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Coolboyman 2nd April 2007 06:59 AM

It's over

Five months of planning, and researching how Rare Witch Project users act, gone to good use don't you think so? The past month we've all had lots of fun with my discoveries and everything else that has gone one, but I'm afraid that fun is over. This was a complete success on my part, don't you think so? Read below to find your explanation, that is, if you READ, in which the discovery post has proven differently.

I predicted the way people would act to reaction to my lovely findings. My main goal was not just to fool - but to also create lots of confusion and conflict between the users, which is a good way to get confusion, and for everyone to be asking on April first the big question "Real or fake?". The topic has been the most viewed topic in Rare Witch Project history, and I can see why. Kazooie and Tooie were both marvelous games indeed, yet collecting everything wasn't enough for you people. You wanted MORE of this game, you couldn't accept the game was over, you completed everything hoping for more, so you will take any answer to a possible solution thrown to you, or just think up crazy ideas.

First let me explain something, yes I lied to you for more than a month, but not with good intentions, to prove a couple of points, and of course, for me to laugh, because it was really really funny. My first point is parallel to Rare's. I may have lied with giving you false hints to the answer to this, but this was merely building on an even bigger lie - Stop 'n' Swop. Stop 'n' Swop is dead, and because you cannot accept the game is over, Rare teases you in order for you to play their games, for example my friend had no interest in Grabbed by the Ghoulies, yet when I told him about the little Stop 'n' Swop reference, he changed his mind and purchased it just because of it. Additionally, Rare finds it REALLY funny, for you are attempting to revive a dead horse that no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, it will remain dead, no matter what crazy thoughts you have to attempt to revive it, it will stay dead. So my joke was merely based off of an even bigger joke. Although their joke wasn't intentional at first, they knew they could use it for their advantage when it was dropped. Sure it might be referenced or even brought back in the third game, but for now there is nothing keeping this dead. Rare killed it, and only Rare can bring it back, nobody else!

11:59 PST, still on April fools day. So yes, the prank went through well and I enjoyed every bit of it, even when it appeared on the board I didn't, for it's called acting. Some of you might be angry with me, but I stated before I was only basing this prank off of another prank, and that point would become more obvious when the prank ended. I chose to do this years big prank because I am leaving the Rare Witch Project for good. I personally am not enjoying it here, for I want this more to be about Banjo in general, not senseless Stop 'n' Swop research. There is no such thing as "serious Stop 'n' Swop research" for most people who think they are doing serious research aren't doing jack squat. You are overanalyzing a game to think that anything or everything can be related to the answer to Stop 'n' Swop, and coming with the most asinine theories known to man. This isn't research, this is called falling into Rare's trap - them laughing at you while you waste time on something that's dead. What people should be doing is not searching for Stop 'n' Swop, but searching for anything beta in the game by actually hacking and not guessing. I never had a set goal in my mind when finding my real discoveries, I'd just take whatever I could find. Fortunately, this joke has gotten some people more interested in hacking, in attempt to find REAL things in the Banjo games. This is how it should be done, in fact while hacking this month I did find something interesting about Stop 'n' Swop, yet at the same time completely meaningless.

There are three egg images for the Banjo Tooie eggs, pink blue and yellow. I approached the pink egg, didn't pick it up, and changed the image to the blue egg. When I picked it up, Jamjars said I got the blue egg when it was supposed to be the pink egg. This was accomplished by just changing the image, so I changed it to the yellow egg. Yellow sparkles burst from the egg and Jamjars remained silent. I officially had the yellow egg in my inventory, so I went to Heggy's, but Heggy said I had no egg even though I had the yellow Banjo-Tooie egg in my inventory. When you change the egg to the Banjo-Kazooie base egg and try to collect it, it freezes and the same applies to every other image in the game, so no dice. This is the kind of research I appreciate, stuff that is true and has been hacked out and proven - for the only way to find out anything about anything beta is through hacking, plain and simple, not dumb theories. Although this was just a programming error, and provides no solution to the question with no answer, but it is indeed interesting.

The planning for this was insanely difficult, but we managed to pull it off. First step was making the egg textures, which were made by Cyberen. At first, this was supposed to be in Banjo Kazooie, but I thought it would be neat to have the eggs parallel to the original game. The textures were made in an updated form of the original game because Tooie's graphics were more detailed obviously. I didn't know of Rice's plugin back then, so the way to insert these textures into Tooie was to use the texture tool for Banjo-Kazooie, change the egg, and find out which part of the data was changed. I then took the data of the texture in raw hex, copy and pasted it over the eggs in Banjo-Tooie.

