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runehero123 21st February 2007 10:00 PM

that too... so much to do so little time, we need some help here.

Whyme123 21st February 2007 10:02 PM

That or some pro hax04s! Well have some good ones I guess some people here are pro..

hatrickpatrick 21st February 2007 11:38 PM

Ok, a couple of things I've been thinking about:
First and foremost, BT certainly isn't dry yet. Yes, he did (sort of) confirm that SnS was never really considered for it, but if that's the case, what of the Ridiculously Secret Area? I'm still intrigued to know what's in there and what it was used for. I'm still convinced that menu items for the ilos much be connected in some way to the warp digits they bring you to, and there's probably a way ofr finding that list in memory, so we should look into it. It would essentially give us the warp digits for the ridiculously secret area, if there's anything left of it...

Also, I notice on the instant warp, there are 2 unknown Mumbo and wumba places, so my ideas for them, 1, why don't we try exiting them and seeing where they go, but 2, more importantly, What does Wumba change you into in the secret Wumba wigwam?

And yes, the cutscene mod. I'm going to try and map it out for BK, that is, go to every level, find the digits, and say what they do. At least then we'll know which digits to ignore later when we're looking for secret cutscenes. And who knows, maybe we'll find the hidden ones while mapping it?

Thirdly, a cutscene mod would be VERY useful for BT, and, I'm sure, just as possible as it is in BK - The problem, of course, is that we still don't have BT's activator to stop it crashing, and to stop the digits moving around.
For the dynamic digit problem, someone said there was a reall long code here at one time which stopped that from happening, does anyone have it?
For the crashing problem, Ice Mario once told me that he'd hacked a patch using perfect trainer which stopped the exception handler locking up, and that it could be turned into an M code which he would look in to - did anything come of that? That's the big one, once we have that, anything's possible for BT...

PS, Is anyone in favour of our first experimentation of the new "seperate threads for big tests", that we'd create a thread on the hacking board for the BK cutscene mod, and one for the BT one? Because I really don't think it's going to work if I do it completely by myself - I CAN do it, but it would take a very long time, so if anyone feels like helping out, it would be very much appreciated. You don't even need much hacking knowledge, it's simply a question of going into the level/room, trying out 01, and, if it doesn't work, going back in and trying 02, ETC. If you go beyond 10 and haven't found anything,the strong likelyhood is that there won't be a cutscene in that room - if you KNOW there is, yet you can't find the digit, you can trigger the cutscene the normal way, then check what the digit is during the cutscene...

Anyone up for it? (sorry for the long posts, but it's hard to sum everything up when youve been gone for a while...)

Whyme123 21st February 2007 11:55 PM

I could help you out with testing stuff. But the hacking stuff is a large NO for me.

I don't mind having the rom crashing, I am very patient. Give me a code, tell me what you think should happen, and after a hour or so of doing many possilbilities with it, I'll see what happnes...

hatrickpatrick 22nd February 2007 12:11 AM

Cool. Thing is, if we can get enough help, we can get a few people, and each one to take a different level and scan it for cutscenes, we'd do it in half the time then...

I'll make the topic over at AR/GS dev tomorrow and we can see what people think...

qwertybub3 22nd February 2007 12:20 AM

0134 Unknown Mumbo's Skull is Hailfire Peaks
0135 Unknown Humba Wumba's wigwam 1 is Hailfire Peaks/Snowball
0157 Unknown Humba Wumba's wigwam 2 is Isle O Hags/Dragon Kaz

Whyme123 22nd February 2007 12:25 AM

Okay. Plop me in testing, as I am 105% clueless about hacking..

Ice Lightning 22nd February 2007 12:28 AM

I'd be willing to do some testing when I have time, although I'm quite buy most of the time, and I have no hacking knowledge whatsoever.

But if there's any way I could help in finding more digits for the cutscene modifier, I'd do it. That is if the only program you need to use is PJ64 and a BK rom

hatrickpatrick 22nd February 2007 12:37 AM

Yeah that's pretty much all you need (emucheat would be sort of helpful too, for monitoing the address, but emucheat totally butchers the order th addresses are displayed in so it might not be much help). I'm using the console version, which is good and bad - good, because I have the fully featured real-time memory editor of the AR, bad because it tends to crash a lot...

And a handy tool to solve the NTSC/PAL problem, code porter:

I'm not sure if it works for everything, but it's certainly worth a try...

I'll try and organize something tomorrow then (gotta get some sleep first though, I'm WRECKED v_v)

Whyme123 22nd February 2007 12:53 AM

I don't suggest useing a cartrage, because it might fry the game =\

Airman 22nd February 2007 07:07 AM

i dont think it frys the game just the game data in extreme cases..or so ive been told i would love to help too if thats ok just give me instructions im getting ever-bored lol

hatrickpatrick 22nd February 2007 08:55 AM

Yeah it's unlikely to do permenant damage to the game, especially if all we're doing is trying digits for a code we know already works...

The damage, if any, would probably be to your cheat cart, for some reason they can lock up for absolutely no reason and just randomly decide not to load anymore...

BanjoPL 22nd February 2007 04:08 PM

Hey Patrick...
Is there Ridiculously Secret Area 1 text n PAL version?

hatrickpatrick 22nd February 2007 05:55 PM

Yep, I checked for that myself, also the extra 2 silos (8 and 9, I think it is?)

What I'm wondering is if these menu options are in some table in memory which also has the warp digits they refer to. Think about it, the game has to know where to take you for each menu option, so surely there must be somewhere in memory where they connect warp digits to silos...

runehero123 22nd February 2007 07:23 PM

Everyone check out my on access cut-scene mod in the hacking forums, it allows you to while viewing a cut-scene be warped into it. Works in char parade, title screen, grunty furnace images, etc. etc. Havent tested it with the secret pics yet because 100%complete code only gives me 96 jiggies... this is for bk v1.0. Please go to the hacking forums and check it out. I have found some interesting stuff in it already. Like the beta mumbo chair and staff during the klungo cutscene in character parade.(its in my tutorial vid.) I think we can finally delve deeper into the cutscenes then before! :)

More interesting stuff found. When you enter a room anywhere in the game while in the char parade cutscenes, it will play all the music combined in that specific level. For example if you enter gruntys lair you will hear mumbos mountain entrance, and grunty lair entrance songs at once. Maybe we can find hidden music in the game this way and what floor it is on. I found out that if you go to banjos house it will play all music from when your choosing a file. Pretty neat stuff. There is lots more to discover im sure of it.

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