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ChillyDark 9th February 2006 05:39 AM

Maybe if Ice and Sub hack into the memory and find it by the way we are 2 out of 3 users online right now!

freakycheato 9th February 2006 05:52 AM

its like a chat room

ChillyDark 9th February 2006 06:06 AM

It sure is silent at midnight anyway back to stop and swop I wonder if the infamous Flume of Doom has anything to do with SNS?

freakycheato 9th February 2006 06:07 AM

i think it does, maybe you ride it somewhere and the reason im talking is because in australia its not midnight, but 6pm! yea, but back to the topic, i think u ride it and you crash through a wall and open a secret room.

ChillyDark 9th February 2006 06:09 AM

Woah I'm up in Canada and it's midnight here!

freakycheato 9th February 2006 06:14 AM

by reading your location, i have now found out that chilly willy is canadian! fascinating!

ChillyDark 9th February 2006 06:31 AM

Well I'm ice so what do you expect lol!

freakycheato 9th February 2006 06:32 AM

lol... so if icy climate means icy dragon, because im australian i must be chilli billi!!! back to the topic, speaking of ice, do u think the ice key in bt is the real one?

ChillyDark 9th February 2006 06:34 AM

Nope it is a fake the real one is in FP and as long as that is true SNS still exits forever!

freakycheato 9th February 2006 06:36 AM

yea i think its still in the game... even if the link doesnt work the data is still there.... i believe it is linked to bottles revenge, which has been proven real.

ChillyDark 9th February 2006 06:48 AM

Here is my theory:
1. Nintendo didn't like the fact that SNS contained of hot swapping and was worried that it might ruin the Cartrige so they removed most of it BUT left some of it in the game like BR
2. Blackeye has pics of the pink egg maybe if you were to somehow make him say something different he might tell you part of SNS
3. The infamous tracks in quagmire have passages if you use a clockwork kazooie egg then you can see it has nothing but maaybe if you do something to Chuffy he'll take you up there and to a secret area with may have something to do with SNS
4. The door in Quagmire maybe if you get the ice key from BK it may open and you can go in and some wading boots will appear some you can check inside
5. The door in HP Icy Side in the oil machine maybe if you were to use the Cyan egg since it is the colour of ice it may open and you can get inside
6. The rocks in grunty's old Lair seem to have nothing behind them but the portrait is what gets me maybe doing something has the portrait take you to the past then SNS would be complete
And that is my thoery!

freakycheato 9th February 2006 06:57 AM

wow... thats smart! one of my theories related to that is that there is a gun you would have been able to use in the gun room, had SnS survived, that would have blown up the rocks in Gruntilda's Lair, where you would be able to go to MOST levels, including TTT, where an earthquake from the rocks falling down has risen sharkfood island, broken gobi's door and smashed the glass blocking the ice key. The other eggs would be there too, and new parts of the lair would have been opened, however old parts would be closed, because they would be in ruin. There would be a further 10 jiggys there, completing the 100 jiggy count!

ChillyDark 9th February 2006 07:01 AM

Thanks and I like your theory too anyway if SNS didn't exist RWPF would be dead because this topic is the heart of RWPF and if it dies so does the forums so SNS has to exist!

freakycheato 9th February 2006 07:03 AM

i think this topic has broken a world record- 1 year and still going strong! i hope by 2 years rare has revealed all...

ChillyDark 9th February 2006 07:06 AM

Yeah before I die at least but that will be a long time from now!

freakycheato 9th February 2006 07:08 AM

they need 2 remind themselves they're a game developer, not the FBI

ChillyDark 9th February 2006 07:15 AM

Yeah I wish I had those awesome RWP videos those were cool just wasen't fast enough to download them!

freakycheato 9th February 2006 07:20 AM

i might be able to, i have DSL

ChillyDark 9th February 2006 07:22 AM

Ok when you get them PM them to me and I'll help you more on BT!

freakycheato 9th February 2006 07:24 AM

sorry but i cant get them either because of some anti virus thing... i dont know the pass key to turn it off... :mad:

ChillyDark 9th February 2006 07:29 AM

I think you go to the internet secrurity and click turn off internet secrurity then for 15 min!

freakycheato 9th February 2006 07:31 AM

hey it worked! where in rwp do you find them?

ChillyDark 9th February 2006 07:34 AM

Here is the link I love hyperlinking!

freakycheato 9th February 2006 07:37 AM

i'll get them later tonight or tommorow... i have to go now :mad:

ChillyDark 9th February 2006 07:39 AM

Ok see ya we you get on again!

Skill 9th February 2006 08:36 AM

Guy's come on i know your friends but you's might want to talk by Pming or Msn something like that because your not really on topic.

Has anyone made a summarise version of this topic and other good idea's that are floating around it could help new people know what has and hasn't been discovered and also help cut alot of the crap out of this on i could summarise and make one i'll start one tonight

Gaming Master2k 9th February 2006 09:40 AM


Originally Posted by ChillyDark
Here is the link I love hyperlinking!

