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Rocketlex 6th October 2005 12:41 AM

Ooh ooh! New idea just hit me.

I believe you can only enter a certain amount of SnS codes in a row without leaving the sandcastle before Grunty erases your game. How many is this? Is it four or maybe five? Perhaps the codes must be entered in a row. (sorry if this is an old theory)

Zy0n7 6th October 2005 12:47 AM

I really never understood that "erases your game " thing.
Does this really happen? It was so much time ago I can't remember perfectly, but I'd swear I put all 6 sns codes in a row, I'm pretty sure of that.
The only thing I do remember about "erase your game" was bottles either in bk or bt when you speaked to him again and again and again, but obviously he never did .

GameandWatch33 6th October 2005 02:46 AM

I have not actually had it erase my game. Well, let me rephrase that, I have never had it erase my game permanetly. I have had it do many other weird things though.

1. Erase my game, only to turn it off than back on in a few hours for it to be there.

2. It has subtracted jiggies a few times.

3. The thing that most often happens to me, is that I begin to forget moves. That is the weirdest one.

Ferminus 6th October 2005 02:48 AM

it was in BK but obiusly your game weren't erased, and i'm sure that my game wasn't erased when i put the SnS codes.


out of topic, regarding to your signature Ferminus, I can't add you to my msn list since your msn adress is not public
send me a PM and then i give it

Yuoko 6th October 2005 03:49 AM

I beleive Grunty only erases your game if you use three of the progression cheats, like the Note Door cheats...

dmoss 6th October 2005 04:58 AM

Hmm...I don't recall this happening, but I think this is right. She definitely says something to you about it. If we weren't originally supposed to know these codes, why do you think they put in dialogue like this? Maybe we've been wrong about not using the codes the whole time! What if we're totally on the wrong track, looking for the eggs without the Sandcastle Codes?! Uggh! I hope I'm wrong...I'm almost sure that I am. Perhaps everything is okay, but I think we're making some awesome headway. I think we're in the right mindset, to continue looking for new, interesting things, and keep our morale up! Way to go everyone! It's things like this that keep us going! Great work!

Rocketlex 6th October 2005 06:37 AM

The dialouge indicates that they obviously knew the codes would be found at some point. This, however, does not mean that they lead to SnS. Rare in general seems to have been very hacker-conscious in constructing these games, and so it makes sense that they might stick little messages in there which could only be found such methods.

Zy0n7 6th October 2005 11:30 AM


Originally Posted by Ferminus
send me a PM and then i give it

Sorry to post that out of topic, but hence pm is not working there isn't another place to post it.

To make my post less spamish I'll say that that grunty's dialogue is just there for fun of the cretors I assume.
The thing I really don't know is why are the cheats there. They can't be for testing and debuggin since they are way too long and tedious to type. And I think neither they are to be found, since they are kinda stupid (except for the sns ones) Raise pipe leading to clancker's cavern??? wtf? Opening note door X? And also even more useless ones: opening treasure trove cove???? you are already supossed to be there to type that...
I even dare to say they are not even good enough bonuses to be given let's say in bt to go back at bk and have fun since you are more or less supossed to have completed bk before playing bt..


or maybe...with those codes you could get all sns stuff (6, 4 eggs, wathever you want) without having to collect a single jiggy/note after being able to enter treasure trove cove. It really doesn't sound stupid, hey maybe it has something to do, if not why put such a load of cheat with only 7 useful?

Rocketlex 6th October 2005 05:28 PM

It's possible then, that the codes weren't originally entered in the sandcastle, but were rather typed in order to get through the beta quickly. Once the testing was over, they added a feature which allowed players to enter these same debug codes in the sandcastle.

I'm 90% sure that the codes are debug, even for the SnS items.

hatrickpatrick 6th October 2005 06:45 PM

Grunty ONLY erases your game when you use one 3 of the "new" codes which arent related to the eggs and key. By new, I mean the ones ICe and Sub found in the same area of memory, IE: level unlocks, note doors, remove grilles, etc

Rocketlex 6th October 2005 07:24 PM

Hmmm, well THAT is interesting. The eggs and key codes seem to be in a seperate category from the others. Okay, two possibilities:

1.) The codes are that way because this is how we're supposed to get the eggs and key (unlikely).

2.) We were supposed to find the eggs and key this way so as to whet out appetites, but the actual activator of what SnS does is seperate and not activated by sandcastle (more likely)

Not that this hasn't been said a million times before; I'm just keeping this stuff in mind.

Kratos_Aurion 6th October 2005 08:38 PM

On the topic of Grunty erasing your game, is it possible to be unable to enter codes for whatever reason? I went back to enter the yellow egg code yesterday (have all of them except that, didn't enter the code before due to lack of interest), and when I went to enter Cheat, nothing happened. No Moo sound, nothing. When I finished, nothing happened. No egg. Maybe I did something right? Oh, and I never erased my SNS file, because it didn't let me. Possibly related? I doubt it, but still.
Edit: Hmmm...weird. Now the Moo sound happens, but the cheat doesn't work...

repobanjo 10th October 2005 02:04 AM

I thought of something! (finally) For the order of the eggs, maybe you start with the Red egg first?

Let's say you're a newbie to B-K.
While your in Rusty Bucket Bay (May God help you if you are there for the propeller Jiggy *shudders*), you get the Red egg somehow, and go to the navigation room. You see the map of TTC and think, "Why don't I go there? When you go there you see that Sharkfood Island is raised, and get the Pink egg. Something happens, and you continue your quest for SNS.

It's all them based, the level that you go to gives hints on the next egg you get. Now we just have to find out if this works if you get the Red Egg using sandcastle codes. If you can, my theory is this.

1. Get the Red Egg (don't know if you can use GS or sandcastle codes, maybe you have to find the legit way.)
2. Go to the navigation room
3. Look at the map (maybe you don't have to, but maybe the ship will move if you do! who knows?
4. Go to TTC and get the Pink Egg with the hopefully opened Sharkfood Island (If not open, maybe open it with the sandcastle or GS.)
5. See if anything happens.

This is my theory, try it please. I already have 4 of the Eggs, and the Ice Key. Don't worry, nothing happened to the cart since I got the supposed requirments. Just to tell you, I got them in this order. Pink, Blue, Ice Key, Green, Red. The Ice Key might have messed up the order, or I got the Red Egg after the Pink one.

Rocketlex 10th October 2005 03:01 AM

Now THIS is an interesting theory. If one egg triggers your ability to find the next, than it's possible that everyone's been screwing up the order. We may need to try entering the code for and collecting each egg indivdually (that is, without collecting anything else) and going around to see if anything's been triggered. It will take a while, but it could well lead to something.

hatrickpatrick 10th October 2005 10:27 AM


2.) We were supposed to find the eggs and key this way so as to whet out appetites, but the actual activator of what SnS does is seperate and not activated by sandcastle (more likely)
I'm almost certain that this is the case, and that we will, eventually, find an "activator" for the true method of getting the items. Again, this has been said millions of times before, but I still think it's the most likely solution.

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