Originally, there were six eggs (Orange, Dark Green, Purple, Brown, Black, and White), and a fire key. First I wanted to start off with something simple - just a new egg texture. So I picked an image digit that always froze and used that as 'the new textures'. The first egg was in Glitter Gulch Mine, where I merely turned the crate into the base egg and inserted the new purple egg texture. I knew people would eat this up like candy for they want more to the game, yet it was so insanely simple that people couldn't think I was just making up crap.

Next was the orange egg, which I did the same thing as the purple egg, except used a different texture and replaced the shoes with the base egg. This one was a bit different though, since I said I was warped there. Next step I thought would be difficult, but it turned out I didn't have to do anything. The Jetpac screenshots with my name and the orange egg, were not requested by me. It turns out Rare loved my little prank, so they decided to reference it to throw every off track to something with no answer - like they ALWAYS do. Rare knows who I am since I attended E3 2004-2006 and reported on Andy (rare employee) stated he was returning the favor, for Rare loves a good prank too obviously.

Next was the Brown egg, where I knew by now people would be thinking "HEY, wait a minute!". To solve this and keep people on my side for the time being, I got people who weren't involved in the prank to help build on it! I created the savestate and intentionally put the Dark Green, and White textures in there for I knew someone would try to look for extra textures for the egg. The egg was originally the Jiggy moved into the air (Which was meant to be collected by Banjo alone), to make people think it wasn't the Jiggy, while inside the cheese, I gave Banjo all 90 jiggies, although the Jiggy stayed there, but if left and came back it would disappear. That's where I needed to disable warping outside of the area, and it worked fine. To make it seem like a real mystery, I intentionally made it freeze about 3-10 seconds after the state was loaded. Another thing I had to do was move around a lot of memory so the digit to edit the image of the Jiggy wasn't in the same place.

Coolboyman 2nd April 2007 06:59 AM

It's over
Everyone was on my side, but later on I wanted conflict and dumb claims on why this is fake. That's where the music comes in. Gold Jinjo (GGM SNS author), is an excellent author, and this was originally going to be used as proof. Although I noticed the music mistake myself, and decided to create conflict and laugh my ass off at the people who want to prove it fake by dumb theories. Although it's understandable why people would believe the music is fake, they don't understand the word 'beta' and 'unfinished'. This unleashed many theories about this whole thing being fake the very same kind of theories you see on the theory board. So I posted it intentionally knowing people would catch that mistake and begin to get skeptical. Afterwards, I got a good balance - believers and people who don't want to be made a fool so they try to prove it wrong without having actual proof. Enough proof could be gathered if a hacker looked deep inside the save state to prove this fake and put an end to this, and you all failed. Making guesses about why something is fake won't work here, for it never worked while trying to find the ultimate answer to Stop 'n' Swop.

Next was the last egg. Originally going to be the black egg, I requested it changed because the texture looked too similar to hatrick patrick's fake video. So Cyberen made me a silver egg, now to put it in the area was tricky for there were no Jiggies, but with a little brain power I managed to pull this off. First I took one of the green statues, changed it to the base egg and used the silver texture. I moved it to the empty space where the honey normally is. The problem was the counter, I wanted the audience to think I already collected all the statues, and with the counter there it would tell people I haven't, therefore people could think I replaced a statue. I simply removed the counter using renegade 64, and changed it to the egg counter (so there were technically two egg counters but both on top of each other but was difficult to tell.)

Finally, my personal favorite was the Conker part with the Stone key. Cyberen using Blender (a 3D program) modeled a windmill using textures gathered through screenshots of the beta video. After several days work it was completed, yet I wanted the key to not be fire - for that's what everyone was expecting, and I wanted to surprise people. Thus, the key made of stone was born. The reason for doing this in Conker was for people to believe that items could be possibly swapped beyond Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64.

Lastly, was to sit back and enjoy the posts through April fools day where people will debate with whatever crazy reasons whether this is fake or real. For this piece of entertainment, I didn't need to do anything. Mindless bickering between the users on whether it was fake or real kept me entertained. Instantly, people who thought it was fake came onto my side believing it was real, for one reason - not proof or evidence that this is fake, just the date. Therefore, a prank with even less evidence and more ridiculous could occur on October 1st and you would all believe it. Finding out if something is real or fake shouldn't stop on April first, because a prank can occur at any time.