Just so you know, those won't work. They've gone down.

xtreme6789v2 9th February 2006 11:29 AM

Okay, here is another note to you guys, FreakyCheato and ChillyDark, there are plenty of people in this thread who do not want to hear your personal information. And, either you were joking about this, or you are not knowledgeable of the forums either because it has already been mentioned several times on BT's 90 Jiggies and that there is no way for BK or its data to be on BT or able to switch from BK to BT (way too much information). Please visit here, , and take a look for yourself at this site and the first post. Posting well is the first thing mentioned, and I am sure you must be careful since there is always subject to banning. I am just friendly letting you know not to overstep your boundaries. If you do not know how to PM, just look at the FAQ.

As for BK and BT, I seriously think there needs to be organization or something on this, is there anyone currently working on anything or have current ideas that do need to be worked on (that you cannot do yourself) ? Thanks everyone!

JaredDSMan 9th February 2006 02:27 PM

Hey. Well that is a great find about Grunty's Pic! :D One thing that I have done is in BK I was using the Moon Jump code and was jumping on top of the puzzles on the wall for some of the levels and I think it was the MM ot TTC picture that when on the edge if you turn the camera so that you see inside the wall, you can see that there is a full puzzle. I am saying you can see probably a 6x6 or 5x5 Jiggy sized puzzle pieces all making the picture. I thought that you would only see the few missing ones you need to fill in.

ChillyDark 9th February 2006 07:47 PM

Ok we won't talk like this anyway I believe Rare is never going to show SNS it was idea but it's gone for good now this topic may die when we find out that there is no known way to do SNS we've tried all and nothing happened we just spammed like that because we were the only people on and it was boring sorry please don't ban us from now on we will just pm each other and cut down on spam anyways.

Ice Lightning 9th February 2006 07:53 PM

Could you also try to use punctuation as well please? That whole paragraph above was one long sentence and sometimes it was confusing where a new sentence began and the last one ended.

ChillyDark 9th February 2006 08:08 PM

Ok, we will and are PM posts about SNS, Zelda, help and so on and we are trying to avoid a post that is only 1 line so we will type at least 2 or 3 lines and follow the rules
Edit: Ok, done we will start a new tommorow, and try to spell correct, and obey the rules we are going to move the spam posts by PM!

vaticandrummer 9th February 2006 08:50 PM

Please don't double post. If you have something else to say after you posted, edit your post.

freakycheato 10th February 2006 03:48 AM

yeah sorry bout the off topic.... i couldnt say that earlier- just got back from school but from now on i will stick to SnS- but i wont be here 4 a few days, though

Skill 10th February 2006 03:59 AM

Ok Forget it by dwelling on it your making more spam.

Back on topic, whist i have been making notes on this topic i have noticed that nobody has actually tried hatricks orginal idea i think we should start trying these ideas otherwise we will never get anywere

ChillyDark 10th February 2006 04:07 AM

I will be here though, anyway back to SNS I think that the SNS items in BT were test items, the real ones were removed from the game so we couldn't get them but people said this about BR which turned out to be true as most had said but maybe Blackeye has the key to SNS,

He just won't tell you because he knows you stole his glory from Dream (BK's orignal name fore all you newbies) so maybe if we give him a drink "O water" as he says he might tell us the secret that may be what those dubloons that were left over are for!
Edit: And Skill Sphere I was thinking of trying it and see if it works so stay tuned until then ok guys!

Mr 3vil 10th February 2006 07:04 AM


Originally Posted by ChillyDark
so maybe if we give him a drink "O water" as he says he might tell us the secret that may be what those dubloons that were left over are for!

Heres an idea, lets throw him into the lagoon! :p Sorry to say, there is no way to get him water. Also, the theory about the SNS items being removed have been here countless times.

PaintGamma 11th February 2006 06:22 PM

Alright, I have some odd idea on something...

I was playing BK today and I was at Mad Monster Mansion. I went into the big window in the main house to get into the bedroom. Inside next to the bed, there's a treasure chest. You think this might have a connection of some sort to Blackeye?

JaredDSMan 11th February 2006 07:46 PM


Originally Posted by PaintGamma
Alright, I have some odd idea on something...

I was playing BK today and I was at Mad Monster Mansion. I went into the big window in the main house to get into the bedroom. Inside next to the bed, there's a treasure chest. You think this might have a connection of some sort to Blackeye?

Well I was thinking about that chest also. I mean it is just sitting there and has no reason whatsoever. Also, the pictures of the pirates on the walls. Is blackbeard a foe of Captain Blubber; perhaps that is why Blubber gets washed up on shore. Hmmm.

samf 11th February 2006 09:41 PM


Originally Posted by ChillyDark
I will be here though, anyway back to SNS I think that the SNS items in BT were test items, the real ones were removed from the game so we coul...

this is completley unrelated to BK or what you said but.

In your sig it says " call me C man for short". LOL sounds like Seman CMAN SEMAN!!!!!! ROFL

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