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Heffy 27th December 2005 02:16 AM

I think somebody here is asking for a BANNING. :D

ChrisPBacon 27th December 2005 03:54 AM

Yaaaargh!!! Lousy Atachments
I tried posting the DK64 guide, but I dont seem to be able to get it right. I'll try to post when I have time. its midnight here and I must go to sleep. See all of you in the moring. Banjo nerd would be ok if he could use grammer and punctuation. I gave up reading his posts a while ago.

Skill 27th December 2005 05:47 AM

Alright everyone clam the **** down. Chris i think your attachment might be to big but i think we all understand what your tring to say. Its very interesting that there are 30 mumbo tokens which is the amount that you would need to transform again how ever i think a transformation would be quite easy to hack in to and since there has been such a close look in to Banjo i highly doubt that it would have been over looked. Keep looking though your doing a good job.

Mr 3vil 27th December 2005 07:56 AM

Back on the subject; ok, we all realize how the paintings in JRL with the Cap'n have a picture of sharkfood island and the egg. Why do they need the third picture? I do realize it is the same one as the jiggy thingy in BK, but... it is not necessary to add that there, maybe a hint to something? Also, shopping around... after blowing the clockwork-kazooie egg, we get that weird remix with seagulls right? Well, when we fly in TTC, we get that seagull sound too, it seems to hint us something that they have in common.

Delfioh 27th December 2005 11:07 AM


Originally Posted by banjo nerd
you people here are dumb not all of you just you i dident say it was the anserw ya smartass newb i woulda welcomed you more nicely but you come in and thinkk you own everthing ya pice your an idiot how am i an idiot i dident come in the first day saying oh devilbottoles is aan dumbass your an newb and you all ways will be

the only real newbie here is you and you have just shown it to everyone.

banjo nerd 27th December 2005 03:50 PM


Originally Posted by Minjo
Please banjo nerd... we don't want more shanjos or laments here... the forums already droped very low,and don't begin a bad reputation please!

And this topic doesn't need your flamme,seriously.

O.k ill try to be better i was in a bad mood,and yes i am still pretty new here too, but he shouldent come and sayblah blah blah and banjo nerd is moron blah blah blah also to delfoh you sir and the last thing i am gonna say to you is that welcome and lets stop flaming.Back on topic i also think,and i`m not to sure but when you get those eggs in banjo-kazoiee.Some things i think in banjo-toiee change for exsample,some levels change i think not too sure but if it is, could someone check it out please and again sorry

hatrickpatrick 27th December 2005 06:52 PM

PLEASE don't turn this thread into a flame fest - If there's someone who needs help, give them help, if there's a real newbie trying to make trouble, just ignore them, and mark their messages. The mods will deal with it.

I'm going to bump those topics up, even though they're old... I can't help feeling that spiral mountain one still has unlocked secrets in it...

banjo nerd 27th December 2005 07:54 PM

Yea your right hatpatrick there proably is more secrets in spiral mountain its just to small,if you know what i mean.Maby theres a under ground cave what collapsed and thiers a passage to it.Maby even there are secret place(s)where those grey jinjos are in spiral mountain but in secret places?Just a thought.

Ratabulous 27th December 2005 09:01 PM

Wow. That's a lot of pages. Good job, HatrickPatrick. Haven't seen these kinds of crazed theory-spewing forum posts since about 1999. I commend you. Anyway, I was doing some deep digging the other day and found this interesting information. These appear to be answers to popular questions written on the RareWare site a long time ago, back before Banjo-Tooie when SnS was still in action. They are very amusing.


Q: How do I activate Banjo-Tooie mode?
A: Unfortunately, there is no Banjo-Tooie mode in Banjo-Kazooie. Banjo-Tooie is the proposed name for the sequel. Having said that, please feel free to cross out 'Kazooie' on the box and replace with 'Tooie'. Then, if you're really gullible, you can switch the game on and pretend it's Banjo-Tooie mode!

Q: So how do I reach the secret stuff that Mumbo shows me at the end of the game?
A: All the secret stuff can only be reached when playing Banjo-Tooie, the planned (and naturally better) sequel to Banjo-Kazooie. Whilst playing 'Tooie, you'll be able to come back to 'Kazooie and grab the hidden goodies, before spiriting them away into the sequel where they will be put to good use. To avoid accusations that we are nasty money-grabbing types who are forcing players to fork out for both games, these secrets won't be essential to completing Banjo-Tooie, but they will be rather spiffingly desirable, even if we say so ourselves.

Q: How do I get the ice key in Wozza's cave?
A: Contrary to the many hilarious and completely inaccurate methods that are circulating the net like a swarm of disease-ridden lying mosquitoes, there is no genuine way of getting this key until Banjo-Tooie makes its appearance.

