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Hollow Note 18th March 2005 01:19 AM

Well, There's a number of possibilities.

1. (Murphy's Law) "The simplest answer is frequently right." Slothfulness is common all around the world. Without Nintendo's green light, Rare produced a nifty system of stop n swop. Nintendo caught them and halted production. Too lazy to delete eggs, and it being a great lead on to a sequel, they kept the eggs and ice key.

2.(Overcredit) If you made a game hid something in it and forgot about it, would you expect 1000+ people to go psycho over it? It's like my view on modern art. The artists don't have a set meaning, they wait for others to view it and say their minds.

3.(Order) The ice key, if what you said is true, must be extremely crucial. It's the only SnS item you see without collecting all 100 jiggys. So in order for it to work, the ice key must either be dead first or dead last. The four eggs, should all have something in common. E.G. odd one out. Example: Let's say green egg and cyan egg are both found in places with water or liquid. (Barrel of vintage 1881 wine and a septic tank.) and the pink egg (under water island) so we can rule out the blue egg as it's in the desert with very little liquid (if any). So the other two remain. One from a place only accessable from water, and the other relating to water. (The Captain) So the order would have to follow one of two (Not ordering the eggs)
Ice key>green>cyan>pink>yellow or red.
Green>cyan>pink>yellow or red>ice key.

4.(Fanboys) There is always the lingering fourth option. If any of you have been to a Zelda 64 website, there is always hundereds of theories on how to get the Tri-force. These eggs and key are similar to the tri-force. We keep on trying to make sense of the fact that it's simply not there. The eggs are there and the key, but it is the problem on how to use them.

5.(Wrong relations) Another overlooked option is the fact that maybe the SnS is just a ruse to make people look in the wrong direction. If they would place two 'Poison' eggs why not throw everyone off the real trail by making a cock n' bull story of a failed experiment with 64 hardware. It's possible that the eggs and key are used somewhere in BK. Not BT or DK64.

6.(Personnaly) My personal opinion is that the Rare people figured this.
"Well, we need a blockbuster that will keep gamers back for more."
"We could make a game about a bird and a bear, I mean, what's the odds of that relationship? Heh."
"It's idiotic. I love it. But that's not enough, we need something else."
"Well, we could add somehting to hook on to a sequel, so not only are they looking in the first game, but it would cause billions to buy the sequel for the other half."
"Smart. We need eggs for the bird, but what to connect to the bear..."
"Well, maybe one of the eggs turns the bear into a polar bear."
"Smart, the bear walks on hind legs and wears human clothes and lives in a house, we need a human item that when found on its own creates a mystery to brew in a mind."
"A key!"
"Perfect, and ICE key..."
"Ok, so then we lock on to the sequel and they will use the items."
"Let's make a teaser, if you beat the game 100%, then lets hide the eggs and key in the game, take screenshots of it and show them at the end, that will cause players to confirm that there are such things."
__/---two months later---\___
"Bad news people, Nintendo turned us down for stop n swop."
"Yeah, but we've already hidden the stuff, it will make players go crazy that they might be able to get them in the game."
"Well, we could make codes for the sandcastle, that would open places to get the eggs."
"Yes, but hackers would eat right through that, what we need is a decoy to stop hackers."
"'Poison eggs..."
"Poison eggs... two of the eggs are poison, it would cause the whole delacate process to go kaput."
"What process?"
"the one for collecting, then using the eggs."
"But stop n swop was cancelled, we aren't able to use it."
"But the gamers don't know that. We surround the eggs with mystery and secrecy that no one will ever know the real meaning. They'l think for hours and when the sequel comes out, they'll leap at it for an answer. They won't know about stop n swop that early."

(This is a lot more hilarious if you picture James Jonah Jameson from Spiderman talking to his suckups.)

R Hunter 18th March 2005 01:50 AM

Hmm it seems as though we have an intelligent and organized new member...IT'S THE APOCALYPSE, RUN!!!! But on a more serious note that was a well detailed list with many great views on what may have happened. Welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay ;)

Hollow Note 18th March 2005 01:53 AM


Originally Posted by The Pizza Boy
I just remembered something:

On several occasions while watching the TTC Egg Movie, when Banjo is jumping up the platforms, about 3/4 of the way up I will have gotten bored and start pressing buttons. When I do this, sometimes Banjo MISSES a platform and falls to the bottom then the cutscene ends. It seems that about 3/4 of the way up the game accidentlly accepts user input for a second, and if your pressing the control stick, Banjo will move. If only you could gain control perminantly or while standing next to the egg.....

Oddly enough this is possible and I've tried it with a much simpler game engine.

You take the old arcade machine Ms. Pacman and Glagia:Class of 81 and keep messing around in the Galagia demo until your ship gets captured, keep pressing the fire button and voila, you're controlling the ship! The only problem is, is that the game is usually programmed in a way that if it's playing a recording and it's suddenly interacted with an outside force, it seems to take a sharp look in your direction and say "HEY! What the hell are you doing!?" That's when the machine runs a memory check. So it's not unheard of.

On another note, this summer, I'm going to devote my time to help in this project. I need to learn the programming language of the cart. What language is it in?

