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EvilPsycho 11th March 2007 12:55 AM


Originally Posted by hatrickpatrick
Well I'm afraid I'm going to be delayed, I had the most bizarre experience ever - was watching TV, just randomly watching some movie, when the screen started to flick on and off, then just stayed off. The TV itself was making a rythmic "phhvv, phhvv, phhvv" sound and there was a burning smell, like a cap gun or roman candle just gone off. The TV is a widescreen cathod ray TV, so it's very possible that it blew.Every time I turn it on now it starts making that noise, and no picture or power light comes up. I'm not going to risk it blowing up in my face so I guess I can't search for a few days until we get it repaired...

The same exact thing happened to my widescreen JVC tv (except when we turn it on the power light blinks and makes the phhvv noise and no screen). So we got it repaired with only 6 month guarantee and it broke like after 8 months with the same exact thing happening (phhv noise and no screen and power light blinking) Then we just bought a new tv because we knew the other tv was bound to break again i think like $500 dollars or more to repair it too.

runehero123 11th March 2007 12:57 AM

Why dont you just use nemu or pj64?

hatrickpatrick 11th March 2007 02:10 AM

Yeah, I think I'm going to have to. I much prefer to use console for a variety of reasons, including the fact that neither PJ64 or Nemu has an easy to use memory editor (PJ64's is non existant, and Nemu's doesn't let you scroll, you have to keep typing in addresses to see the line above or below...

On the other hand, emulators don't have to use keycodes, which cuts down on a huge amount of time you spend getting BT to load again after it crashes, which it nearly always does...

Airman 11th March 2007 02:24 AM

They both have theri ups and downs I guess, I just could never use the shark properly, thats because i now realise i was using an american gameshark on european games. Now nothing works so its emulator all the way for me

bobbynicjr 11th March 2007 03:18 AM

what about my question:
it looks just like a base egg, but when were finding it its being told to use a random colour because it doesnt know what colour to form?

LaorBR 11th March 2007 04:15 AM

bobbynicjr: You forgot about the shiny texture, neither the base, the BK or the BT eggs use that.

bobbynicjr 11th March 2007 05:43 AM

ohh yeh i spose....

runehero123 11th March 2007 09:21 PM

So when i try to load the save state, the egg rotates like 1/100000th of a centimeter, then the game freezes. But i noticed that the CCL music and Grunty industries(inside) music are playing at the same time. Then when i load the a save state in gruntys old lair, the mayahem temple music plays. Well thats pretty messed up.

Airman 12th March 2007 06:48 AM

The music overlaps each other when you use an instant warp code ive noticed.

Theguyoverthere 12th March 2007 06:55 AM

What have we learned in 772 posts?

No srsly, what, because I have no clue. Are they simply beta pictures? Or the fact that they would always freeze mean that you have to trigger something to see them? Or is it just a color modifier...?

Can someone make a new topic or something because this whole topic is turning into the "SNS" one Hatrick made a while a go...

Coolboyman 12th March 2007 09:21 AM

Summary of the topic:

On Feb 22nd I found a purple egg by changing the image digit to 0785, where it replaced one of the boxes in the GGM Train station. I posted a picture and a video of it, and began looking for the trigger. Later, I found some sort of trigger that teleported me to Grunty Industries Waste disposal room. I changed the springy shoes graphic to the image digit 0785, which displayed an Orange egg. After that, I found another trigger that teleported me to Clock Cuckooland's Cheese Wedge. The Brown egg loaded without me having to change any images. It spun in the air, and couldn't be collected because Banjo would just go right through it. Rare posted a video and pictures of Jetpac Refuelled containing player 1's name to be "Coolmanboy", and Player 2's name to be "Orange Egg". People requested a save state so I provided it, and due to a member texture dumping, Dark green and White egg textures were found. Additionally, the BT egg graphic seems to be 063C (followed by 0785) even with the BT egg textures, so it is believed that 0785 is an instruction to load 063C with different textures. There might be a sixth BT egg judging by the ammount of eggs Banjo-Kazooie has, and some people believe there might be another key.

That's about it, that is all we know.

Whyme123 12th March 2007 10:00 AM

Thank you for summerizeing everything :)

Fox McBanjo 12th March 2007 01:38 PM

Cool summary,thanks CBM. :D

glitchman 12th March 2007 05:48 PM


Originally Posted by Coolboyman
and some people believe there might be another key.

*tires to look unsuspicious* o-O

runehero123 12th March 2007 05:55 PM

I dont want to trouble you, but do you mind posting a tutorial on how you find these triggers in the memory viewer if possible? Thnx.

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