Q: How do I get Sharkfood Island to rise?
See above, but replace the words "this key" with "into Sharkfood Island".

Q: Will the worlds in the sequel be the same as the ones in the original?
A: To avoid us having to do any work whatsoever on Banjo-Tooie, we reckon that no-one will notice if we use the same worlds again. (Which were the same worlds as used in Mario 64 but cleverly disguised.) Perhaps we'll just change the colours around a bit or something. What a silly question, of course the worlds will be new! At no extra cost folks, they'll also be bigger, better, more colourful and more varied!

Q: Who's this Tooie character? Will Kazooie still be in the sequel?
A: Tooie is not a character, merely a 'clever' way of saying Banjo 2. Much to the dismay of many of Banjo-Tooie's characters, the wisecracking, big-mouthed, uncouth collection of mangy feathers known as Kazooie will indeed be around for Banjo's next outing (she hopes).

Q: Why do I have Jiggies and musical notes left over when I've opened all the doors and completed the game?
A: In an effort to make the game slightly less daunting for the not-so-skilled players, we thought that having a bit of leeway in the required totals to finish the game was a good idea. If you don't believe that, then it's because we can't count properly.

Q: How will Banjo-Tooie be compatible with Banjo-Kazooie? 64DD? Lock-on cartridge?
A: Mmm, good question. Unfortunately, if we revealed how we were going to do it at this point, it would spoil your future bear-type surprise and enjoyment. Which is a polite way of saying we're not going to answer this one.

Q: Can I do anything inside Gnawty's house in Click Clock Wood after breaking in during Spring?
A: Oh dear. Due to our underestimation of players' persistence to find a way in where there should have been none, we're afraid that there is nothing in there at all. So don't bother going in, huh?

Q: Where's the 'lava world' that Gobi the camel says he's going off to find?
A: 'Lava World' is a long, long way away, and our intrepid camel hero might just have got there in time to be included in one of our future releases...

Q: Is it possible to lift the rock that holds Gruntilda down in Spiral Mountain after the final battle?
A: No, there is no way that Banjo can lift this lump of Grunty-crushing granite.

Q: Is there any way of replaying Grunty's quiz show/the first end sequence/the final battle instead of going straight to the credits?
A: No/no/no. But as this seems quite a popular wish for many players, you can now choose from the following selection of feeble excuses to determine what you consider the most convincing answer might be: it seemed inconsistent to kill someone again that was already dead; you should be able to, so obviously you're not playing right; we simply ran out of time; it was an unfortunate oversight that we wish we could correct.

Q: Is Tiptup in Bubblegloop Swamp the original Tiptup from Diddy Kong Racing?
A: The story of the mighty game-spanning Tiptup is as follows: Tiptup was the name of a turtle that featured in a project called Dream. Unfortunately, work on Dream stopped and Banjo-Kazooie started. Halfway through Banjo, Diddy Kong Racing was in need of some names for its racers, and as one of them happened to be a turtle, he was handed down the name of Tiptup, for which he was most grateful. Using his newfound star status, the big-headed turtle demanded roles in other Rare games, hence his inclusion in Banjo-Kazooie. We hope that rather silly story kept you entertained, as we can't think of anything else.

Q: Can the codes earned from Bottles' puzzle game be saved to cartridge?
A: No, they can't. We didn't think that players would want to be stuck as a hideously deformed furry freak, but obviously some people disagree.

Q: Is there anything in the cave above the waterfall in Spiral Mountain?
A: This cave is empty in Banjo-Kazooie. Sorry!

Q: How do I get Mumbo to change me into a T-Rex?
A: As Mumbo says in the game himself: "T-Rex spell too good for this game. Mumbo keep for next game." You'll just have to find out if the shaman keeps his word, won't you?

Q: What did I do to deserve being changed into a washing machine?
A: We thought that if Mumbo's spells occasionally went slightly wrong it would look funny. Then we found that playing as the washing machine was even funnier. Plus the fact that we're all simple and the smallest things amuse us.

Q: Is there a reliable method to getting the alternative save slot animations (Banjo being thrown through the window, etc.)?
A: If you wait long enough, the goldfish in the bowl taps out the tune God Save The Queen on the side of his bowl. If you plug in an additional three controllers and then press the A button on all four controllers simultaneously when the fish gets to the word 'queen', you'll enter the hidden 'silly save slot animation' mode. Now when you select a game, you'll see the animation every time!
Yes, if you believe that, you'll believe anything, including some of the equally ridiculous suggestions we've seen on the net. The simple answer is that these animations are entirely random, about a one in ten chance of happening if we remember correctly.