Also another thing. The codes are a standalone. They don't need the other cart. If they really wanted to pursue the Stop n swop, than they'd make it so that BT would unlock the areas, not just give you info on how to do it yourself, it would kind of destroy the purpose of the stop n swop and Mumbo saying that you'd have to wait...

And on a final note, I like being around here. It makes me feel like I understand basic programming. :D

LaorBR 18th March 2005 03:11 AM

They DO need the other cart, Black Eye should tell you the codes after you beat him in a minigame...
With Banjo-Kazooie alone you can't get any of the eggs.
If it wasn't for some hackers out there :D

hatrickpatrick 18th March 2005 07:07 PM


Perhaps it was meant to smash? Or perhaps it was 2 pieces to make add some soet of effect to it? I dunno.
IMO, there's certainly some cutscenes hidden away which we havent seen yet. Only one thing for it: We need a cutscene mod. I'll start a topic over at AR hacking to see if we can get one...

hatrickpatrick 20th March 2005 05:53 PM

Well, looks like there isnt any extra SnS info hidden in DK. I never really understood the connection except the text "ice key", I didnt think scoffntroff sounded all that much like SnS, but maybe I'm wrong...
And anyway, Rare is always putting SnS references into their games, as we saw from GbtG...

SubDrag 20th March 2005 06:32 PM

I was very disappointed. I really expected some text in DK to be like "Please insert Banjo-Kazooie". Alas, not so lucky. There's still a remote chance it's there, but it doesn't look good at all.

Zy0n7 21st March 2005 05:06 PM

Now, let's see what our Ghoulies designer friend has to say about the BK3 'controversy'...
"No, I didn't expect anyone to look for BK3 in Ghoulies, but then again I didn't expect the ashes of the ashes of the ashes that was once Stop n' Swap to keep being raked over. The guys at the Rare Witch Project have come pretty close to solving that, but of course we're not going to reveal the whole truth to them as it would spoil their fun. They'll need all their hacking prowess if we ever release BK3 as not only will it connect to the first two games, but WOPPA from War Games and the NASA mainframe"


part of a scribes response sent to rare some time ago.
read it carefully -surely most of you have read it before-
well, now, think, "pretty close to solving that" "reveal the whole truth" reveal what? In my view that means SNS is not dead! " not only will it connect to the first two games.." that sentence means clearly that those two games -BK; BT- CAN be connected -or was it just rare's corrosive humor?-

then, in GBTG, the message says something like collect the key, collect the 4 eggs, open a secret level...then...

secret level? does anyone remember cranky from the DK instruction booklet talking about a secret level which was so perfectly hidden that no-one will ever discover it???

and about the polemic of the 4 eggs...let's think...

in BK there are 6 eggs, not 4
in BT there are 3 "simbolic" and almost useless eggs, not 4
mumbo sows you 2 eggs, not 4

BK has 6 eggs, 2 from mumbo, other 4 discovered from hacking...then, is it possible that the 4 "correct" eggs are simply the ones wich mumbo hasn't sown you????????????????

arg! if anyone can check this, please do it, I have no gameshark so I can't get rid of my 2 excessive eggs!
try it damn!

hatrickpatrick 21st March 2005 06:19 PM

This is the kind of theory I have, Z, damn I wish my EQ was working...
I'm gonna get a new one soon, and we can check this stuff out in BK...

Zy0n7 22nd March 2005 12:14 AM

about the eggs, the pictures behind blackeye in BT are the two of mumbo aren't they? the two bad eggs I guess...

another different idea: maybe they just sowed us 4 eggs in GBTG just to state that there are 4 more eggs than just the 2 we know -because in theory, nobodoy can know about the 4 not-sown eggs, not to mention about the sandcastle codes; but it's well known though that everyone knows about the existence of those six eggs..all the whole thing is just evil...since 1998 :S TT_TT

EvilPsycho 22nd March 2005 02:39 AM

ok................................................ ...........

4 eggs and an ice key = ?

4 eggs are only 4 eggs needed.
An ice key is an ice key needed

maybe u get 4 regular eggs (the blue ones that Kazooie shoots out) and the ice key.
then u go to the fireplace in banjos house and u melt the fire away and shoot 4 eggs at the brick wall and you get........................

Zy0n7 22nd March 2005 01:22 PM

or you just simply take 4 eggs from the fridge and smash them in the livingroom's wall ?¿
yes! that has to be the answer! I'll go check! *2 minutes later* ehmmm no, not at all :(...wait! maybe I have to trow 2 more eggs *some time later* ...again, no TT_TT

shooting 4 regular eggs...just imagine that's the answer...6 years of hacking for nothing :p
I think I'll start a new file so I can collect only the 4 eggs I think are good.
mm another "proof" of the connection BK-BT is gobi, who sais is going to the lava world, and you can find him there in BT :S

Klungo 22nd March 2005 09:28 PM

Starting a new file won't help cause the eggs are in each file permenatly.

Zy0n7 22nd March 2005 10:11 PM

yes, I've forgoten that :( another way to get rid of them w/o gameshark?¿
deleting al 3 files?
burning the cartridge? XD
smashing 4 eggs on mi cartridge? :p

banjooie 23rd March 2005 02:50 PM

Why don't people try using an emulator?

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