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Derek 9th July 2015 04:44 PM

qwertykins76 9th July 2015 06:20 PM

Imagine if Captain Blackeye was the villain. That's be so cool.

BellyButtonLint 4th August 2015 04:36 PM

Release date of 2016 announced at gamescom.

Walecs 23rd August 2015 12:51 PM


I think with Sea of Thieves, what you’re really going to see as you find out more about the game, is that it’s also about allowing people to create their own gaming memories," says Microsoft corporate VP Kudo Tsunoda in the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine. "It's about enabling people to create their own stories through limitless possibilities, and I think that’s what Rare has always done a great job of historically – it is great at creating these super emotional memories and attachments that people have to games."

Tsunoda is also confident that this huge departure for Rare will bring the best out in the studio, and its work. "I think what you’re gonna see in Sea of Thieves as we go forward and start talking more about the game, is how [the studio is] enabling that kind of player-generated emotional and memory-driven stories that can happen within a game, to happen within Sea of Thieves. And I think that’s what Rare does well. That’s what we’re going to keep having them doing in the future. And Sea of Thieves is gonna be the best game that Rare has ever made."

Smouvy 24th November 2015 10:41 PM

I see Rare Employees going on like Pirate Camp. It really boosts my hopes that it'll be a really good game!

qwertykins76 16th December 2017 11:30 PM


Originally Posted by Alakazam (Post 1279307)
time to check it out this weekend! who's down?

What are ye blubberin' about, land dog? (I've gotta practice my piratespeak.)

DementedSun 17th December 2017 03:48 AM

Not sure how to get the Alpha on PC, but I'm currently installing it on the Xbox One. Gonna definitely be playing tomorrow night after work, around 9:30 PM. When the game releases, we definitely need to form a crew and conquer the seas.

qwertykins76 17th December 2017 05:17 AM

How many people will pirate Sea of Thieves? The answer is all of them.

Spoiler: (highlight to view)
I should not be giggling to myself as much as I am.

Zondekel 18th December 2017 02:11 PM

I received the email that my "Technical Alpha Play Session is live now!" but... I'm not certain where to download it, ha... I'll figure it out.. but I want to play, too!

Zondekel 18th December 2017 05:15 PM


Originally Posted by Alakazam (Post 1279366)
It's time to install the Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha onto your Windows 10 PC. You can download the game through the Xbox Insider Hub which is available from the Windows 10 Store. Please note, you will not get a code to download the game; access is linked to your GamerTag so the title will simply appear in the Xbox Insider Hub for you. You can follow the steps below to get everything installed now:
On your Windows 10 PC, head to the Store app
Ensure you’re only signed in with the Gamertag that has been invited to play
Search for and install the Xbox Insider Hub
Launch the Hub and navigate to the “Insider content” tab on the left side of the screen
Once there you'll find Sea of Thieves waiting for you
Click the icon which will take you through to the Windows 10 Store page
Install as you would any other game

Well, there you go!
..must have missed that part...

When I get home from work I'll have to install it..!

pastiche 18th December 2017 08:04 PM


kinda wanna give this a go at some point

Maybe after I finish all the holiday stuff

DementedSun 19th December 2017 02:40 AM

I played from before midnight to nearly 2 AM the other day. I actually had 3 other talkative people who knew how to at least sail the ship, and although I didn't have a mic, they communicated with me and we found a ton of treasure. Only were chased by another ship once, but we got away with 3 rare chests, and celebrated by vomiting grog in a pub, catching it in each other's buckets, and tossing it back into each other's faces. Haven't had that much fun with randos in an online game since I was 16-17.


Originally Posted by Alakazam (Post 1279370)
for anyone who hasn't played yet, here's how to get started when you go:

when you spawn you'll be in a town, find the people who give you voyages (one of them is in a tent with a key), pick the free one, go back to your boat and find the table near the map that lets you start a voyage

I just start in a ship with other players, unless you're playing the solo mode? One time I started on an island as well, with a ship nearby that we had to swim to.

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