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BanjoPL 1st August 2006 01:52 PM

I have another ideas:
GBTG board:

1.collect ice key
2.collect eggs
3.activate secret level

In Freezezy Peak we can found on Christmas Tree blue,green,red and yellow lights.
2 eggs are in place with X.Cyan egg and pink egg.Maybe this X mean that eggs are fake?
In Grunty Furnace Fun entrance we can found ? on walls.But can you noticed that only 4 ? we can see without zoomed area? To see other 2 ? we must press c-up.Maybe this is clue to 4 eggs real 2 fakes?
Look what eggs in Banjo-Tooie reward.Blue and yellow eggs give us good prizes:homing eggs and Jinjo in multiplayer.Pink egg reward stupid movie.Fake egg?
In Banjo-Tooie i can found refrences to 2 SNS eggs: red(TTC pictures releate to TTC map in RBB,captain's'cabin=Blackeye's' cabin?) and green(Loggo)
On GBTG board 2 eggs are small and 2 eggs are big.Maybe we should collect 2 of eggs that we used in Banjo-Tooie(pink,blue,yellow) and 2 of eggs that we found in Banjo-Kazooie in extra places(cyan,green, red) If this is SNS result in B-T(4 "correct" eggs and ice key) then this mean that we can transfer 2 eggs from B-K to B-T!

About ice key.RWP hackers found ice key text in Donkey Kong 64.In DK64 manual Cranky mentioned hidden level.Some people said that he only mention 2D DK game...but it looks like something more.Cranky said that level is very hidden.And programers put level with hope that nobody find this.Maybe we can transfer ice key from B-K to DK64 and unlock this hidden level?
Maybe FF has something to this.In B-K we rumoured about secret level- Fungus Forest. In DK64 we can found Fungi Forest level.Maybe this is part of connection? FF in B-K and FF in DK64?

Door on GBTG board looks like door to Banjo House.Fungus Forest picture is in Banjo House.There are FF refrences in B-K:FF on game box,FF on gamepak,FF in intro,FF picture in Banjo House.There is hidden Advent music track.On Advent Calendar we can found big ? star.This is possible secret level entrance.Grunty Fatal Spell in the end of B-K looks like very strange.Maybe this spell can hit Banjo and transform him to frog?Then Tooty Minigame could start and...maybe play in secret level? There is refrence to this :frog in game intro (in FF?) But on Scribes Rare said that there isn't frog transformation in B-K...Maybe we can activate secret level in Banjo House somehow?

Bottles'Revenge looks like SNS prize in B-T.Rare mentioned BR as "secret subgame" on Scribes.After RWP found BR Rare said on Scribes that guys from RWP have pretty close to solve SNS! Why Rare put in GBTG both SNS board and Devil Bottles pictures? Maybe they try tell us something? Why they put Devil Bottles picture in the same place as Bottles picture in B-K-on fireplce? Some RWP member said that in GBTG when player go forward then Devil Bottles picture looks like red egg.One of challanges in Bottles Puzzle Game in B-K plays in captain's'cabin.If we use sandcastle code then we can collect red egg via BPG.Another hint?

I don't have idea about chest in MMM...there are 2 chests in Jolly's in B-T...???

My idea:
correct eggs:blue,green,red,yellow
Secret level entrance:big ? star on Advent Calandar
Secret level-Fungus Forest
Grunty Furnace Fun entrance=Tower Room=Stop N Swop Room
Possible Stop N Swop prizes:
ice key-secret level in DK64
green egg-open door in Quagmire-RSA1
red egg-Bottles'Revenge mode

Sorry that i posted new ideas every day guys but i recently analized some facts,tested some ideas,readed certain articles and Scribes,found new clues in B-K and B-T,analized GBTG board and refrences...and work hardly.

Dricenticore 1st August 2006 10:17 PM

What the almighty crap. Dude, a few days ago people were saying that the Pink egg was in it, and before that that the jinjo colours pointed us in the right direction. And now because people like christmas trees to have nice colours it's Red Blue Green and Yellow?

Are you going to just keep saying random theories until someone finds SNS through hacking and because of the sheer amount of theories one of them has to be correct? Make up your mind buddy.

supuhchris 1st August 2006 10:57 PM

i agree with dicentretor or whatever, people think everything is related to sns, especially the people at stop n swop central, like the thing with 1881 if you take an 8 and two 1s you get the shape of a key. i think people should start testing theories before posting them, i doubt sns will be found because of a theory, i think it will be stumbled upon. like the gtbg board and stuff like that.

Daydreams 2nd August 2006 12:30 AM

It will most likely be stumbled upon,
But all these theories give us something to be trying to do, so we can stumble upon them while we search.
We'll never stumble upon them if we're not doing anything.

Banjo's Banjo 2nd August 2006 12:33 AM

This thread is absolutely huge. Although this contains alot of information, 205 pages of stuff is just unreadable. You all are welcome to start over again with focused discussion, but right now things aren't going anywhere and this just keeps getting...larger. :)

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