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spoondiddly 2nd April 2017 02:25 AM

Densha de Go! 64 Localization Patch
Densha de Go! 64 is one of many iterations of a train simulator found in arcades and across various consoles. This patch translates the HUD and menus to English, leaving the Japanese voices intact. It also supports the USA VRU, converting all the voice prompts for the voice recognition unit to locale-specific English. The train controller and Rumble Pak are still supported, but additional Transfer Pak and 64DD bonus features have also been included.
Huge thanks to mikeryan for identifying and translating a boatload of images, as well as some excellent content suggestions!
There are several Easter Eggs. Try to catch them all! I'm certain some will be revealed over time ;*)

Detailed patching instructions are in the readme. Only apply the patch to a Densha de Go! 64 ROM in native (big-endian) format.

For identification, your presumably self-dumped ROM should have checksums of:
Internal 17C54A614A83F2E7
MD5 772FA166E5DB51EFFC77FB8D832AC4D2
SHA512 1B19191C1B9AE83FA707FF966C4B9632D196857BF3FEFE5800 4E61348A599D667AE9D067CCBEE7F7F6BDF8E205780368FE21 07ADFCA96DDB56D260289260D843

spoondiddly 7th April 2017 03:06 PM

Currently there's some hardware issue with ED64 v3 that's getting sorted out. No issues have been reported with earlier ones though. It works perfectly with 64drives.

A revision patch will be released to fix v3 everdrive compatibility and fix a typo in one of the station names.

(Sorry, completely forgot I posted this here!)

ED64v3 issues is now closed! A typo was fixed too. Read the readme for more info!
Updated the first post with a link to patch version 1.01

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