from BK would give.

Pink Egg: New Battle Arena
Dark Blue Egg: New Character
Cyran Egg: New Arena
Green Egg: New Character
Red Egg: Devil Bottles Revenge
Yellow Egg: New Arena
Ice Key: Used to get water for Blackeye, get to play as him

MonkeyforaHead 27th August 2003 05:49 AM

I suppose that the BK-and-BT-on-one-disc theory could still stand for the Xbox. But considering that Rare is already reworking BFD, I wouldn't give much for the chances of an enhanced BK-BT compilation.:(

Benjo Koolzooie 27th August 2003 05:56 AM

I like the theory! Parts I don't agree with but I will go in to that later as I am still half asleep.

Benjo Koolzooie 27th August 2003 09:23 AM

Now I am awake.Well, when I say I didn't agree I actually meant I did not agree with the "If Rare had not gone to Microsoft" statement.

I think it is possible that the eggs from Banjo Kazooie once swapped could have been given to a character in the game, that needed all 6 of the eggs, and would give you one BIG prize, as opposed to 6 prizes for swapping them. The Ice key, used for unlocking something! :p

The Birds in click clock wood that have a movie scene after you kill one, made me wonder...Big Birds...Big ? eggs....

I once thought maybe when you swap you could "throw" an egg through one of those holes the "Big Cluckers" fall out from.

And alternatively if the ? eggs did unlock 6 different prizes, then I am guessing, Devil Bottles (aka Bottles revenge) would have been a reward.

I like the idea about the Mumbo pads in Banjo Tooie in the worlds in Grunty's lair such as TTC, and Mumbo could use them to raise the island. Then go back to BK with this information saved, and then go and get the secret egg inside it.

Rare said on their site once under the BK section: "How will we swap these items over? It's very clever you will see"

Something similar to that anyway.

This post is kinda muddled and could have been presented better but who cares?

platinum jiggy 27th August 2003 05:12 PM

oh yeah! I completely forgot about the useless bird cutscene thingy!



um... has anyone tried to hack anything about that to see if anything exists? cuz I always thought that if you killed all the birds then something special happens. but I can't remmember if someone hacked it or not.:(

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