Q: Why do the pots in the Mad Monster Mansion graveyard swear at me?
A: Banjo is not a Hollywood action film, therefore the cast see no reason to swear profusely at any opportunity. This includes the graveyard pots, which are guilty of saying nothing more than a spooky "Thank you" when Banjo deposits an egg into them. Blame it on our strange British accents if you want. We also vehemently deny that Brentilda is in fact Gruntilda's brother in drag and that Captain Blubber is smuggling illegal arms on board his ship (Nintendo hopes).

Q: If Gruntilda changed Mumbo's face into a mask of horror until she was overthrown, why doesn't it change back when I beat her?
A: This is due to the fact that the story was written some time ago - then we thought it better that Mumbo should remain a skull-faced shaman forever, basically because he would look rubbish without his mask. Unfortunately, we didn't change the story to reflect this decision. Oops.

Q: Why do I get a mooing sound when I spell out 'CHEAT' in the Treasure Trove Cove sandcastle?
A: That's because there are some craftily-hidden codes that can be spelt out after the word 'CHEAT' is entered. Generous to a fault, we're now releasing the seven prize codes from our previous competition to the world at large, even though everybody knows them already...
GIVETHEBEARLOTSOFAIR - Infinite air (underwater)
(Don't forget: type in 'CHEAT' first, immediately followed by the code - and bear in mind that you'll hear no sound until you've finished the whole sentence, so be careful to hit the right tiles or you'll have to start from scratch.)

Ratabulous 27th December 2005 09:08 PM

The interesting part about finding these kinds of things is similar to the alleged "War on Terror". When the war starting, it was a response to the terrible 9/11 attack. Bush claimed that intelligence said that Saddam had nuclear weapons. Congress declared war, probably based on the nation's panicked reaction. Now, Bush admits that entering Iraq was based on Faulty intelligence. How this ties in Banjo-Kazooie is somewhat the same process. SnS being dropped over Six years ago, our information has become scattered and hazy with the years. Learning directly from the designer's mouth during the middle of this whole Stop n Swop affair, we're almost getting an insider's view at the true events.

Mr 3vil 27th December 2005 10:40 PM

Huh, I think the beta banjo house is for the cutscene in the beggining. I personally think the transformation into a washing machine and it appearing in Banjo Tooie have something in common. Don't you all find it odd how in FF the ice water doesn't affect the washing machine in wozza's cave? Maybe that was the intended transformation. As for the timer thing in the fight with Nipper... I think it is from some sort of activity. The fight with nipper starts because of kazooie right? Wrong, it started way before the cutscene and you can notice it by flying next to Nipper, he will attack you before kazooie says anything, so I assume that Nipper wouldn't help in SNS. Unless... theres a trigger. Also, is there anything else to the Banjo Tooie code chamber? or have they all been discovered? If there are more hints in BT, I say it would be in the Code Chamber.

icegod 27th December 2005 11:34 PM

Has anyone ever tried collecting the eggs or icekey as the washing machine?
Or tried hitting the ice from the icekey as the washing machine?

Here are my 3 theories of what I think happened with stop n swop.

1: the money theorie
Rare never planned on sns, they just put in the eggs and key to create a hype and sell more copies of the games.

2: the canned theorie
Sns was ment to be, but something happend after bk and it was cancelled. In this theorie sns is still in bk, so there must be a screen that says insert bt or something.

3: The future theorie
Sns is still in both games but very very good hidden. They put it in so someone will discover it years after the game was released. This would than be the biggest discovery in game history, and bk/bt would be remembered for many years to come. Also everyone would want to buy the original games, so they can sell them on ebay for a lot of money!!

Sorry for the grammer, i'm very tired caus it's late :p

OmegaPirate 28th December 2005 12:58 AM


Originally Posted by Mr 3vil
Also, is there anything else to the Banjo Tooie code chamber? or have they all been discovered? If there are more hints in BT, I say it would be in the Code Chamber.

No, i guarantee there is nothing more to be discovered there.

I saw all the codes in Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie (via hacking) so you can trust me.

icegod 28th December 2005 01:30 AM

2 important discoveries everyone seems to have forgetten:

The text in bt " Gruntildas lair (tower room)"

and the "shouldn't be here jinjo room" also in bt

ChrisPBacon 28th December 2005 03:57 AM

We all know of the famous BK FF painting in Banjo's house, but if anyone else with Dk64 (and at FF) could try to find out where the painting could be, it might do somethign for us. My cousins are leaving tomorrow, but I still need to study for midterm exams. I will get some playing in though, but if someone can do it before me please do.

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