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Fox McBanjo 1st December 2006 12:28 PM

Heres the link.
If it doesn't work,tell me.

I discovred them!:D

Im so proud.(sniffs)

hatrickpatrick 5th December 2006 09:57 PM

OK well once again, this is getting really old, I know, but things have kept me away from the Banjo series. An apology is due and I've left one at the bottom of this post. I really am sorry.

Back to the business at hand, then:
As far as I see it, a whole bunch of new leads have cropped up in BT. Unfortunately many of our previous theories and massive leads in BK during the golden age of this exploration (the cutscene mods, the beta warp digits, the secret jinjo houses in BT, etc etc etc) have been abandoned, half explored and unfinished.I stand by my original idea that each of these requires a seperate topic and I'm going to get to creating those in the next few days (I'm away friday and saturday but other than that, I'll have a bit of time, so expect them in the next week or so).

New leads in BT have also been discovered, including the discovery of colour changing base eggs in NTSC BT. This is, IMO, a major piece of news and if anyone has / can hack a working image mod for BT PAL, we can check if the base egg exists in PAL. It's on ARHQ's digit list, and is seperate from the yellow collectable egg, so unless they've got a bad digit list (which is EXTREMELY unlike ARHQ) we could have something there. If the base egg is discovered in BT, we can pretty much throw out everything that's been said on "BT probably has little or none of SNS left".

"The MM textures in BT lair" topic also has some hope, and I find it quite strange that textures were included in the first place if they never were going to be used. I'll discuss it more in the thread tomorrow...

I also think the "digger tunnels" thread is worth an investigation (As, indeed, is anything in BT we can't see for ourselves. He says there's a brick wall behind the tunnels, but what could be behind the brick wall? It's unlikely to be important, but there are other places like that in BT which are a lot more promising, which is why I strongly recommend that one of our first new objectives is to get a working Walk Through Walls for NTSC and PAL BT.)

I'll post a few more of these tomorrow, I'm utterly wrecked and need some sleep :) Goodnight everyone

------------ WARNING: DREARY, LONG APOLOGY AHEAD -------------

I owe you all an apology for my complete disorganization in the last few months, which ultimately led to the original topic being locked, then to this one slowing down and being moved. This has been an unexpectedly turbulent year for me, I just turned 17 in July and no one told me that was going to change much, but the people who never told me were either horribly wrong in believing it wasn't, or else hideously irresponsible in not forwarning me

Life in school here has been fairly busy (only this year and next year left, graduate in 2008, so they're beginning to pile on the pressure for the exams and so on).

Socially, life's been incredibly busy as well. Not wanting to go into too much detail (it's embaressing and believe me, you don't want to know), the phase of having a crush on someone and just vaguely dreaming of ending up together are over, we're all starting to realise that those dreams take affirmative action in the form of actually acting affirmatively (IE, swallowing your terror and actually asking her out :D )

Everytime I say to myself, "I've got to calm down and get off this runaway train I've found myself in", I jump off the train, only to be picked up immedietely by one going at a similar breakneck speed, finding myself back saying "Right, it's time to get off". At this stage it's a sort of weary "Don't worry, surely the next one will actually stop somewhere long enough to get out and LEAVE the station before the next one. I'm sure you guys know the feeling.

To sum up my dreary old tale, life has accelerated beyond a legally acceptable speed under the Health and Safety Act of 1980, and I've had to wait until now to slow down (the drver's just been given a ticket, you see... I'm thinking I can slip off while the train's still stopped, waiting for the gaurd to write the ticket).

I will do my absolute best to get everything back on track. Thanks everyone for waiting around during the months of not much happening, I'm amazed at the resolve of the people here to not let anything stand in the way of this, and it's time to get the good 'auld battering ram out and start ploughing in to the obstacles, full speed ahead.

PS: Sorry about the genral cheesiness of the last few paragraphs, I've been looking for a decent outlet for all that chaos (my friends all seem to be enjoying the train ride, it's a bit like 2-D as opposed to Murdoc and Russel in Gorillaz' Feel Good Inc song and video, 2-D being stuck in the tower and tearning to get out Murdoc and Russel enjoying the massive rave they're trapped in, and Noodle outside on the windmill island, being slow pace I'm trying to get back out to, if anyone knows the video I'm talking about, or the feeling I'm talking about)

Windmill, windmill, for the land
Learn forever, hand in hand
Take it all in, on your stride,
It is sticking, falling down
Love forever, love is free, lets
Turn forever, you and me
Windmill, windmill, for the land,
Is everybody, in?

Banjo-Hamooie 6th December 2006 07:15 AM

you are forgiven

BanjoPL 6th December 2006 10:19 AM

If we will confirmed that base egg exist in PAL version then this will mean that Rare NOT CANNED WHOLE SNS!!!


hatrickpatrick 6th December 2006 12:49 PM


Right, to work. I'm going to look for a decent BT image mod, although I might have to try and hack the (M) code for it to work...

Fox McBanjo 6th December 2006 12:52 PM

hatrick,this is a very good thread.You shouldn't be unhappy abut the mess.All threads with links have that.

hatrickpatrick 27th December 2006 08:43 PM

Brack. For good. No more lapses, well at least, no more after a little while longer.
I finally have an explanation for you for my last year of sloppiness, and it is, foronce, a good one, Surgery. I had a brain problem called hydrocephalus. It's a long, boring, and complicated thing to explain, but basically, the drain for my brain dluid was blocked and it was backing up, giving me terrible headaches and so on. That's the reason for a lot of my absences, I spent about half of the last year cowering in my room with what I thought was a migraine. Well I've now had surgery which will finally and utterly fix the problem, and it means I'm back, for good. I already feel a lot better, and apparently these headaches have been eliminated completely, so we're finally going to get back on track. This topic has got incredibly confused, but I'm hoping to try and order it a bit. So, my final apology, but at least this time I have a decent excuse. My full explanation is in my main thread at

I might be going away for a few days, but when I get back, I will be, finally, totally and utterly ready to tackle this beast head on. So, as I said before, on to 2007, and lets have a better year! :D

Whyme123 27th December 2006 09:31 PM

Owch.. Brain surgery.. I feel sorry for you.. Please get well..

joey-achooie 29th December 2006 07:49 PM

ahh. i had a migraine a few days ago, so i feel for you on the headaches. glad it's all fixed, though.

hatrickpatrick 21st February 2007 05:14 PM

Well once again I've ****ed up and haven't had time to come here and find out what's going on, but with that new announcement from Rare, are we giving up searching for it, or are we still going to try and find the BK end?

EDIT: Also, if we ARE going to try and hack the BK part, I still think we should implement that earlier idea of creating seperate threads for promising ideas, so they don't end up being overlooked if this one gets fast, like last time...

bobbynicjr 21st February 2007 08:47 PM

well there was some hope when banjopl confirmed that the guy speaking wasnt actually in the credits so theres a little tiny bit of hope....

runehero123 21st February 2007 09:14 PM

hey hatrick glad to hear your still here. Yah we are looking for remnants of stop n swop. Hopefully one day we can decompress the BK and BT roms to have a deeper look into them...

qwertybub3 21st February 2007 09:50 PM

If we are still hacking BK then we should continue working on the cutscene modifier.

runehero123 21st February 2007 09:52 PM

Thats what i was thinking... I cant believe its still unfinished...

Whyme123 21st February 2007 09:57 PM

Why not start working on a BT cutscene mod? One doesn't exist, you know..

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