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N64DD 6th July 2015 09:01 AM

I just hate in the last two games (black/White X/Y) you're forced to have friends kinda ruins the whole just you and your pokemon feel that the old games had..also your pokefriends are usually a bunch of weak pansyasses and by the time you're forced to team up with em to take care of the baddie grunt you can pretty much beat both pokemon on your own

Smouvy 6th July 2015 09:26 AM

I always used those teamup moments to grind for exp cuz they heal your pokemon after every battle.

Also, this was a thing in Diamond/Pearl too, so it goes back all the way to Gen 4)

N64DD 6th July 2015 09:28 AM

oh I did forget about that one!

Qwertyo76 6th July 2015 06:56 PM

Why Gamefreak thinks that Pokémon fans want to have friends is beyond me.

N64DD 6th July 2015 08:57 PM

they're really lame though

Qwertyo76 6th July 2015 10:54 PM

The next Pokémon movie was just revealed to have something to do with Zygarde. This all but confirms to me that the next game they make is going to be Pokémon Z, or X and Y 2. I already kinda thought this. But it does beg the question....Will they be doing Kanto remakes for Pokémon's 20th anniversary?

I don't think so. They've never released two games in a year as far as I remember although they could simply have delayed Pokémon Z. If you ask me, the X and Y sequels are what they're celebrating the anniversary with. We might even get them on February 27th. Who knows.

N64DD 7th July 2015 01:05 AM

I do wish to know z's purpose also I still have a bit of a guilty pleasure with the pkmn movies

Smouvy 7th July 2015 09:57 AM

Odds of Z happening are way higher than a Kanto remake.

I mean, why would they? We already have FR/LG. It would just become a cluster**** if they started to remake the remakes :p

DementedSun 7th July 2015 11:02 AM

Kanto Remake in full 3D with live battles on Wii-U, please? <3

N64DD 8th July 2015 04:42 AM

Sexiest gym leader?

N64DD 8th July 2015 05:42 AM


Originally Posted by Yiffgurl (Post 1244986)

but jasmine is my waifu forever

aww ye bastardo well I will take the new fairy gym leader shes totes adorb yo!

as for sexiest....I like the poison gym leader in diamond I believe the one that really liked brock in the anime

The Colonel 8th July 2015 07:13 AM

i have not actually played pokemon black or white but skyla has cute boots

Smouvy 8th July 2015 08:13 AM

Dude even I consider Flannery the hottest gym leader. That should say nuff.

N64DD 8th July 2015 09:08 AM

bada ch~

Smouvy 8th July 2015 10:33 AM

Also for the males I'd say Cress.

...or Bugsy o-O

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