The people who thought it was fake (most were basing it on someone else's theory) aren't completely innocent themselves, for were using anything to attempt to disprove it. This kind of disproving can be used to prove that anything on Earth is fake, and it's not the best way to find answers. The best disproves were Banjo-Fella and Slaphappy, because they at least attempted to figure out exactly what was fake to put an end to this, not widely using ANYTHING to try to disprove it. This is sort of parallel to Stop 'n' Swop philosophers, for they try to use any sort of "evidence" to prove it's real. So the people who tried to prove this fake are no better than them, for you are using technically the same type of logic to prove something. To prove something, you need actual evidence, for anyone can say anything about anything. Most were just about "OMG ITS NEAR APRIL FOOLS", but the world doesn't stop spinning near or on April first does it? Any 'big discovery' done around this time would probably meet the same amount of criticism. Think about it, what if there was something real going on at this time? The finder would probably just leave due to the claims. Although I know Rare Witch has had a history of pranks, just don't be a dick about it and try to find something that can prove it fake instead of just saying "OMG ITS NEAR APRIL FOOLS" 100 times. Or better yet, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Well this is my final post here, and I sure hope you all learned something from this experience. I had fun doing this, and I'm sure lots of people had fun listening to my discoveries. Even though they were fake, they were still fake like the answer to Stop 'n' Swop, which people somewhat enjoy trying to find and will never happen because it doesn't exist. It's funny my post got more replies and views than the Banjo-Threeie announced topic. Hopefully my prank will change Rare Witch Project forever - in a good way, for it all attempted to teach you all something important. One day you'll all look back and laugh, because you'll live through it.


- Coolboyman


ConkerKing 2nd April 2007 07:01 AM


Originally Posted by Andre
Well. I got owned.

Tanjo 2nd April 2007 07:09 AM

Woah woah woah, no way in hell am i reading all of that. Can someone dumb it down for me?

ConkerKing 2nd April 2007 07:10 AM

We all got own'd.

Tanjo 2nd April 2007 07:11 AM

And how exactly did we all get owned?

ConkerKing 2nd April 2007 07:11 AM

All right:CBM's eggs were an AFJ.

cyberen 2nd April 2007 07:12 AM

Tanjo, if you don't like reading lots of words, perhaps an internet forum is not a good place for you.

Tanjo 2nd April 2007 07:13 AM

I'm not good with making smart, ok? Actually it's 4:13 am and i really need to get to bed.

Bottles98 2nd April 2007 07:15 AM

Hmm. It was a good prank, but you realize if you leave that means we'll lose one more intelligent person?

Not like you care or anything, but...

Anyway, yeah, I got owned too, whatever.

digimastermike 2nd April 2007 07:16 AM

I do see it as a lesson. Some of the community seems more geared towards Stop 'n' Swop than the series as a whole, even back when I was a lurker. I'm 100% sure at this time that SNS is pretty much dead. So I'm hoping discussion can switch from it to the future of Banjo. o-O


Woah woah woah, no way in hell am i reading all of that. Can someone dumb it down for me?
"LOL, APRIL FOOL'S." :cool:

Killiax 2nd April 2007 07:19 AM

well i was wrong but i dont care i at least had a reason to come back and the whole new eggs thing just made me wat to play BK games more, anyways Bye CoolBoyMan great prank had me fooled to the end(except the music thing i never heard it)

Bottles98 2nd April 2007 07:22 AM

Before someone else says it:

gg, Coolboyman. gg.

pinkbull 2nd April 2007 07:40 AM

Well played, good sir. Well played...

Anyway, we'll miss ya man. I have to say you really out did even yourself for this. Because this is one epic win you have made. So when you wake up in your bed tomorrow, realize that you are awesome, and you have done awesome things.

It's just a same to see the good ones leave...

Bottles98 2nd April 2007 07:41 AM


Originally Posted by pinkbull
Well played, good sir. Well played...

Anyway, we'll miss ya man. I have to say you really out did even yourself for this. Because this is one epic win you have made. So when you wake up in your bed tomorrow, realize that you are awesome, and you have done awesome things.

It's just a same to see the good ones leave...

Quoted for absolute truth.

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