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ChillyDark 3rd November 2006 05:19 PM

You could use Renegarde, search the code, and see if you find it, ask Hatrick for it, I gave him it.
That "eggs prepared for cracking" was downright funny.
It's a shame he had to get so much bad rep.

KeronSHB 3rd November 2006 10:00 PM

I might of found something interesting today in BT. I was flying around and i went behind Gruntilda's Lair Head. And theres like a small allyway back there (near the hair). Its in Banjo Kazooie too.

Also hasent anyone noticed the Eyes of Gruntilda's Lair look suspicious? I dont mean the crystal eyes, I mean the stone that surround the eyes (they're both a different color then the rest of the lair head)

Sorry if this was found before. ~SHB

Banjo-Swopooie 3rd November 2006 10:12 PM

Yeah, moonjumping in the little thing that slopes down on GL takes you behind the lair. Playing as huge banjo in there is funny as heck. :P

BanjoPL 5th November 2006 02:07 PM

I tested some ideas in BT...
I went into Jiggywiggy Temple with 0 jiggies.Then i used 100% complete code and i have 90 jiggies.I speak with Jiggywiggy and he tell me that Super Special Challenge wait for me...but when i try play challenge game FROZE!
I repeat this and i go off from temple.Then door close! I must used Instant Warp code to go to temple.This time Jiggywiggy told me that i not have enough jiggies to attempt Challenge 16...
To me looks like that Challenge 16 is not glitch and Super Special Challenge has something to activate Challenge 16...
And this "SUPER SPECIAL" name always confusing me...

In Banjo-Tooie Tepid Seat Rare said that there will be events in BT that allows players access secrets in BK.The extra Jiggywiggy Challenges would be perfectly events,no?
Look at this speculation(i used order for eggs from Stop N Swop screen in BK):

Challenge 11-ice key
Challenge 12-cyan egg
Challenge 13-pink egg
Challenge 14-blue egg
Challenge 15-green egg
Challenge 16-red egg
Challenge 17/Final Challenge-yellow egg

Now there is confusing that Rare put on whiteboard in GBTG captain's'cabin map with X where red egg is...
Challenge 16 exist in PAL version too.
Other challenges looks like removed.
But there is possiblity that Challenge 16 is only glitch...and this speculation is totally wrong.

Banjo-Swopooie 5th November 2006 03:35 PM

Yes, of course that speculation is wrong ^_^ Lets see why, shall we?

10-CK Top
11- First 30 seconds of SSC

The reason I say is first thirty seconds, is because anything past that is declared '' a fail '' in the memory, thus not unlocking another challenge. However, under thirty seconds screws up the games memory, causing it to jump to the next variable number. Which, when correlated with the BK SNS chart, happens to be the Red Egg. Nothing more, nothing less.

BanjoPL 7th November 2006 08:46 AM

So there is possiblity that challenge 11 exist and will be unlock when we beat JWSSC in 30 seconds?

Banjo-Swopooie 7th November 2006 10:41 PM

No...JWSSC IS Challenge 11. It just jumps to the next variable. Heres an idea:
Read the chart. ;)

BanjoFreak12 8th November 2006 02:30 AM

Isn't it true that there's a JiggyWiggy Secret Challenge and when that's beaten in any amount of time, there's Jiggy Wiggy's Super Secret Challenge? So it would be like this:
1-Mayahem Temple
2-Glitter Gulch Mine
4-Jolly Roger's Lagoon
6-Grunties Industries
7-Hailfire Peaks
8-Cloud Cuckoo Land
9-Cauldron Keep
10-Hag 1 Boss Battle
11-JiggyWiggy's Secret Challenge
12-JiggyWiggy's Super Secret Challenge.

And this would be my speculation from there:
13-Silo 8 area or Secret Level
14-Secret Level, Gruntilda's Lair (Tower Room), or Glowbo Cave.
15-Ridiculously Secret Area or Secret Level

BanjoPL 8th November 2006 02:01 PM

Sorry but you're wrong BanjoFreak12...
In BT there is only Jiggywiggy Super Special Challenge.
When we used GS then we found Challenge 16(glitch...)

Maybe in near future we will find another clue/hint/refrences to SNS...
Viva Pinata should coming in North America in 9th November 2006!!!

hatrickpatrick 16th November 2006 11:13 PM

Ok, Back (yet again), and I've had an idea...

I suddenly realise why it's so hard to keep these threads going, and that's because we're trying to do WAY too much in one thread, it just confuses everyone and we end up with the chaotic chaos, riotous rioting, etc etc etc that these descend into. So my new idea is to keep this thread as a general HQ, but, every time we have a good lead (Such as the RSA or the cutscene mod) we move that discussion into a seperate thread exclusively for that theory or theories closely related to it.

This is just an idea and I'll wait and see what people think before I do it, but does anyone think it would be a good idea?

BanjoPL 17th November 2006 06:35 PM

I agree with you Patrick!
I don't want post to this topic my speculations about SNS.
So in "SNS Update" topic we will see only new news about SNS cracking!
Great Idea!

Banjo-Hamooie 17th November 2006 10:07 PM

good idea indeed

collecter 18th November 2006 12:43 AM

I found a thread that talks about maps and thought of this idea. They described the location of a hidden Mumbo's Mountain map (near the teeth on the way to MM entrance) and it was actually there. If a hacker can switch the textures with grunties portrait then we may find more maps hidden in scenery.

hatrickpatrick 19th November 2006 02:03 AM

Ok that sounds amazing... I'm not quite sure what you mean though, you mean the texture for an MM map?

Could you link to the thread, if it's still around?

BanjoPL 29th November 2006 12:34 PM

I noticed "Pro-SNS" stuff.
If SNS was removed and cyan,green and red eggs are hidden in BT then in image modifier there are should be small cyan egg,small green egg and small red egg.But there aren't.
I hacked image modifirer in BT.I found small pink egg,small blue egg,small yellow egg and...yellow base egg(base for SNS eggs in BK).This is very strange that in Banjo-Tooie yellow base egg changed to cyan,green and red eggs! So this POSSIBLE mean that we can transfer cyan,green and red eggs from BK to BT.

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