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Go_Nosis 7th August 2006 07:17 PM

this is pretty far down the page guys.. has anyone else noticed anything?

BriJr 7th August 2006 09:35 PM

Sorry, I'm such a n00b, but where can I get BK for my comp like most people here have? :confused:

TzTok-Jad 7th August 2006 10:24 PM

just google project64 and n64 roms. pi64 is the emulator, and a rom is a game to be emulated

collecter 7th August 2006 10:54 PM

I got an idea a hacker can try out (I can't hack whatsoever). someone talked about being able to search the games memory and find changes in before one sns item and after. my point is that someone can at least find out if there is a certain order or not and also check for anything else changing like the TTC map x.

BriJr 8th August 2006 02:24 AM


just google project64 and n64 roms. pi64 is the emulator, and a rom is a game to be emulated
Alright, thank you!

Go_Nosis 8th August 2006 02:36 AM

SO guys, i'm done checking tooie. At least for Stop n Swop. I've done alot of thinking, and came up with something.

What if Rare isnt saying anything about Stop N Swop because they, technically, can't?

Now, let's put ourselves in Rare's position for a sec. Alot of companies (believe me, this is first hand experience) will say one thing at first (usually because it sounds like a good idea for money) and then do another later.

So, rare comes up with the idea. Stop n Swop. Wow, what a great idea! Swapping games between Tooie and Kazooie to gain access to secret items in Kazooie, that, in Tooie, unlock different things. (multiplayer cheats, Bottles' Revenge, use your imagination here, but don't go too far.)

Sounds like an awesome plan, right? SO they make Kazooie. They put the items in, and make Kazooie the recieving party. Now, there are certain things that can happen, where Tooie communicates with Kazooie (probably via the 30 second memory retention, in the Nintendo 64s of old.) and the data that touches Kazooie unlocks the ice key room. Pretty sweet.

however, it involves hot swapping. Now, this is dangerous for the system, yes. No doubt about that. But also, it's dangerous to nintendo, because while we're lookin at these two games and their interaction, we're basically forgetting one thing; for this to work, the N64 needs to leave itself "open" while you hotswap, possible for upwards to half a minute.

Whats wrong with this? Let me tell you! Nintendo has patents to the N64 hardware. They dont have to reveal anything about whats going on in those glorious little chips inside of it. But, with the hot swapping idea, the console is left semi powered while no cartridge is inserted, allowing even a novice hacker to its secrets.

So why is Stop N Swop a failure? Because nintendo has patents to protect. Even now, if rare says anything, they could potentially be leading people to hacking the N64 hardware.

Bound by law, all rare can do is twist in the wind, and make it into their advantage. They completely remake tooie, taking out the activator and everything. The N64s were redesigned to further make sure that no one could get in there, by shortening the "semi powered" time from 30 seconds to 2 seconds.

So, I'm directing all attention towards Kazooie. Because more than likely, its the only game with activators left. Although, the RSA and Tower Room of Tooie still call to me, whether or not they pertain to SnS is beyond me.

*whew* going to get some nachos. Peace.

KryptoniteJinjo 8th August 2006 03:00 AM

Exactly what I've been saying all this time: There's most likely no SNS left in Tooie, but we're positive it'll be in Kazooie. If we do find something in Kazooie, then it's possible that there might just be something in tooie we can unlock with it, and if there's nothing, we just solved SNS anyways : )

Go_Nosis 8th August 2006 03:07 AM

exactly, lets just find what's left.

in other news, those nachos were great.

I'm going to go do some research, check some things out in wireframe, walking through walls and the like in Banjo Kazooie. I try not to depend on wireframe, but i'll comb the game as thoroughly as I can. Anyone have any stages or sections in kazooie that they need checked?

im gonna look for any telltale signs of change, odd textures and wireframes, that kind of stuff. I still get a creepy feeling from the transformation room..


Also, i'd like to reiterate something I previously said. I think we should keep at least some eyes on Tooie. For all we know, rare might have put something in wherever Silos 8 and 9 go, in the Ridiculously Secret Area, or the Tower LairA.

Lol, wouldn't it be funny if there was a full explanation of what was GOING to be stop and swop in one of those places?

BriJr 8th August 2006 04:18 AM

I know about the Tower Room and RSA1, but what are Silos 8 & 9? Do we know what they are, or just their names?

Also, is there a walk through walls feature for BK on PJ64?

TzTok-Jad 8th August 2006 05:28 AM

silos 8 and 9 are just that. the eighth and nienth silo you activate =.=

silo one is probally jinjo billage.

1.jinjo village
2. wooded hollow
4.pine grove
5.cliff top

thats what they probally are. 8 and 9 are unknown. perhaps leading to the RSA and tower room..?

Banjo-Swopooie 8th August 2006 04:53 PM

I found pics of the menu with RSA and silos 8 and 9 on the list somewhere...hold on

KryptoniteJinjo 8th August 2006 05:11 PM

Hurry... I'd really like to see it.

Banjo-Swopooie 8th August 2006 05:12 PM
Grey Jinjo's Site^

Why dont we use the code generator and find out which address has how many silos are unlocked?!?!?!

KryptoniteJinjo 8th August 2006 05:27 PM

Wait a second... I thought that it was merely found in the coding, not in actual gameplay. Can you access it, or does it just crash the game? Also, it seems a bit strange, because in one pic, it seems like RSA is unlocked before the Silos, because it is right below Quagmire, and in the other, Silos 8 and 9 are below Quagmire.

supuhchris 8th August 2006 10:19 PM

i know nothing about hacking, so i wouldn't know, but what would happen if you went to those places, would the game crash? and what was with the pictures next to the, bottles is next to two of them (one's dead though) and in the second picture, it looks like RSA1 has that frozen guy from hailfire peaks. and silo 9 just has a silo next to it... hmm... i know the pictures won't help us find them, but, maybe RSA1 has something to do with bottle's house? and silo 8 has something to do with angel bottles. because the pictures that go next to the areas are always of characters that are in that area.

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