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Gaming Master2k 14th June 2006 10:07 AM

It was just an image mod, it changed the image of a Spiral Mountain Ugger into the Base egg. What was interesting that the colours of the egg was different to the base colour (yellow).

This proved that ALL the textures for the SnS eggs were present in BT at least at one point.

Skill 14th June 2006 10:17 AM

Oh i see sorry i didn't quite understand what he ment but yeah know it make perfect sence. Thanks

BanjoPL 14th June 2006 10:27 AM

Rare said:
in FGN article November 2000:"Feature that can allow players to come back to Banjo-Kazooie and unlock secret areas after complete Banjo-Tooie is in the game"
Rare Scribes November 2001"Devil Bottles IS in a secret sub game called Bottles'Revenge"
Rare Scribes Febuary 2006"When you give me 1 millon $ then i tell you how Stop'n'Swap WORKS"

They mention on scribes"Stop'n'Swap room"They said that they don't reveal true because this will spoil "fabriced truths and wonderfull e-mails"
And after RWP found Bottles'Revenge they said that"Guys at RWP has pretty close to solve Stop'n'Swap.We don't reveal whole true."

Its looks like that SNS isn't canned and has something to Bottles'Revenge.

icegod 14th June 2006 10:28 AM

Just a theory, but I think the order to collect the eggs is like this :

pink egg > red egg > ice key > blue egg

Pink egg is in TTC, there are a lot of pictures in rusty bucket bay, which has the red egg. Red egg is in bt fire egg, fire can melt ice, like the ice that's in front of the ice key. A key can open doors, which door is locked? Indeed, the one in Goby's Valley, where the blue egg is!

Also I think that the green egg and the cyan egg must be collected. Green egg is in bt grenade egg, so it can maybe be used to blast open the entrance to the cyan egg.

The yellow egg seems like a fake one to me, it just doesn't fit in anywhere.

Like I said, it's just a theory ;)

BanjoPL 14th June 2006 10:33 AM

Good theory!

Skill 14th June 2006 10:40 AM

Well while were talking about theory's mine been this one for long time so think about it:

The 64DD’s magnetic disks were rewriteable and could hold 64 megabytes (a complete N64 game). The games on normal N64 cartridges could also hook up with 64 DD’s expansion, for extra levels and even saving personal data, in my opinion this is most definitely the way Rareware intended to use the Stop N Swop feature in Banjo-Kazooie as it would make a safe transfer of data.

And since BT was going to be released on the DD it would have been perfect.

Edit: Wait Nov 2000 thats way to close to release date is the correct date?

BanjoPL 14th June 2006 10:45 AM

Yes correct.Its mamed"Rare talks Tooie November 2000"
Go to BoltDragoon Site,choose Stop N Swop and read"The Real SNS"

In 2002 on scibes they said that FGN article was false but why they don't said this after article release ex.December 2000 or after BT release in UK?(April 2001)
Long time they said NOTHING about this revelations!WHY?

Skill 14th June 2006 10:52 AM

"Rare has already clamed that the FGN article was false"

BanjoPL 14th June 2006 11:22 AM

I'm think we must activate SNS in BT(Rare said this).We must beat game on 100% and do it something.
Werid stuffs in Banjo-Tooie are: Blackeye text about water,Jiggywiggy Super Special Challange,Devil Bottles face in TOT,2 doubledoons,Jukebox,CHOSEN ONE missing code

Did somebody beat BT on 100%(90 jiggies,all cheato pages) without using any cheats and SNS items?Can you post save state for PJ64?

Maybe player must be"Chosen One"then he can activate SNS?
Maybe after beating Jiggywiggy Super Special Challange rocks in Grunty Lair will explodes or Jolly can sell us water?

This is part of Bob SNS Theory:

To start off, you must play though Banjo-Tooie, not beating a time, but going through the entire game without shutting the game off once, or dying. You must get every single last item in the game, just make sure you don't die. You must NOT break down Jolly's door, you must pay the 2 doubloons to open it. You can't use cheats either (even with cheato pages). Do NOT go to Heggy's after you get the purple and blue egg. Do not give Humba the Mega Glowbo. It doesnt matter how fast you do it, it just matters if you survive or not.After you complete the game and see the credits and everything, go back to the saved file and head over to Jiggywiggy's temple. Beat the Jiggywiggy special challenge in less than 50 seconds. Yes, its quite difficult, but it can be done. After that, he will remain silent, and you will see a beam come out of the crystal jiggy

Can you test this???

ChillyDark 14th June 2006 01:46 PM

It's fake, I have proof
Read this, the whole page.
He says it was fake and reveals alot of things.

Go_Nosis 14th June 2006 03:51 PM

Hey guys, sorry, i've been playing Mother 3 the past few days. good game, but anyway. I'm seeing alot of theories here, but a few things are reiterating theories that we already proved false. hatrick or slaphappy havent gotten back to us yet? dang.

anyway, im gonna start another venture, seeing as my past one was a complete and utter failure. My friend secured a copy of DK64, so i'm gonna give it a comb through and find some things, if possible. Anything non-GS or PAR related that I can look into for you guys?

s.w.a.t 14th June 2006 07:15 PM

That guy wasn't really David Wong.

hatrickpatrick 14th June 2006 08:24 PM

I've got a very interesting update: it seems the "partial activator" can also be the trigger for characters to speak. Which is brilliant, and is another code I've been looking for for a ridiculously long time. Kudos again to slaphappy, this really is an amazing discovery.

Go into the TTC sandcastle and put this on for the "The gate opens to reveal your prize" text:

NTSC: 80367003 00XX
PAL: 80367483 00XX

XX digits (these change in every room so be careful. I'll try to compile a decent digits list for the main areas during the next few days.)

01 - freeze
02 - text "the gate opens to reveal your prize, but first I'll cut you down to size
03: Same as 02.

collecter 14th June 2006 08:39 PM

Is there any difference at all in the "same as above" except for 1 digit?

hatrickpatrick 14th June 2006 11:33 PM

"Same as above" : Same effect, different digit.

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