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Otacon 9th January 2007 03:21 AM

twilight search ( please read all )
This site has been aroud for a,long time, as have I been visiting, but, weve lost our main reserch page, and now everyones been reduceded to throwing around therey like " pirates of the carabian and BK links <sigh> I know it was a joke one but still....I am not being rude or at least i am not tring to be... all I am saying is we need to focus our efforts, it seems to be with most that when ever the thought of seriously buckling down and searching no one is willing, but this is a new chance, all who is willing to help in a final massive search through BT ( it wont be easy and I know that) please post here, and I can bein to coordinate those willing to focus there efforts with me, to find all that remains of SNS and more importantly the legal way to unlock BR. So everyone whose with me please post, and lets hope this dosent turn into another search for the key of the twilight.

LaorBR 9th January 2007 03:27 AM

I can help, just tell me what to do.

Otacon 9th January 2007 03:31 AM

Thank you LaorBR send me a PM I want to know what it is you are able to do, IE can you hack ? can you examine code, ect. things liek that please let me know right away.

Mr 3vil 9th January 2007 03:39 AM


Originally Posted by Otacon
more importantly the legal way to unlock BR

There is no legal way to unlock BR. It has been confirmed to be a dropped feature by Rare themselves.

Otacon 9th January 2007 03:49 AM

Then this search will find what remaisn of SnS and what ever we can do to find what IS available to se, and who knows Rare has lied before.

Andre 9th January 2007 03:53 AM

Isn't... that the entire point of this forum, in general?

Otacon 9th January 2007 03:55 AM

How ever Andre none of the other threads focus, this is an organizing of al lof the people here for one combined search.

runehero123 9th January 2007 04:47 PM

Im willing to help as soon as my gameshark arrives in the mail, however, I think we should spend an equal amount of time searching through DK64, because i believe there is a link to Stop N Swop somewhere in there. Clues, Ice key text, i think the characters that open boss rooms were called Scoff 'N' Troff, Stop N Swop music on DK64, Eggs from SNS are same color as all the kongs but there is one extra egg (banjo?). There you have it lots of clues that indicate we should search through DK64 just as much.

Otacon 10th January 2007 02:23 AM

UPDATE : so far we have, RuneHero,

Go_Nosis 10th January 2007 04:30 AM

*drags himself out of the dust*

I got nothin' particularly special to do for the next little while. Count me in.

What can i do? well, I haven't met a wall in BK yet I couldn't work around. I'm a cheat exploiter. in-game-glitcher. stop-n-swop enthusiast.

BT, not so much. But I will comb the game and anything in it that seems off or confusing. I'm pretty good with gameshark cheats for transformations and stuff. I can take as good a look as any.

so? where do you want me?

BanjoPL 10th January 2007 08:33 AM

I still searching Banjo-Tooie...
I think that Rare lied on December 2006 Scribes (LaorBR said this too) and i think that there IS legal way to unlock Bottles' Revenge.

Our status in Banjo-Tooie:

-Gruntilda's Lair(Tower Room)
-Silo 8
-Silo 9
-Ridiculously Secret Area 1
-Glowbo Cave
-Select type of game: 1-Player,2-Player Bottles' Revenge,Bottles' Revenge Explanation

-Bottles' Revenge mode exist in US,JAP and PAL versions
-Devil Bottles's text was translated in japanese and PAL versions
-Base Egg's colour in US version changed to cyan,pink,blue,green,red and yellow colours

-Challenge 16/128 jiggies
-Seagull Song

-Silo 8,Silo 9, Ridiculously Secret Area 1 silos
-Jukebox-Seagull Song
-text modifier
-cutscene modifier
-Base Egg in PAL version

Fox McBanjo 10th January 2007 02:08 PM

Sure,I'll help.Ill do further research into my 'Maps on Walls' discovery.I think I found a little hint of Mt. Fire-Eyes.Also,if you cheack the B-T workers quaters mirror,you can see that,if you do anything to get Banjo or Kazooie's head through the wall,they appear on your side,only facing as if you could see the head on the other side.I think this deserves some hacking,mabie Go Nosis could walk through the wall?I have no Shark or AR.......

BanjoFreak12 10th January 2007 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by BanjoPL
-Challenge 16/128 jiggies

-Silo 8,Silo 9, Ridiculously Secret Area 1 silos
-Jukebox-Seagull Song
-text modifier
-cutscene modifier
-Base Egg in PAL version

Hey BanjoPL, The Jukebox-Seagull song is a Glitch. I know that if you fly/glide in JRL to the grass above the jinjo alcove, you can hear Seagulls. It just thinks that you went to the area and exploded so it plays that part. If i'm not mistaken, you can hear some JRL Town aquatics in there too. It's probably just a mix of the tracks. it's most likely a glitch.

So, I think that the list should look like this:

Originally Posted by BanjoFreak12's mind
-Challenge 16/128 Jiggies
-Jukebox-Seagull Song

-Slios 8, 9, and RSA1
-Text Modding
-Cutscene Modding
-Base egg in PAL Version

bobbynicjr 11th January 2007 01:26 AM

ill help, i dont have an emulator or a gameshark but i have the games (bk, bt and i think my nephew has dk, ill try and find it next time im there)in PAL versions on the n64

bk:fully completed about 9 hours sns unlocked

bt: like 76 jiggies, killed the witch, havent really got everything, i prefer bt much more, around 36 hours

dk: well last time i played it was like 5 years ago, i have 85 bananas i think not sure bout time so ill have a look at it if i get it

so if u want me to do anything without hacking.....

Otacon 11th January 2007 02:18 AM

okay I am proud to declare that we have a streong team here, we are bound to stay strong if we stick to gether, if any of you have questiosn Pm Me, but untill then ill Pm you all with things you cna all look into.


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